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*     We have used a four tier grading system: A(excellent), B(good), C(satisfactory), D(poor). The C grade represents
       records in fair condition, not having significant damage. All recordings are assumed C or better unless noted.
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       purchase let us know and we'll arrange for a refund or adjustment.

*    We only grade the discs, but will comment on the sleeves if significant damage.  We ignore most splits and small smudges, abrasions.

*    (1SO) means "one side only."   

*    Stereo records are indicated by an asterisk preceding the label info.

*    In the condition area, and following the condition letter, designations like "1S" or CFBR, etc., refer to record stamper letters in the label area.

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***********************************78 RPM POST WWII POP, ROCK, BLUES, MISC. 10 INCH UNLESS OTHERWISE INDICATED********************************

1 Poor Butterfly/Tonight I Shall Sleep-Albert Hibbler And Orch., Sunrise 503. B-. $4.00
2 Troubles, Troubles, Troubles/I Want To Get Married-B. B. King, RPM 492. B-. $5.00
3 Cool Whalin'/Sugar Ray-Babs Gonzalez, Babs6403. B+. $8.00
4 For Every Man There's A Woman/Beyond The Sea-Benny Goodman/Peggy Lee, Capitol 15030. A-. $6.00
4A I Feel So Good/Tell Me Baby-Big Bill & his Chicago Five, Okey 6688. A- . $12.00
5 I Feel So Good/Tell Me Baby-Big Bill & his Chicago Five, Okey 6688. B+/B. $8.00
6 I Feel So Good/Tell Me Baby-Big Bill & his Chicago Five, COL 37088. C-. $5.00
7 The Ballad Of Davy Crockett/Farewell-Bill Hayes, Cadence 1256. A-. $5.00
8 Temptation/Crying-Billy Eckstine, MGM 10458. A-. $5.00
9 Solitude/Feather Roll Blues-Billy Strayhorn and orch., Sunrise EB1002. C+. $5.00
10 True Love/Well, Did You Evah-Bing Crosby/Grace Kelly/Frank Sinatra, Capitol 3507. A-to B+. $5.00
12 Red Wing/I Know That You Know-Brother Bones & His Shadows, Tempo TR-648. A. $6.00
13 Let's Take A Walk/Confidential-Bubber Johnson, King 4988. A(but large stress crack-VERY SOLID). $5.50
14 You Go To My Head/Ornithology-Bud Powell Trio, Blue Note 1566. A-. $6.00
15 You've Got Me Cryin'/Desparate Desmond-Buddy Rich and his orch., Mercury 2060. B+. $7.00
16 I Can't Go On Without You/Fare Thee Well-Bull Moose Jackson and his Buffalo Bearcasts, King 4230. B--(edge flake, not in music-needs drop of epoxy). $4.50
17 Public Jitterbug No.1/I Miss You So-Cats and the Fiddle, Bluebird B-8429. C+. $6.00
18 S. C. Johnson Co. Merry XMAS & Happy New Year-Company chorus circa 1951, RCA E1-KB-1670. A(7" 78 test pressing)(1SO). $5.00
19 S. C. Johnson Co. Lay Down Your Staffs Oh Shephards-Company chorus circa 1951, RCA E1-KB-1671. A(7" 78 test pressing)(1SO). $5.00

310 Tess'Torch Song/Now I Know-Cootie Williams/Pearl Bailey, Hit 7075. A. $4.50
20 Angela Mia/Crazy 'Bout You Baby-Crew Cuts, Mercury 70341. A/B+. $6.00
21 Earth Angel/Ko Ko Mo-Crew Cuts, Mercury 70529. A/B+. $5.00
22 Carmen's Boogie/A Story Untold-Crew-Cuts, Mercury 70634. A. $6.50
23 Big Brass Band From Brazil/It's A Quiet Town-Danny Kaye, Andrews Sisters, DEC 24361. A-. $6.00
24 If/I Love The Way You Say Goodnight-Dean Martin, Capitol 1342. A-. $7.00
25 Let's Give Love Another Chance/31 Miles For A Nickle-Deek Watson and his Brown Spots, Manor 1005. A-to B+. $5.00
26 You're Heaven Sent/Sentimental Reasons-Deek Watson and his Brown Spots, Manor 1009. A. $6.00
27 In The Still Of The Night/Kiss My Love Goodbye-Della Reese/Sid Bass Orch., Jubilee 5198. A(plastic). $6.00
28 Hello Babe/Linger Awhile-Dickie Wells, Signature 28115. A-(but minor 3/4" stress crack. $3.00
29 Beg Your Pardon/Melancholy-Dinning Sisters, Capitol 490. A-. $6.00
30 That's What I Like/You Can't have Your Cake And Eat It Too-Don, Dick & Jimmy, Crown 125. A-to B+. $5.50
31 Dusty Fletcher's Mad Hour-Dusty Fletcher, Hot Lips Page, Dickie Wells, Budd Johnson, National Records 4013. B+. $10.00
32 Oh, Mein Papa/Mystery Street-Eddie Calvert and His Golden Trumpet, Essex 336. A-/B+. $6.00
33 I Need You Now/Heaven Was Never Like This-Eddie Fisher, RCA 20-5830. A-/B+. $5.00
34 Sorry/Just Say I Love Her-Eddie Fisher, RCA 20-4616. A. $7.00
35 I Remember When/Am I Wasting My Time-Eddie Fisher, RCA 20-4618. A. $6.00
36 Thinking Of You/I Love You Because-Eddie Fisher, RCA 20-4619. A. $6.00
37 Oh My Papa/Until You Said Goodbye-Eddie Fisher, RCA 20-5552. A(Vinyl). $6.00
38 Dungaree Doll/Everybody's Got A Home But Me-Eddie Fisher, RCA 20-6337. A-to B+. $6.00
39 Heart/Near To You-Eddie Fisher, RCA 20-6097. A-. $6.00
40 Lazy Afternoon/Lost In Loveliness-Eddie Fisher/Hugo Winterhalter Orch., RCA DJ Record Prevue. A(plastic). $4.00

41 I Got The Blues/Body And Soul-Eddie Jefferson, Hi-Lo 1413. C. $4.50
42 Bouquet Of Roses/Texarkana Baby-Eddy Arnold, RCA 20-2806. A. $7.00
42A Heartbreak Hotel/I Was The One-Elvis Presley, RCA 20-6420.  B+.  $15.00
43 Rockin' Around/Lost Dreams-Ernie Freeman, Imperial 5381. B-. $6.50
44 Sophisticated Lady/Fine And Dandy-Errol Garner, COL 39615. A. $6.00
45 Laura/Somebody Loves Me-Errol Garner, Savoy 571. A-. $6.00
46 Far Away Places/Cruising Down The River-Eugenie Baird/The Riddlers, Hi-Tone 104. A(but 1/8" edge flake repaired with black epoxy). $6.50
47 Blue Monday/What's The Reason I'm Not Pleasing You-Fats Domino, Imperial 5417.  B+.  $6.00
48 Blue Monday/What's The Reason I'm Not Pleasing You-Fats Domino, Imperial 5417.  A--. $7.00
49 I Gambled With Love/Marie-Four Tunes, Jubilee 5128. B-. $4.00
50 Lonesome/The Greatest Fealing In The World-Four Tunes, Jubilee 5152. A-. $6.00
51 Is It Too Late/I Understand-Four Tunes, Manor A-1514. A-. $7.00
52 I Understand/Sugar Lump-Four Tunes/Sid Bass Orch., Jubilee 5132. A-.  $6.50
52A I Understand/Sugar Lump-Four Tunes/Sid Bass Orch., Jubilee 5132. B-.  $4.50
53 Lonesome/The Greatest Feeling In The World-Four Tunes/Sid Bass Orch., Jubilee 5152. A. $6.50
54 Near You/Red Rose-Frances Craig and His Orchestra, Bullet 100. A-/B+. $7.00
55 Tenness Newsboy/Luna Rosa-Frank Sinatra, COL 39787. A(DJ Vinyl). $10.00
56 I'm Gonna Live Till I Die/Melody Of Love-Frank Sinatra/Ray Anthony, Capitol 3018. A-. $7.00
57 Jezebel/Rose, Rose, I Love You-Frankie Laine, COL 39367. A-. $6.00
58 High Noon/Rock Of Gibralter-Frankie Laine, COL 39770. A. $7.00
59 Black And Blue/Wrap Your Trouble In Dreams-Frankie Laine, Mercury 1026. A-. $6.00
60 That's My Desire/By The River Sainte Marie-Frankie Laine, Mercury 5007. A-to B+. $5.00
61 Mule Train/Carry Me Back To Old Virginney-Frankie Laine, Mercury 5345. A-/B+. $5.00
62 Mule Train/Carry Me Back To Old Virginney-Frankie Laine, Mercury 5345. A-. $6.00
63 Black Lace/The Cry Of The Wild Goose-Frankie Laine, Mercury 5363. A-. $6.00
64 Moonlight In Vermont/Roses Of Picardy-Frankie Laine, Atlas FL-156. A-to B+. $6.00
65 Now That I Need You/My Own-My Only-My All-Frankie Laine w/Carl Fisher's Orch, Mercury 5311. A-toB+. $5.00

360 Rock Roll/I Haven't Changed A Thing-Gene Amons Band/Earl Coleman, Prestige 921. A. $6.00
67 Roses Of Picardy/Pick Yourself Up-George Shearing Quintet, MGM 10859. A-. $6.00
68 The Prairie Is Still/The Sunshine Of Your Smile-Gordon MacRae/Paul Weston, Capitol 57-755. A-(vinyl DJ copy). $6.00
70 My Heart Cries For You/The Roving Kind-Guy Mitchell, COL 39067. A/A-. $7.00
71 Central Avenue Boogie/Please Let Me Forget-Helen Humes and Her All-Stars, Philo P122. A-. $7.00
72 Be-Baba-Leba/Every Now An Then-Helen Humes with Bill Dogget Octet, Philo PV106. A-/B+. $7.00
73 Be-Baba-Leba/Every Now And Then-Helen Humes/Bill Doggett, Philo PV106A. B-/C+. $5.00
74 I Don't Want To Cry Anymore/All Of Me-Herb Jeffries/Buddy Baker Orch, Exclusive EXC-1053. B/B+. $5.00
75 Flamingo/Solitude-Herb Jeffries/Buddy Baker Orchestra, Exclusive EXC-1054. B-/C+. $5.00
76 I'd Rather Die Young/P.S. I Love You-Hilltoppers with Jimmy Sacca, DOT 15085. A. $7.00
77 Love Walked In/To Be Alone-Hilltoppers with Jimmy Sacca, DOT 15105. A-. $6.50
78 To Each His Own/I Never Had A Dream Come True-Ink Spots, DEC 23615. A-. $5.00
79 Nothin'/Someone's Rocking My Dream Boat-Ink Spots, DEC 4045. A-to B+. $6.00
80 Leave Her Alone/I Need You So-Ivory Joe Hunter, MGM 10663. A-to B+. $7.00
80A Jealous Heart/All States Boogie-Ivory Joe Hunter, King 4314.  A-.    $8.00
81 Don't Leave Me/Boogin' The Basement-Ivory Joe Hunter and His Band, Pacific MS-103. C (plays well, but noisy). $4.50
82 Blues At Sunrise/You Taught Me To Love-Ivory Joe Hunter and Johnny Moore's 3 Blazes, Exclusive EXC-1016. B-/B. $6.00
83 September In The Rain/Don't Think It Hasn't Been Heaven-Jack Bruno with The Daydreamers, Banner B-511. A-. $5.00
84 Back Of The Yards/Johnson Rag-Jack Teeter Trio, Sharp S2. B/B-. $4.00
85 Why Do You Cry/I'll Close My Eyes-Jimmy (Little) Scott, ROOST 603. B+. $5.00
85A  Jimmy's 'Round The Clock Blues/Harlem Nocturne-Jimmy Rushing/Johnny Otis, Excelsior JO 142.  B.  $9.00
86 Straight And Ready/One More Mile-Joe Buckner with Tommy Deans Orch., Vee-Jay VJ 172. B-. $6.50
87 Deanie Boy/Eventide-Joe Buckner/Tommy Deans Orch., Vee-Jay VJ-125. A-to B+. $7.00
88 Celebrity Club Stomp/Sentimental Journey-Joe Houston "The Fabulous" , RPM 422. A. $6.00
89 The Honeydripper, Pt 1/ Pt 2-Joe Liggins And His Honeydrippers, Exclusive 207. A-to B+. $7.00
90 Cry/The Little White Cloud That Cried-Johnnie Ray, Okey 6840. A-/B+. $6.00
91 Thanks For Letting Me Know/We're Pinning Our Hopes-Johnny Desmond/Don McNeill, Coral EX3. A(plastic sample). $4.00
92 Thanks For Letting Me Know/We're Pinning Our Hopes-Johnny Desmond/Don McNeill, Coral EX3. A(plastic sample). $4.00
93 Lady In Red/Blue Night-Johnny Maddox and His Rhythmasters, DOT 15270. A. $7.00
94 Have You Heard/Wishing Ring-Joni James, MGM 11390. B. $5.00
95 Send My Baby Back To Me/Without A Memory-Judy Garland, COL 40010. A-. $7.00
96 Eh, Cumpari/Till They've All Gone Home-Julius LaRosa, Cadence 1232. B+. $5.00
97 Eh, Cumpari/Till They've All Gone Home-Julius LaRosa, Cadene 1232. B+. $6.00
98 Nature Boy/Lost April-King Cole, Capitol 15054. A-. $6.00
99 You Call It Madness/Oh, But I Do-King Cole Trio, Capitol 274. A. $7.00
100 All For You/Vom Vim Veedle (The only commercial recording they made in 1942)-King Cole Trio, Excelsior 102/103. B. $10.00
101 Exclamation Blues/Moody Mood For Love-King Pleasure with Teacho and his band, Prestige 924. A-. $6.50
101A  Lost My Baby/For You My Love-Larry Darnell, Regal 3240.  B+.  $7.00
102 Slaughter On Tenth Avenue Pt1/Pt2-Lennie Hayton and the MGM Studio Orchestra, MGM 30174. A-. $6.00
103 Vaya Con Dios/Johnny-Les Paul & Mary Ford, Capitol 2486. A-/A. $7.00
104 Chica Boo/Jungle Town Jubilee-Lloyd Glenn, Swing Time 254. A--. $15.00
105 Lonesome Chrismas Part 1/Part 2-Lowell Fulson, Swing Time 242A. C(original pressing). $14.00
106 Come Back Baby/Country Boy-Lowell Fulson & His Trio, Swing 230. C-. $4.50

107 The Lovliest Night Of The Year/La Donna E' Mobile-Mario Lanza, VIC 10-3300. A. $6.00
108 'A Vucchella/Marechiare-Mario Lanza, VIC 10-3435. A. $6.00
109 Lygia/Temptation-Mario Lanza, VIC 10-3738. A. $6.00
110 Mother Earth/Really Got The Blues-Memphis Slim, Premium PR 867. B++. $12.00
110A  There'll Come A Day/Pitter Patter-Nappy Brown, Savoy 1162.  A.  $10.00
111 Tutti' Frutti/I'll Be Home-Pat Boone, DOT 15443. A-. $6.00
112 Blues After Hours/I'm Still In Love With You-Pee Wee Crayton - #1 in R&B charts, Modern Records 20-624. C-(edge chip not in music/radial crack-very solid). $5.50
113 April Fool/Navy-Blue Blues-Peggy Anne Ellis/Glenn Osser, Charles C-711. B++. $5.00
114 Cherry Pink& Apple Blossom White/Rhythm Sticks-Perez Prado and his orch., VIC 20-5965. A. $6.00
115 Till The End Of Time/That Feeling In The Moonlight-Perry Como, VIC 20-1709. A-. $5.00
116 Two Loves Have I/I Never Loved Anyone-Perry Como, RCA 20-2545. A-. $6.00
117 Till The End Of Time/That Feeling In The Moonlight-Perry Como, VIC 20-1709. A-. $6.00
118 The Great Pretender/I'm Just A Dancing Partner-Platters, Mercury 70753. A. $7.00
119 Cherry Pink& Apple Blossom White/Rhythm Sticks-Prez Prado & His Orch, RCA 20-5965. A-/B. $4.00
119A  I've Been A Fool/I Don't Have To Ride No More-The Ravens, National 9101.  C+.  $5.00
120 Milton's Boogie/Groovy Blues-Roy Milton and his Solid Senders, Juke Box JB 503. C. $5.00
120A Sunny Side Of The Street/I'll Always Love You-Roy Milton and his Solid Senders, Roy Milton Records 104 (picture label).  B-(S2 edge chip in music, repaired - 6 clicks).  $9.00.
121 Gambler's Guitar/Free Home Demonstration-Rusty Draper, Mercury 70167. A. $6.00
122 I Cried For You/You Say You Care-Sarah Vaughn, COL 38630. A-. $6.00
123 Perdido/Whippa-Whippa Woll-Sarah Vaughn, COL 39001. A-. $6.00
124 The Man I Love/Once In A While-Sarah Vaughn, MGM 10549. B. $5.00
125 St. George And The Draonet/Little Blue Riding Hood-Stan Freberg, Capitol 2596.  A-to B+.  $6.00
126 Sentimental Me/In A Boat On A Lake-Steve Conway & The Stargazers, COL DB 2724 (English). B+. $3.00
127 Cuban Love Song/Tell Me You're Mine-The Gaylords, Mercury 70030. A. $7.00
128 While We're Young/Cold, Cold Heart-Tony Bennet, COL 39449. A. $6.00
129 Riders In The Sky/Single Saddle-Vaughn Monroe, RCA 20-3411. A-. $6.00
129A  Around The Clock PT A, PT B-Wynonie Harris (Mr. Blues) w/Johnny Otis, Philo 103.  C+.  $5.00
130 I'm Going To Live My Life Alone/Just For You-5 Red Caps, Gennett 7119. A. $7.00

************************************************THE FOLLOWING ARE 7" INCH 45 RPM MOSTLY POP*********************************************

131 So Rare/Twighlight Time-Andy Williams, Cadence 1433. A. $4.00
132 Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head/Never Had It So Good-B. J. Thomas, Scepter SCE-12265. A-. $4.00
133 I Belive In Love/Love Them From "A Star I Born"-Barbara Streisand, *COL 3-10450. A(orig sleeve). $4.00
134 Break Away/Celebrate The News-Beach Boys, *Capitol 2530. A. $6.00
135 Wake The World/Do It Again-Beach Boys, Capitol 2239. A-. $6.00
136 Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy/Delta Dawn-Bette Midler, *Atlantic 45-2964. A(orig sleeve). $4.00
137 No Man's Land/The Tip Of My Fingers-Bill Anderson, Decca 9-31092. A-. $4.00
138 I'll Keep You Satisfied/I Know-Billy J. Kramer, Imperial 6608. B+. $4.00
139 Wheels/Orange Blossom Special-Billy Vaughn, DOT 45-16174. A-. $4.00
140 Monster's Holiday/Monster Motion-Bobby (Boris) Pickett, Garpax 45-44171. B+. $5.00
141 You're The Reason I'm Living/Now You're Gone-Bobby Darin, Capitol 4897. A-. $5.00
143 If You Wait For Love/If You've Got A Heart-Bobby Goldsboro, United Artists UA 908. A-. $4.00
144 I'm A Drifer/Watching Scotty Grow-Bobby Goldsboro, Silver Spotlight XW047. A. $6.00
145 My Girl/Hey Girl/Just Keep It Up-Bobby Vee, Liberty 56033. A. $4.00
146 I May Be Gone/Beautiful People-Bobby Vee, Liberty 56009. A-. $4.00
147 The Boll Weevil Song/Your Eyes-Brook Benton, Mercury 71820. A-. $4.00
148 The Flying Saucer Part 1/Part 2-Buchanon & Goodman, Luniverse. B. $9.00
149 Raunchy/The Midnight Man-Bull Justis, Phillips 3519. A-. $5.00
150 El Rancho Rock/Midnighter-Champs, Challenge 59007. B+. $4.00
151 Eddie My Love/Whistlin' Willie-Chordettes, Cadence 1284. A-. $6.00
152 Hey Bobba Needle/Spread Joy-Chubby Checker, Parkway P-907. B++. $4.00
153 C.C. Rider/Ease The Pain-Chuck Willis, Atlantic 45-1130. B. $4.00
154 Don't That Moon Look Lonesome/The Burning Of Atlanta-Claude King, COL 4-42581. A-. $4.00
155 A Lover's Quetion/I Can't Stand Up Alone-Clyde McPhatter, Atlantic 45-1199. A-. $4.00
156 Someone Else's Boy/Breakin' In A Brand New Broken Heart-Connie Francis, MGM K12995 . A-. $4.00
157 Don't Break The Heart That Loves You/Drop It Joe-Connie Francis, MGM K 13059. A-. $6.00
159 You're The Reason I'm In Love/I Will-Dean Martin, Reprise 0415. A. $6.00
160 He's My Sunny Boy/Someday We'll Be Together-Diana Ross & The Supremes, Motown M1156. A-. $4.00
161 Rebel Walk/Because They're Young-Duane Eddy, Jimie 1156. A-. $4.00
162 Theme From Dixie/Gidget Goes Hawaiian-Duane Eddy, Jimie 1183. A-. $4.00
163 Three-30-Blues/YEP!-Duane Eddy, Jamie 1122. A-. $5.00
164 Dream With -Duke Ellington, Paul Weston, Les Brown, Peggy Lee, Benny Goodman, COL/General Electric ZTEP26661. A-. $4.00
165 Jail House Rock/Young And Beautiful/I Want To Be Free/Don't Leave Me Now/Baby I Don't Care-Elvis Presley, RCA EPA 4114. A. $6.00
166 After The Lovin'/Let's Remember The Good Times-Englebert Humperdinck, *Epic 8-50270. A(orig sleeve). $4.00
167 Indian Love Call/Summer Serenade-Ernie Freeman, Imperial X5518. A-. $4.00
168 Take A Message To Mary/Poor Jenny-Everly Brothers, Cadence 1364. B. $3.50
169 Temptation/Stick With Me Baby-Everly Brothers, Warner Bros 5220. A--. $4.00
170 Cool Water/Strange Lady In Town-Farnkie Lane, COL A-40457. B+. $3.50
171 Your Heart, My Heart/Rain, Rain, Rain-Farnkie Lane, COL A-40295. B+. $4.50
172 Coquette/Whole Lotta Loving-Fats Domino, Imperial X5553. B. $4.00
173 Eddie My Love/Yum Yum-Fontaine Sisters, DOT 45-15450. A-. $5.00
174 Rollin' Stone/Playmates-Fontane Sisters, DOT 45-15370. A. $4.00
175 Daddy-O/Adorable-Fontane Sisters, DOT 45-15428. A. $4.00
176 Eddie My Love/Yum Yum-Fontane Sisters, DOT 45-15450. A-. $4.00
177 Don't Think Twice/I've Got You Under My Skin-Four Seasons, Four Season Rec. Co. LM 0012. A. $5.00
178 That's The Only Way/New Mexican Rose-Four Seasons, VeeJay VJ 562. B+. $4.00
179 Will You Love Me Tomorrow/Around And Around-Four Seasons, Philips 40523. A. $6.00
180 Show Girl/Tell It To The Rain-Four Seasons, Philips 40412. B. $4.00
181 I Can't Help My Self/Sad Souvenirs-Four Tops, Motown M-1076. A-. $4.00
182 Forget Domani/I Can't Believe I'm Loosing You-Frank Sinatra, Reprise 0380. A. $4.00
183 Why/Swingin' On A Rainbow-Frankie Avalon, Chancellor C 1045. B++. $6.00
184 Jealousy/Flamenco-Frankie Laine, COL 4-39585. B. $4.00
185 Count Me In/Little Miss Go-Go-Gary Lewis And The Playboys, Liberty 55778. A-. $6.00
186 These Foolish Things Remind Me Of You/Dust-Gene Krupa, RCA 47-3721. A-. $4.00
187 Abilene/Oh So Many Years-George Hamilton IV, RCA 47-8181. A. $4.00
188 In The Mood/A String Of Pearls-Glenn Miller, RCA 47-0043. A-. $4.00
189 An Album Of Outstanding Arrangements - In The Mood, American Patrol, Little Brown Jug, Song Of The Volga Boatman-Glenn Miller and his Orch, RCA EPA-148. A-. $4.00
190 September Song/Sioux City Sue-Grady Martin/Slew Foot Five, DECCA 9-28497. A-. $4.00
191 Ninety-Nine Years/Perfume, Candy, And Flowers-Guy Mitchell, COL 4-40631. A. $4.00
192 Singing The Blues/Crazy With Love-Guy Mitchell, COL 4-40769. A-/B++. $4.00
193 Singing The Blue/Crazy With Love-Guy Mitchell, COL 4-40769. A-. $5.00
194 I Can Take Or Leave Your Loving/Marcel's-Herman's Hermits, MGM K 13885. B+. $4.00
195 Got A Feeling/Listen People-Herman's Hermits, MGMK13462. B. $4.00
196 On A Carousel/All The World Is Love-Hollies, Imperial 66231. B+. $5.00
197 Li'l Ole Kiss Of Fire/I'm Yorn-Homer and Jethro, RCA 47-4770. A-. $4.00
198 Soft Show Shuffle/My Dear-Jan Garber, Capitol F15466. A. $4.00
199 Stardust/Catalina Bounce-Jan Garber, Capitol F15469. A. $4.00
200 Andiamo/Have You Looked Into Your Heart-Jerry Vale, COL 4-43181. A-. $4.00
201 Steel Men/Little Bitty Big John-Jimmy Dean, COL 4-42483. A. $4.00
202 Honkey-Tonk Girl/Second Honeymoon-Johnny Cash, Columbia 4-41707. A. $4.00
203 Whispering Pines/When It's Sprintime In Alaska-Johnny Horton, COL 4-41308. A-. $4.00
204 Sleepy-Eyed John/They'll Never Take Her Love From Me-Johnny Horton, COL 4-41963. A-. $4.00
205 Johnny Reb/Sal's Got A Sugar Lip-Johnny Horton, COL 4-41437. A-. $4.00
206 Long Gone/San Antonio Rose-Johnny Maddox, DOT 45-15841. A-. $4.00
207 As Time Goes By/The Last Time I Felt Like This-Johnny Mathis/Jane Oliver, *COL 3-10902. A(orig sleeve). $4.00
208 Maybelline/Walk Myself On Home-Johnny Rivers, Imperial 66056. A-. $5.00
209 Wheel Of Fortune/I Wanna Love You-Kay Starr, Capitol F1964. B+. $4.00
210 Mr. Custer/Okeefenokee Two Step-Larry Verne, ERA 3024. A-. $4.00
211 Maria Elena/Jungle Dream-Los Indios Tabajaras, RCA 47-8216. A. $4.00
212 Sittin' In The Sun/Dummy Song-Louis Armstrong, DECCA 9-28803. A-. $4.00
213 Senior Santa Claus/Santa, How Come Your Eyes Are Green When Last Year They Were Blue-Louis Prima, Vista F-454. A. $5.00
214 Valencia/Grenada-Mario Lanza, RCA 447-0824. A. $4.00
215 Teen Angel/Bye Now Baby-Mark Dinning, MGM K12845. A-. $6.00
216 Stairway Of Love/Just Married-Marty Robbins, COL 4-41143. A-. $4.00
217 If You Believe/He-McGuire Sisters, Coral 9-61501. A. $4.00
218 Darling Je Vous Aime Beaucoup/The Sand And The Sea-Nat "King" Cole, Capitol F3027. A. $6.00
219 A Must To Avoid/The Man With The Cigar-Nerman's Hermits, MGM K13437. A-. $4.00
220 Friendly Persuasion/Chains Of Love-Pat Boone, DOT 45-15490. A-. $4.00
221 Eso Beso/Give Me Back My Heart-Paul Anka, RCA 47-0897. B+. $4.50
222 Cry/I'm Coming Home-Paul Anka, ABC-Paramount 45-10338. A. $6.00
223 It's Time To Cry/Something Has Changed Me-Paul Anka, ABC Paramount 45-10064. A-to B+. $5.00
224 DREAM WITH: Isn't It Romantic/Sentimental Journey/Where Or When/Sophisticated Lady-Paul Weston/Les Brown/Benny Goodman/Duke Ellington, COL 38198. A. $5.00
225 Patricia/Why Wait-Perez Prado, RCA 47-7245. A. $4.00
226 Downtown/Kiss Me Goodby-Petula Clark, *ERIC 280. B+. $4.00
227 Slider/I'll See You In My Dreams-Ray Anthony, Capitol 15467. A. $5.00
228 Poor Little Fool/Don't Leave Me This Way-Ricky Nelson, Imperial X5528. B+. $4.00
229 Lonesome Town/I Got A Feeling-Ricky Nelson, Imperial X5545. A-. $5.00
230 My Honey's Lovin' Arms/The Ballad Of Thunder Road-Robert Mitchum, Capitol 3986. A. $4.00
231 Oh, Pretty Woman/Yo Te Amo Maria-Roy Orbison, Monument 45-851. A. $4.00
232 Tacos/Flamingo Express-Royaltones, Goldisc 3011. A-. $4.00
233 Unforgetable/No One Can Live Forever-Sammy Davis Jr, Reprise 0370. A-. $4.00
234 In My Own Lifetime/In My Own Lifetime-Sammy Davis, Jr, Ecology E1000. A(double-sided DJ copy). $4.00
235 Remember/It's Easier To Cry-Shangri-Las, Red Bird RB 10-008. A. $6.00
236 Homeward Bound/Leaves That Are Green-Simon & Garfunkel, OCOL 4-43511. B+. $3.50
237 Wun'erful, Wun'erful-Stan Freberg, Capitol F3815. B. $4.00
238 Theme From Dr. Kildare/Deafinado-Stan Getz/Charlie Byrd, Verve VK-10260. A-. $4.00
239 Heavenly Lover/Fair Weather Sweetheart-Teresa Brewer, Coral 9-62084. B++. $4.00
240 I'm Going To Change The World/It's My Life-The Animals, MGM K 13414. B(chip in hole). $4.00
241 Kitty Can/I've Gotta Get A Message To You-The Bee Gees, ATCO 45-6603. A. $4.00
242 Camaro/SS 396-The Cyrkle/Paul Revere & The Raiders, COL CSM 466. B+. $4.00
243 Bits And Pieces/All Of The Time-The Dave Clark Five, Epic 5-9671. A-. $6.00
244 Love, Love, Love/Ev'ry Night About This Time-The Diamonds, Mercury 70889X45. B+. $4.00
245 Sometimes I Wonder/Jackpot-The Drifters, Atlantic 45-2151. A-. $4.00
246 Just Once In My Life Time/The Blues-The Righteous Brothers, Philles Records 127. A-. $4.00
247 Watch The Flowers Grow/Raven-The 4 Seasons, Philips 40490. A-. $4.00
248 Big Girls Don't Cry/Connie O-The 4 Seasons, Vee Jay VJ 465. A-. $6.00
249 What More Is There To Say/I Gotta Go Get My Baby-Theresa Brewer, Coral 9-61339. A. $4.00
250 Breakaway/Sweet Cherry Wine-Tommy James & the Shondells, Roulette R-7039. A-. $4.00
251 Lots Of Pretty Girls/Say I Am-Tommy James & The Shondells, Roulette R-4695. B+. $4.00
252 Candy Kisses/Have I Told You Lately-Tony Bennett, COL 4-42395. A-. $4.00
253 I Left My Heart In San Francisco-Tony Bennett, COL 4-42332. B. $4.00
254 So Much In Love/Rosco James McClain-Tymes, Parkway P-871. B++. $4.00
255 Red Roses For A Blue Lady/Blue Ribbons-Vic Dana, Dolton 304. A-. $4.00
256 Danke Schoen/Better Now Than Later-Wayne Newton, Capitol 4989. A. $4.00
257 Remember When/Keep The Lovin' Feelin'-Wayne Newton, Capitol 5514. A. $4.00
258 Lover's Leap/Is It Wrong-Webb Pierce, DECCA 9-31058. A-. $5.00
259 Time Of The Season/Friends Of Mine-Zombies, DATE 2-1628. A-. $6.00

*************************78 RPM MOSTLY JAZZ, BIG BAND SWING, BLUES AND POP DISCS 10 INCH PRE 1950*********************************

260 I'm Glad I'm A Bum/When It's Springtime In The Rockies-"Hobo" Jack Turner (really Ernest Hare), Velvet Tone 2128-V. A-. $10.00
261 As Long As We're Together/The Grass Is Just As Green-Abe Lyman and his Californians, Blubird (Staff Lbl) B-7580. A-(small edge chip-filled). $6.00
262 In My Heart, On My Mind, All Day Long-Aileen Stanley/Billy Murray, VIC 18855. A-to B+. $6.00
263 St. Louis Blues/Somebody Else-Al Friedman's orch., Cameo 2432. B. $5.00
264 I'm Goin' South/California Here I Come-Al Jolson, BRUN 2569. B+. $5.00
265 Sonny Boy/There's A Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder-Al Jolson, BRUN 4033. A-. $6.00

266 I Don't Want To See You/Swanee River Boogie-Albert Ammons, Mercury 8022. A--to B+. $6.00
267 I Can Dream, Can't I/The Wedding Of Lili Marlene-Andrews Sisters, DECCA 24705. A-to B+. $6.00
268 Merry Christmas Polka/Christmas Candles-Andrews Sisters/Guy Lombardo orch, DECCA 24748. A-. $6.00
269 Hold Tight - Hold Tight, Billy Boy-Andrews Sisters/Jimmy Dorsey Orch., Decca 2214. B. $5.00
270 Blue Bayou/Midnight Butterfly-Antobal's Cubans, BRUN 8137. A-. $6.00
271 A Zoot Suit/We're Having A Baby-Art Kassel and his Kassels-in-the-air, Blubird 11455. A-. $6.00
272 One Dozen Roses/I Hung My Head And Cried-Art Kassel and his Kassels-in-the-air, Blubird 11486. A-. $6.00
273 Pennsylvania Polka/Where The Mountains Meet The Sky-Art Kassel and his Kassels-in-the-air, Blubird 30-0803. A-. $6.00
274 A Ghost Of A Chance/Let's Walk-Artie Shaw, Musicraft 357. A-to B+. $5.00
275 Summit Ridge Drive/Cross Your Heart-Artie Shaw and his Gramercy 5, VIC 26763. B+. $5.00
276 You Forgot About Me/Whispers In The Night-Artie Shaw and his orch., VIC 27256. A. $6.00
277 Flying Home/Rose Room-Benny Goodman & his orch., COL 35254. A-(gold lbl). $7.00
278 Flying Home/Rose Room-Benny Goodman & his orch., COL 35254. A-. $6.00
279 Bluebirds In The Moonlight/Faithfull Forever-Benny Goodman and his orch., COL 35289. A-. $6.00
280 You Made Me Love You/A Sinner Kissed An Angel-Benny Goodman and his orch., COL 36296. A-. $6.00
281 The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise/Solo Flight-Benny Goodman and his orch., COL 36684. A-. $6.00
282 You Brouht A New Kid Of Love To Me/Close As Pages In A Book-Benny Goodman and his orch., COL 36787. A-. $6.00
283 You Brought A New Kind Of Love/Close As Pages In A Book-Benny Goodman and his orch., COL 36787. A-. $6.00
284 June Is Busting Out All Over/Clarinade-Benny Goodman and his orch., COL 36823. A-. $6.00
285 Unlucky Blues/Ten Little Bottles-Bert Williams, COL 2941. A-. $7.00
286 Vamping Rose/Ain't We Got Fun-Billy Jones, Edison 50778. A-. $8.00
287 I'll Forget You/Stand Up And Sing For Your Father-Billy Jones, Pathe 20600. A-. $7.00
288 The One Rose/Sentimental & Melancholy-Bing Crosby, DEC 1201 (Sunburst). A-. $4.00
289 I Wonder What's Become Of Sally?/Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup-Bing Crosby, DEC 18531. A-/B+. $5.00
290 Did Your Mother Come From Ireland/Where The River Shannon Flows-Bing Crosby, DEC 3609. A-to B+. $5.00
291 Don't Fence Me In/The Three Caballeros-Bing Crosby/Andrews Sisters, DEC 23364. B+. $5.00
291A  At The Jazz Band Ball/Jazz Me Blues-Bix Beiderbecke And His Gang, COL 36156.  A-.  $7.00
291B  Sorry/Since My Best Girl Turned Me Down-Bix Beiderbecke And His Gang, VOC 3149.  A-.  $8.00

292 Cruising Down The River/Powder Your Face-Blue Barron & his orch., MGM 10346. A-. $6.00
293 Elmer's Tune/The Angels Came Through-Bob Crosby & his orch., DEC 3929. A-. $6.00
293A  The Music Goes Round And Around/I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter-Boswell Sisters, DEC 671 (Sunburst Lbl).  B+.  $8.00   
294 Tonsilectomy/Forgetful-Boyd Raeburn and his band, Jewel Gold Note GN-10,000. A-to B+. $6.00
295 Leanin' On The Ole Top Rail/In An Old Dutch Garden-Buddy Clark, Varsity 8100. A-. $6.00
296 Rockin' Rollers' Jubilee/Button, Button-Bunny Berigan & his orch., VIC 26077 (gold Lbl).  A.  $15.00
296A  All God's Chillun Got Rhythm/The Lady From Fifth Avenue-Bunny Berigan & his orch., VIC 25609 (RCA).  A-to B+.  $7.00
297 Three O'Clock In The Morning/There's A Rainbow In The Sky/-Cameo Dance Orch., Cameo 208. A-. $5.00
298 C. V. Jam/Out You Go-Charles Ventura Sextet, Black & White 37. B/B-. $4.50
299 Jump Session/Swing Street Strut-Charlie Barnet & his orch., Bluebird 10172. A-/B+. $5.00
300 Lazy Bug/Miss Annabelle Lee-Charlie Barnet & his orch., Bluebird 10294. B++. $6.00
301 Six Lessons From Madame Lazonga/Lament For May-Charlie Barnet & his orch., Bluebird 10743. A-. $6.00
302 Leapin' At The Lincoln/Dark Avenue-Charlie Barnet & his orch., Bluebird 10774. A-. $6.00
303 Rainbow On The River/I've Got Something In My Eye-Charlie Barnet/Amanda Randolph, Bluebird B-6619 (old Buff Label). A--. $8.00
304 Everything Happens To Me/Just Friends-Charlie Parker, Mercury 11036. A-to B+(Vinyl). $7.00
305 If This Isn't Love/Old Devil Moon-Charlie Spivak & his band, VIC 20-2065. A-. $3.00
307 You're Not So Easy To Forget/Just Plain Love-Claude Thornhill, COL 37558. A-. $6.00
308 Early Autumn/Oh You Beautiful Doll-Claude Thornhill, COL 37593. B+/A-. $6.00
311 If/I Love The Way You Say Goodnight-Dean Martin, Capitol 1342. A-to B+. $6.00
312 Tarra Ta-Larra Ta-Lar/Once In Love With Amy-Dean Martin, Capitol 15329. A-. $6.00
313 Dearly Beloved/Why Don't You Fall In Love With Me-Dina Shore, VIC 27970. B+. $5.00
314 I'm Through With Love/Jim-Dinah Shore, Bluebird 11204. A-. $6.00
315 Years And Years Ago/He Likes It! She Like It!-Dinning Sisters, Capitol 353. A-. $6.00
317 Many Happy Returns Of The Day-Don Voorhees/Maxwell House Orch., Hit Of The Week J3. B+. $7.00
318 Birmingham Breakdown/East St. Louis Toodle-OO-Duke Elington and his orch., BRUN 80000. A-/B+. $6.00
319 Carnegie Blues/My HEart Sings-Duke Elington and his orch., VIC 20-1644. A-. $7.00
320 Wall Street Wail/Mood Indigo-Duke Ellington and his orch., BRUN 80003. A-/B+. $6.00
321 Don't Get Around Any More/Cotton Tail-Duke Ellington and his orch., VIC 26610. A-to B+. $6.00
322 Stormy Monday Blues/Second Balcony Jump-Earl Hines and his orch., Bluebird 11567. A-to B+. $7.00
323 Ziegfeld Follies of 1919-I've Got My Captain Working For Me Now/When They're Old Enough To Know Better-Eddie Cantor, Pathe' 22201.  A-.  $10.00
323A  Don't Put A Tax On The Beautiful Girls/At The High Brown Babbies' Ball-Eddie Cantor, Pathe' 22260.  A-.   $10.00
324 Miss You/Two In Love-Eddy Howard & his orch., COL 36432. A-. $6.00
325 To Each His Own/Careless-Eddy Howard & his orch., Majestic 1070. A-to B+. $6.00
326 My Last Goodbye/Lynn-Eddy Howard & his orch., Majestic 1073. A-. $6.00
327 My Last Goodbye/Lynn-Eddy Howard & his orch., Majestic 1073. B+. $5.00
328 Bless You/There Is No Breeze-Eddy Howard & his orch., Majestic 1089. A-. $6.00
329 Bless You/There Is No Breeze-Eddy Howard & his orch., Majestic 1089. B. $4.00
330 My Cousin Louella/But Beautiful-Eddy Howard & his orch., Majestic 1214. A-. $6.00
331 Tell Me Why/Maybe It's Because-Eddy Howard & his orch., Mecury 5314. A-. $6.00
332 Tell Me Why/Maybe It's Because-Eddy Howard & his orch., Mercury 5314. B. $4.00
333 Everything They Said Came True/Crocodile Tears-Eddy Howard & his orch., Mercury 5325. B+. $5.00
334 Avalon/Kentucky-Ernest Hare, Pathe 22449. A. $9.00
335 After Hours/Tippin' In-Erskin Hawkins & His Orch, VIC 420029. B+. $5.00
336 Blues/Sweet Kisses-Esther Walker, VIC 18619. A-. $8.00
339 Milkman, Keep Those Bottles Quiet/San Fernando Valley-Four King Sisters, Bluebird 30-0824. A-. $6.00
341 Frankie And Johnnie/Abdul Abulbul Amir-Frank Crumit, VIC 20715. A-. $6.00
342 I Love To Whistle/An Old Straw Hat-Frank Dailey and his Meadowbrook Orch., Blubird (Staff Lbl) B-7477. B. $6.00
343 I'm In The Mood For Love/I Feel A Sond Comiin' On-Frank Dailey and his Meadowbrook Orch., Bluebird (Buff Lbl) B-6027. A-. $7.00
344 You'll Never Know/Close To You-Frank Sinatra, COL 36678. B+/B-. $5.00
345 Sunday, Monday Or Always/If You Please-Frank Sinatra, COL 36679. B+. $5.00
346 I Couldn't Sleep A Wink Last Night/A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening-Frank Sinatra, COL 36687. B+. $5.00

347 White Christmas/If You Are But A Dream-Frank Sinatra, COL 36756. A. $6.00
348 Day By Day/Oh! What It Seemed To Be-Frank Sinatra, COL 36905. A-. $6.00
349 A Ghost Of A Chance/These Foolish Things-Frank Sinatra, COL 36919. A. $6.00
350 That's How Much I Love You/I Got A Gal I Love-Frank Sinatra, COL 37231. A-/B+. $5.00
351 Stars In Your Eyes/My Shawl-Frank Sinatra/Xaviar Cugat Orch., COL 36842. A-to B+. $5.00
352 Toot, Toot, Tootsie!/Why Should I Cry Over Your-Frank Westphal & orch/Knickerbocker orch, COL 3706. A1. $7.00
353 I'm Gonna Make Believe/One More Tomorrow-Frankie Carle & his band, COL 36978. B+. $2.50
354 Man Who Paints The Rainbows/Unless It Can Happen-Frankie Carle & his band, COL 37311. A-. $3.50
354A  A Fine Romance/The Waltz In Swing Time-Fred Astaire/Johnny Green & his orch., BRUN 7716.  B+.  $12.00
354B  We Saw The Sea/I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket-Fred Astaire/Johnny Green & his orch., BRUN 7609.  B+/B-.  $12.00
355 It's A Long Way To Berlin/That's What Ireland Means To Me-Fred Fairbanks/Harry McCkaskey, Pathe 20266. A-. $8.00
357 Be Still My Heart!/What A Difference A Day Makes-Freddie Martin & His Orch, BRUN 6998. A-to B+. $7.00
358 Here You Are/Oh, The Pity Of It All-Freddy Martin and his orch., Bluebird B-11509. A-. $7.00

359 Charlot's Review of 1926: Poor Little Rich Girl/Sunny: Who?-Gaiety Musical Comedy Chorus-Very exciting and unusual arrangements, BRUN 3072. A-. $8.00
361 The Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi-Gene Austin, VIC 20977. B. $5.00
362 Side By Side/Bolero At The Savoy-Gene Krupa & his orch., COL 36726. A. $6.00
363 There'll Be Some Changes Made/These Things You Left Me-Gene Krupa & his orch., Okeh 6021. B-(hole worn). $3.50
364 I Don't Want To Be Loved/That Feeling In The Moonlight-Gene Krupa and his Band, COL 36962. A-. $6.00

365 That Drummer Band/What's This?-Gene Krupa and his orch., COL 36819. A-. $6.00
366 Same Old Blues/Old Devil Moon-Gene Krupa and his orch., COL 37270. A-to B+. $6.00
367 Wire Brush Stomp/What Goes On Here In My Heart-Gene Krupa and his orch., BRUN 8166. A-. $7.00
368 Wire Brush Stomp/What Goes On Here In My Heart-Gene Krupa and his orch., BRUN 8166. A+. $10.00
369 But It Didn't Mean A Thing/ Runnin' Wild-Glenn Miller & his orch., Bluebird 10269. A-/A. $9.00
370 It Was Written In The Stars/Johnson Rag-Glenn Miller & his orch., Bluebird 10498. B+. $5.00
371 Tuxedo Junction/Danny Boy-Glenn Miller & his orch., Bluebird 10612. A-/B+. $6.00
372 Don't Cry, Cherie/Sweeter Than The Sweetest-Glenn Miller & his orch., Bluebird 11183. A-/B. $5.00
373 Elmer's Tune/Delilah-Glenn Miller & his orch., Bluebird 11274. B+. $5.00
374 Day Dreaming/A String Of Pearls-Glenn Miller & his orch., Bluebird 11382. A-to B+. $6.00
375 Slumber Song/Moonlight Senata-Glenn Miller & his orch., Bluebird 11386. B. $4.50
376 Skylark/The Story Of A Stary Night-Glenn Miller & his orch., Bluebird 11462. A-. $7.00
377 Sold American/Moon Love-Glenn Miller & his orch., HMV B.D.5854. A. $10.00
377A  Marie/Why Don't You Smile-Green Brothers Novelty Band/Phil Ohman's Dance Orch, Edison 50908.  A.  $7.00
378 Wonder Why/Dark Is The Night-Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians, DECCA 27640. A-. $6.00
379 The Band Played On/You Stepped Out Of A Dream-Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians, DECCA 3675. A-. $6.00
380 Love Can't You Hear Me Calling/Fare Thee Well-Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians, PER 16012. B-. $5.00
381 I'm Keeping Company/Under Your Window Tonight-Hal Kemp and his orch, Brunswick 6130. B+. $6.00
382 Don't Worry 'Bout Me/What Goes Up Must Come Down-Hal Kemp and his orch, Victor 26188. A-. $7.00
383 Trumpet Rhapsody Pt1/2-Harry James and his orch., COL 36160. A-. $6.00
384 You Made Me Love You/A Sinner Kissed An Angel-Harry James and his orch., COL 36296. A-. $6.00
385 James Session/I Heard You Cried Last Night-Harry James and his orch., COL 36677. A-. $6.00
386 Jump Town/Cherry-Harry James and his orch., COL 36683. A-. $6.00
387 11:60 P.M./Carnival-Harry James and his orch., COL 36827. A-. $6.00
388 Who's Sorry Now/I Didn't Mean A Word I Said-Harry James and his orch., COL 36973. A-. $6.00
389 Mona Lisa/La Vie En Rose-Harry James and his orch., COL 38768. A-. $6.00
390 Flash/All Or Nothing At All-Harry James Band/Frank Sinatra, COL 35587. A-/B++(1" lam crck S2). $5.00
391 Flash/All Or Nothing At All-Harry James Band/Frank Sinatra, COL 35587. B+/A-. $6.00
392 Flash/All Or Nothing At All-Harry James Band/Frank Sinatra, COL 35587. A-(3/32 edge chip NIM-fixed with blk epoxy). $7.00
393 On A Little Street In Singapore/Every Day Of My Life-Harry James Band/Frank Sinatra, COL 36700. A-/B+. $7.00
394 I Love A Lassie-My Scotch Bluebell-Harry Lauder, G&T G.C.-3-2322. B-(1SO). $15.00
395 Jean Mac Niell-Harry Lauder, G&T G.C.-3-2764. B-to C+(1SO). $12.00
396 Stop Your Tickling, Jock!-Harry Lauder, VIC 1st Prize 60002. A- to B+. $6.00
397 Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder-Harry Macdonough, Victor Grand Prize Record 4332. B (1SO). $5.00
398 Home Sweet Home-Haydn Quartette, G&T G.C.-4166. A-(1SO). $20.00
399 Until To-morrow/Dreaming Of My Old Home Sweet Home-Helen Clark-Lewis James, VIC 19256. A-. $6.00
400 Huggin' And Chalkin'/I May Be Wrong, But I Think You're Wonderful-Hoagy Carmichael, DEC 23675. B. $5.00
401 Gone With The Wind/The Miller's Daughter Marianne-Horace Heidt and his Brigadiers, Brunswick 7913 (Silv/Bk Lbl). A. $6.00
402 My Kid/Let It Rain-International Novelty Orch, VIC 19624. A-. $5.00
403 Side By Side/Wherever You Go-Whatever You Do, etc-Ipana Troubadours-Sam Lanin, COL 1009-D.  B+(minor one side lam crack).  $6.00
404 Weepin" The Blues/Pickin' Em'Up And Layin' Em' Down-Isham Jones orch., BRUN 2615. B. $5.00
405 Treasure Island-Jack Arthur, Peter Pan Chorus & Orch., Peter Pan 2244. A(in color sleeve). $7.00
406 When Twilight Comes/The Same Sweet You-Jan Garber and his orch., BRUN 8176. A-. $6.00
407 Bambina/Silver On The Sage-Jan Garber and his orch., BRUN 8206. A-. $6.00
408 Tom, Tom, The Piper's Son/Sailing At Midnight-Jan Garber and his orch., BRUN 8251. A-. $6.00
409 Papaya/Ten Pins In The Sky-Jan Garber and his orch., BRUN 8266. A-. $6.00
410 Once Too Often/I Love You-Jan Garber and his orch., WOR 1001. A-to B+. $6.00
411 Lazy Lou'saina Moon-Jan Garber's Orchestra, Hit Of The Week 1043. A-/B+. $6.00
412 It's A Wonderful World/Honestly-Jan Savitt and his orch., DEC 2836. A-. $7.00
413 Cement Mixer/Just Once Too Often-Jimmie Lunceford & His Orch, Majestic 1045. A-. $7.00
414 Them Who Has-Gets/Shut-Out-Jimmie Lunceford & His Orch, Majestic 1077. A-. $6.00
415 Margie/Four Or Five Times-Jimmie Lunceford & His Orch, Majestic 1103. A-. $6.00
416 What's This Thing Called Swing/Ain't She Sweet-Jimmie Lunceford & His Orch, Vocalion 4875. A+. $9.00
417 Amapola/Donna Maria-Jimmy Dorsey & his orch., DEC 3629. A-. $6.00
418 Call The Police/Water Faucet-Jimmy Lunceford & his orch., Majestic 1122. A- to B+. $6.00
419 Day Dream/Junior Hop-Johnny Hodges, Bluebird B-11021. A. $7.00
420 G. I. Jive/Write Myself A Letter-Johnny Mercer, Capitol 141. B+. $7.00
421 Last Night On The Back Porch/Bob White-Johnny Mercer w/Orch, Harmony 1009. A-. $6.00

422 Ultra Canal/Two Wing Temple In The Sky-Johnny Wiggs & His New Orleans Music, New Orleans. A-(plastic). $5.00
423 For Me And My Gal/When You Wore A Tulip-Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, DEC 18480. A-. $6.00
424 I Could Write A Book/Carioca-Kai Winding, Savoy 840. A(plastic). $4.00
425 Havin' Myself A Time/That Feeling Is Gone-Kay Kyser and his orch., Brunswick 8126. A. $7.00
426 `Til Reille/Say When-Kay Kyser and his orch., COL 36137. A-. $6.00
427 How Do I Know It's Real/Who Wouldn't Love You-Kay Kyser and his orch., COL 36526. A. $6.00
428 Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree/There Won't Be A Shortage Of Love-Kay Kyser and his orch., COL 36567. A. $7.00
429 There's No One But You/One-Zy Two-Zy-Kay Kyser and his orch., COL 36960. A-. $6.00
430 Managua, Nicaragua/That's The Beginning Of The End-Kay Kyser and his orch., COL 37214. A-. $6.00
431 On A Slow Boat To China/In The Market Place Of Old Monteray-Kay Kyser and his orch., COL 38301. A-. $6.00
432 Titl'e Serenade/Carnival Of Venice-Keneke & Lyons/Bohumire Kryl, HMV 16088. A. $8.00
433 I Can't Give You Anything But Love/Sonny Boy-Lee Sims, piano, BRUN 4152. A-. $6.00
434 Cross Town Trolley/Just A Gigolo-Les Brown & his orch., COL 38536. A-. $5.00
435 Carioca/Waitin' At The Station-Les Brown & his orch., COL 38687. A-to B+. $5.00
436 When The Lights Go On Again/Mexican Hat Dance-Les Brown & his orch., Okeh 6696. B. $4.00
437 Air Mail Special Pt1/Pt2-Lionel Hampton and his orch., DEC 18880. A-. $7.00
438 All Hail The Power Of Jesu's Name/Hark! Hail! My Soul-London Church Choir, Marathon 344 (old English). B+. $5.00
439 Angelina/Baciogaloop-Louis Prima & His Orch, Varsity 161. A-. $6.00
440 Robin Hood/I'll Walk Alone-Louis Prima and his orchestra, Majestic 7083. A-. $4.00
441 D'Natural Blues/Little Girl Don't Cry-Lucky Millinder & His Orch, VIC 20-3351. B+. $5.00
442 There's Yes! Yes! In Your Eyes/Lazy-Merry Sparklers/Atlantic Dance Orch., Edison 51325.  A(original sleeve).  $10.00
443 Blue Blues/Arkansas Blues-Mound City Blue Blowers, BRUN 2581. B. $5.00
444 I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover/High-High-High Up In The Hills-Nick Lucas, BRUN 3439. A. $9.00
445 Dancing With Tears In My Eyes/Telling It To The Daisies-Nick Lucus, Brunswick 4834 takes 1. B(TEST PRESSING). $10.00
447 I'm Nobody's Baby/Miss Johnson Phoned Again Today-Ozzie Nelson and his orch., Bluebird B-10722. A-. $7.00
448 Avalon/Best Ever Medley-Paul Whiteman and His Ambassador Orchestra, VIC 35701 (Blk Wing Lbl). A(12"). $6.00
448A  Get Out And Get Under The Moon/Constantinople-Bing Crosby both sides-Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra, COL 1402-D (Potato Head).  B+/B-.  $15.00
448B  Because My Baby Don't Mean Maybe Now/Just Like A Melody-Bing Crosby one side-Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra, COL 1441-D (Potato Head).  B-to C+.  $10.00
449 When My Sugar Walks Down Th Street/Li'l Liza Jane-Ray Bauduc & His Bobcats, Capitol 15131. A. $6.00
450 Just Friends/All Of Me-Russ Columbo, Bluebird 10858. A-. $8.00
451 Sweet And Lovely/Prisoner Of Love-Russ Columbo, VIC 27635. A-. $8.00
452 Call Me Darling/You Try Somebody Else-Russ Columbo, VIC 22861. A-. $8.00
453 Sweet Eloise/All Those Wonderful Years-Russ Morgan & his orch., DEC 4300. A-. $6.00
454 I'll Get By/Glad Rag Doll-Ruth Etting, COL 1733-D. B. $6.00
455 Falling In Love Again/Were You Sincere-Ruth Etting, COL 2445-D. B. $6.00

456 South Wind/I Left My Heart At The Stage Door Canteen-Sammy Kaye, VIC 27932. A-to B+. $6.00
457 I Love You, Yes I Do/The Last Polka-Sammy Kaye and his orch., VIC 20-2674. A-. $6.00
458 I Threw A Kiss In The Ocean/Breathless-Shep Fields & his New Music, Bluebird 11497. B. $4.00
459 Peter Gink/Egyptland-Six Brown Brothers, VIC 18562. A-to B+. $6.00
460 Gardenias/Deep In A Dream-Skinnay Ennis and his orch., VIC 26094. A-. $6.00
461 Cocktails For Two/Leave The Dishes In The Sink-Spike Jones & his City Slickers, VIC 20-1628. A-. $6.50
462 Der Fuehrer's Face/I Want To Go Back To West Virginia-Spike Jones and his City Slickers, Bluebird 11586. B+. $7.00

463 Interlude/How High The Moon-Stan Kenton & his orch., Capitol 15117. B+. $6.00
464 How Many Hearts Have You Broken/And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine-Stan Kenton & his orch., Capitol 166. A-to B+. $6.00
465 Are You Livin'Old Man/Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye-Stan Kenton & his orch., Capitol 187. B+. $6.00
466 Painted Rhythm/4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days, One Hour Blues-Stan Kenton & his orch., Capitol 250. A-to B+. $6.00
467 Impressions Of London (Big Ben)-Stanley Roper, VIC 20629. A. $7.00
468 Aunt Hagar's Blues/Wet Yo' Thumb-Ted Lewis & his orch., COL 3879. B. $5.50
469 My Mamma's In Town/The New St. Louis Blues-Ted Lewis & his orch., COL 697-D. A- to B+. $6.00
470 Honolulu, America Loves You-Tenor Solo, Little Wonder 494. B+. $6.00
471 I Have But One Heart/Too Late-Tex Beneke w/Miller Orch., VIC 20-2424. A-. $6.00
472 Carita/Neopolitan Nights-The Caroliners/Society Night Club Orch., Romeo 758. A-. $7.00
473 Hiding All My Cares/Blue Lude In C Sharp-The Four Clefs, Bluebird B-8311. B-. $5.00
474 Slow And Easy/The Duke Of Dubuque-The Four Vagabonds, Bluebird B-11519. B-. $5.00
475 A G.I. Wish/If I Were You-The Four Vagabonds, VIC 20-1677. B. $5.00
476 Farewell Blues/Snakes Hips-The Georgians, COL 3864. B/B-. $5.00
477 Henpecked Blues/Long Lost Mama-The Georgians, COL 3907. B+. $5.00
478 Open The Door Richard/Nicholas-The Three Flames, COL 37268. B+. $5.00
479 La Golondrina/Cielito Lindo-The Troubadours, VIC 21235. A-. $5.00
480 Talkin'To Myself/Blue Sky Ave.-Todd Rollins & his orch., PER 15999. B-. $5.00
481 I Hadn't Anyone Till Your/Azure-Tommy Dorsey & his orch., VIC 25848. A-to B+. $5.00
482 The Fable Of the Rose/This Is The Beginning Of The End-Tommy Dorsey/Frank Sinatra, VIC 26555. A-to B+. $8.00
483 It's Always You/In The Blue Of The Evening-Tommy Dorsey/Frank Sinatra, VIC 20-1530. B+. $7.00
484  Only Forever/Trade Winds-Tommy Dorsey/Frank Sinatra, VIC 26666 (Gold Lbl).  A.  $13.00
484A You Made Me Love You/If I Had You-Una Mae Carlisle, Bluebird B-10898.  B-.  $6.00
485 Gems From "Ziegfeld Follies, 1917"/Gems from "Oh Boy!"-Victor Light Opera Co., VIC 35651. A. $6.00
486 I'm A Lonesome Little Raindrop/For Every Boy Who's On The Level-Victor Roberst, VIC 18709. A. $8.00
487 Medic (Theme)/Belle Notte (Lady & The Tramp)-Victor Young , DEC 29433. A. $5.00
488 Just A Gigolo-Vincent Lopez Orch., Hit Of The Week 1128. A-. $6.00
489 September Song/Lost In The Stars-Walter Huston, DEC 40001. A. $5.00
490 Mystery/Blue Diamonds-White Way Novelty Orch., Pathe 22366. A. $9.00
491 Don't Do It/Violetta-Will Glahe' Orchestra, VIC V-182. A. $5.00
493 Caldonia/Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe-Woody Herman & his orch., COL 36789. A-to B+. $5.00
494 Apple Honey/Out Of This World-Woody Herman & his orch., COL 36803. A-. $6.00
495 Out Of This World/Apple Honey-Woody Herman & his orch., COL 36803. A. $6.00
496 June Comes Around Every Year/Northwest Passage-Woody Herman & his orch., COL 36835. A-to B+. $5.00
497 Bijou/Put That Ring On My Finger-Woody Herman & his orch., COL 36861. A-. $6.00
498 Your Father's Mustache/Gee, It's Good To Hold You-Woody Herman & his orch., COL 36870. A-. $6.00
499 Love Me/I've Got The World On A String-Woody Herman & his orch., COL 36897. A-. $6.00
500 Wild Root/Atlanta G.A.-Woody Herman & his orch., COL 36949. A+. $7.00
501 You've Got Me Crying Again/Panacea-Woody Herman & his orch., COL 36968. A-. $6.00
502 Romance In The Dark/Uncle Remus Says-Woody Herman & his orch., COL 37162. A-to B+. $5.00
502A  Woodchopper's Ball-Woody Herman & his orch., COL 37238. A. $6.00   
503 A Tune For Humming/Baby, Have You Got A Little Love To Spare-Woody Herman & his orch., COL 37953. A. $6.00
504 A Tune For Humming/Baby, Have You Got A Little Love To Spare-Woody Herman & his orch., COL 37953. A-. $5.50
505 Woodchopper's Ball/Indian Boogie Woogie-Woody Herman & his orch., DEC 25079. A-. $6.00
506 Would Ja Mind/It's A Blue World-Woody Herman & his orch., DEC 2970. A-. $6.00
507 There Goes That Song Again/You Call It Madness-Woody Herman & his orch., DEC 3894. A-. $6.00


508 When I Grow Too Old To Dream/Satchel-Mouthed Baby/Solid Potato Salad-Bob Croby/King Cole Trio, V-Disc 508. A-to B+. $15.00
509 South Rampart St. Parade/Dogtown Blues-Bob Crosby & his orch., DEC 15038. B+(ecentric warp-need higher tracking force). $6.00
510 Chain Gang/Ec-Stacy-Bob Crosby & his orch., DEC 29236. A-. $7.00
511 On A Note Of Triumph - VE DAY CBS RADIO SHOW-by Norman Corwin, COL MM 575 (6). A(changer sequence) .  $40.00
512 I'll Remember April/Lazy River/There'll Be Some Changes Made-Charlie Spivak/Woody Herman, V-Disc 268. B. $10.00
512A  In The Dark Of The Moon/I Wonder What's Become Of Sally/Tabby The Cat/Hymn To A Goat-Charlie Spivak/Hal McIntyre, V-Disc 398.  B-.  $8.00
513 The Man I Love/Trouble With Me Is You/I'll Remember April-Coleman Hawkins/Johnny Bothwell, V-Disc 529. A--. $18.00
514 Missouri Waltz/Moonlight Waltz-Columbia Orchestra, COL A6121. B+. $5.00
515 Playhouse #2 Stomp/Sweet Sally/Zip, Zip, Zipper-Count Basie/Light Crust Doughboys, V-Disc 439. A-. $18.00
516 Can't You Read In Between The Lines/June Is Bustin' Out All Over/Velvet Moon-Dina Shore/Ginny Simms/Marie Greene, V-Disc 510. A-. $15.00
517 Hollywood Hangover/"C" Jame Blues-Duke Ellinton/Sam Donahue, V-Disc 508. A-. $20.00
518 The Dorsey Concerto-from The Fabulous Dorseys, VIC 46-0009. A. $6.00
519 Why Dream/Passage Interdit/Beale Street Blues-Glenn Miller/Jack Teagarden, V-Disc 587. A-to B++. $20.00
520 Let's Go Home/The Breeze And I/ You, You Darlin'-Harry James/Jimmy Dorsey, V-Disc 217. A-. $20.00
521 I Love To Be A Sailor-Harry Lauder, Victor 70118. A-. $7.00
522 It's Nice To Get Up In The Morning, But Nicer To Lie In Bed-Harry Lauder, Victor 70107. A-. $7.00
523 Breakfast In Bed On Sunday Morn-Harry Lauder, Victor 70063. A-. $7.00
524 You Are There - Signing Of The Magna Carta-John Daly, Ken Roberts, Don Hollenbeck, COL MM-822 (3). A(change sequence) . $8.00
525 Fairwell Speech of Former King Edward VIII-King Edward VIII, Center Music Store CM 1. A. $7.00
526 That Old Black Magic/Hungarian Danced No. 5-Morton Gould & his orch/AAFTAC Symphonette, V-Disc 486. A-. $7.00
527 The Love Boat/Let The Rest Of The World Go By-Prince's Dance Orchestra, COL A6165. B-(edge chip-not in music). $5.00
528 The Rose Of No Man's Land Medly/Till We Meet Again Medley-Prince/Columbia Orchestra, COL A6098 (Gold/Blue Lbl). A. $6.00
529 Glinka: Russlan & Ludmilla/Provost: Intermezzo/Delibes: Naila-Sevitsky & Indianaopolis Sym/Howard Barlow & Orch., V-Disc 532. A-(but edge warp). $6.00
530 Roll De Old Chariot Along/Pizzicato Polka/Rodger Young-Szath-Myri & his orch/Earl Wrightson/Lyn Murray, V-Disc 440. A-/B+. $6.00
530A  Well Get It/Then I'll Be Happy-Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra, V-Disc 86B.  B.  $9.00
531 Don't Apologize/Limehouse Blues/Molly Malone-Three Suns/Morton Downey, V-Disc 511. A-. $7.00

532 Without A Song/Deep River-Tommy Dorsey and his orch., VIC 36396. A-/B+. $5.00

********************************************THE FOLLOWING ARE 78 RPM 10 INCH ETHNIC DISCS*********************************

533 Pusnakts Zieds/Teic Meitene Tiec!-Alfreds Vinters with Arvida Sundina orch, Melvaton V-1015. A-. $6.50
534 Gaujas Laivinieks/Veca Kokle-Alfreds Vinters with Nils Erik Sandels orch, Melvaton V-1010. A-/B+. $6.00
535 Song Of The Emmenthaler Valley/The Alp Yodel-Alpine Yodelling Choir, Regal (Australia). A. $7.00
536 Ukranian Popourri/Ukranian Dumka-Balalaika Orch from Soviet Union, Stinson 3043. A. $7.00
537 Daniela/Gdje Si Da Moj Golube-Balkan Recording Tamburitza Orch., Balkan 502. A. $7.00
538 Idem Kuci Zorom/Caralama Kolo-Balkan Recording Tamburitza Orch., Balkan 503. A. $7.00
539 Drmes Kolo/Margareta-Balkan Recording Tamburitza Orch., Balkan 506. A. $7.00
540 Ah Zbogom Draga/Jelice Odoh-Balkan Recording Tamburitza Orch., Balkan 509. A. $7.00
541 Mladi Doktore/Jeftanovicevo Kolo-Balkan Recording Tamburitza Orch., Balkan 510. A. $7.00
542 Na Marjance Polka/Dolinom Se Setala-Balkan Recording Tamburitza Orch., Balkan 511. A. $7.00
543 Ljubim Te Djevojko Valcer/Cervena Ta Ti Vrski-Balkan Recording Tamburitza Orch., Balkan 512. A. $7.00
544 Oj Maricka Pegalaj/Nebesko Kolo-Balkan Recording Tamburitza Orch., Balkan 513. A. $7.00
545 Mori Djurdjo/Sto Se Sija-Balkan Recording Tamburitza Orch., Balkan 514. A. $7.00
546 Moja Stara Babuska/Cudo Jada-Balkan Recording Tamburitza Orch., Balkan 515. A. $7.00
547 Buji Drina/Karlovacka Polka-Balkan Recording Tamburitza Orch., Balkan 504. A-to B+. $6.00
548 Crven Fesic/Becarac-Balkan Recording Tamburitza Orch., Balkan 507. B. $5.00
549 Kekla Voda/King Kolo-Balkan Serenaders, Corona C-902. B+. $5.50
550 Srpkinja/Cigancica-Banat Tamburitza Orch., Folk Dancer MH 1008. A. $7.00
551 Sarajevka Kolo/Tchukarichka Kolo-Banat Tamburitza Orch., Folk Dancer MH 1008. A-. $6.50
552 Veliko Kolo/Kad Bi One Ruze Male-Banat Tamburitza Orch/Vlahivic Sisters, Sonart M-2019. A-. $6.50
553 Tumssartas Rozes/Slavas Dziesma Gaujai-Brali Laivinieki, HMV E.M.51. A-. $6.50
554 Whispering White Akacias/There's But One Girl-Budapest Gypsy Orchestra, Remington R-45-1043. A-(45 RPM). $6.00
555 Moonlight In The Night/Harvest Moon Csardases-Budapest Gypsy Orchestra, Remington R-45-1044. A-(45 RPM). $6.00
556 Emperor Csardases/Moonlight Romance-Budapest Gypsy Orchestra, Remington R-45-1045. A-(45 RPM). $6.00
557 Ja Sam Svome Loli/Mara Djevojka-Buducnost Tamburitza Orch, Zora 113. B-. $5.00
558 Zyd W Beszece/Do Opadlego-Columbia Orchestra, COL E2222. C+. $3.00
559 Karavan/Klarinet Polka-Continental Five (Crlenica Bros), Slavtone ST 142. B. $5.00
560 Na Gondoli/Song From Moulin Rouge-Crlenica Bros. Continental Five, Slavtone ST 150. A-/B+. $6.00
561 Evo Srcu Mome Radosti/Kirco Na Cardak Sedase-Crlenica Bros. Tamburitza Orch., Continental C-210. A-. $6.50
562 Tamburitza Boogie/Marianna-Crlenica Brothers Continental Five, Trianon TR 107. B+. $5.50
563 Majka/Dalmatinski Sajkas-Crlenica Brothers Continental Five, Slavtone ST 149. B-. $5.00
564 Moje Zlato/Ruza Je Procvala-Crlenica Brothers Tamburitza Orch, Slavtone ST 144. B+. $5.50
565 Karavan/Klarinet Polka-Crlenica Brothers Tamburitza Orchestra, Slavtone ST 142. B-. $5.00
566 Premier Oui/Le Tango du Reve-Dajos Bela and His Orchestra, Odeon 3033. A(12 inch). $7.00
567 Tera Lenka/Vesela Je Srbadija-Danny Kukich and his Continentals, Zelenko Z-101. B+. $5.50
568 Miserlou/Oj Marice Maro-Danny Kukich and his Slav Continentals, Zelenko Z-100. B. $5.00
569 Kraljevo Kolo/Lipe Lisu Mlade Kastalanke-Dave Zupkovich & Balkan Recording Artists, Balkan 521. A. $7.00
570 Ulicama Kruzim/Imao Sam Mladu Zenu-Dave Zupkovich & Balkan Recording Artists, Balkan 526. A. $7.00
571 Oj Dunave-Aj Moj Ajo/Rumunjsko Kolo-Dave Zupkovich & Balkan Recording Artists, Balkan 525. A-. $6.50
572 Macedonka Kolo/Cuvam Ovce-Dave Zupkovich & Balkan Recording Artists, Balkan 547. A-. $6.50
573 Ja Posadih Jednu Ruzu/Kad Sam Isla-Dave Zupkovich & Balkan Recording Artists, Balkan 549. B+. $5.50
574 Sto Cu Kuci Tako Rano/Kokonjeste-Dave Zupkovich & Balkan Recording Artists, Balkan 545. B-. $5.00
575 Nema Mi Ga Cange/Zeleno Je Lisce-Dave Zupkovich & Balkan Recording Artists, Balkan 528. B/B-. $4.00
576 Moravac Kolo/Oj Javore-Dave Zupkovich And His Balkan Recording Orch., Balkan 556. A(45 rpm). $6.00
577 Kreni Kreni/Tamburaska Potpura-Dave Zupkovich And His Balkan Recording Orch., Balkan 557. A-. $6.50
578 Moravac Kolo/Oj Javore-Dave Zupkovich And His Balkan Recording Orch., Balkan 556. B+. $5.50
579 Pljeskavac Kolo/Milkina Kuca-Dave Zupkovich Balkan Serenaders, Balkan 518. A. $7.00
580 Sedamdeset I Dva Dana-Dave Zupkovich Balkan Serenaders, Balkan 519. A. $7.00
581 Leti Leti Pjesmo Moja/Ej Jel'Ti Zao Sto Se-Dave Zupkovich Balkan Serenaders, Balkan 520. A. $7.00
582 Petli Ppje Aj Jedva Cekam/Golubice Bela-Desa Beatovich/Neven Tamburitza Orch, Jadran GS-4. A-. $6.50
583 Gledaj Me Draga/Tesko Je Ljubit Tajno-Desa Beatovich/Neven Tamburitza Orch, Jadran GS-6. A-. $6.50
584 Maramica Tko To Kuca/Imam Jednu Zelju-Kolo-Desa Beatovich/Neven Tamburitza Orch, Jadran GS-8. A-. $6.50
585 Dodajte Mi Zlatan Pehar/Sojcice Devojcice-Desa Beatovich/Tamburica Orch., Jadran GS-3. A. $7.00
586 Gledam Bajnu Zoru/Kad Bi Znala Dilber Stano-Desa Beatovich/Tamburitza Orch, Jadran GS-2. A-. $6.50
587 Mili Boze A Sto Mi Ga Nema/Moj Milane-Djoko Dokich Tamburitza Orch with Vinka Ellesin, Zora 111. A-. $6.50
588 San Zaspala/Oj Devojko Djinjo Moja-Djura Bogicevich/Plavi Dunav Orch, Plavi-Dunav . B+. $5.50
589 Hospodi Polmilui/Ave Maria-Don Cossack Chorus, COL 4278-M. A. $7.00
590 Na Marijance/Kje So Moje Rozice-Mairicka Pegla-Dusquesne University Tamburitzans, Sonard M-571. A-. $6.50
591 Po Mjesecini/Moj Zivote Gorak Li Si-Edo Ljubic/Kapugi Brothers Tamburitza Orch., VIC 25-3038. B-. $5.00
592 Nas Zivot Ciganski/Gon' Goveda-Edo Lubich w/Kapugi Balkan Tamburitza Orch, VIC 25-3030. B. $5.00
593 Hladin Vjetar/Moj Se Lola Opio-Edo Lubich w/Milan Verni Victor Tamburitza Orch, VIC 25-3017. B-. $5.00
593A Jos Nijedan Zagorec/Sarajevka Kolo-Mirko's/Edo Lubich's Tamburitza Orch, VIC 25-3059.  A-.  $7.00
594 Jedna Cura Mala/Mico Mico-Edo Lubich/Martin Kapudja Tamburitza Orch., Balkan 550. B+. $5.50
595 Istinom K' Slobodi/Odlazecim Lastavicama-Elias Tamburitza Serenaders w/Amity Glee Club, Corona C714. A. $7.00
596 Heimat am Rein/Fraulein Hoffmanns Erzahlungen-Eric Harden, COL G-5320-F. A(Blue Wax). $7.00
597 Willen Wij't Haesken Jagen/Vier Weverkens Zag Men Ter Botermarkt-Floren Wolf van Westen, COL E3864. B. $5.00
598 A Night In May/Just Because-Frankie Yankovich and his Yanks, Columbia 12359-F. A. $7.00
599 Beer Barrel Polka/Hot Pretzels-Glaha Musette Orchestra, Victor V-710. B+. $5.50
600 Drmes #1/Natalija-Grcevich Sloboda Tamburitza Orch., Kolo Festival KF-805. A. $7.00
600A  Smesa Srpskih Narodnih Pesama/Sindzrici Zvece-Gusla Chorus of New York, COL E2935.  B (picture label).  $10.00
601 La-La-La/Za Rok Za Dve Leta-Jerry Mazanec A Jeho Orch., Columbia 291-F. B-to C+. $4.50
602 Kdo Te Bude Milovat/Kde Jsi Me Mladi-Jerry Mazaniec Zlata Husa Kapela, Columbia 284-F. A. $7.00
603 Kuu Home/Tomi Tomi-Johnny Kaonohi Pineapple, Bluebird 10839. A-. $6.50
604 Golubice Bela/Ja Sam Majko Cura Fina-Jorgovan, Zora 109. A- to B+. $6.00
605 Noche De Amor/Viva Sevilla!-Juan Arvizu and the CBS Tipica Orchestra, COL 36664. B+. $5.50
606 Nista Lepseg Ni Milijeg Nema/Bul Bul Mi Poje-Kapugi Bros. w/Mel Dokich, Balkan 516. A. $7.00
607 Daskalica/Hej Tiha Noc Je-Kapugi Bros. w/Mel Dokich, Balkan 517. A. $7.00
608 Mladi Kapetane/Na Kraj Sela-Kapugi Brothers Tamburitza Orch., VIC 25-3033. B+. $5.50
609 Vatrugasna Polka/Ponoc Kad Dodje-Kapugi Brothers Tamburitza Orchestra, VIC 25-3037. A-. $6.50
610 Lugsana/Dzimtene-Ksenija Bronte, Melvaton GN 1005. A. $7.00
611 Dzoni/Kaut Tu Atnaktu-Lillian Krastina/Nils Erik Sandels orch, Melvaton V-1009. B+. $5.50
612 Ruzmarin Kolo/Vinska Pjesma-Martin Kapudjia Orch featuring Mel Dokich, Balkan 553. A. $7.00
613 Dosla Jesen/Sto Cu Kuci Tako Rano-Martin Kapugi & his orch., Balkan 537. A-. $6.50
614 Ubavi Si Jano/Cukaricko Kokonjeste-Martin Kapugi & his orch., Balkan 536. B. $5.00
615 Sama Sedi I Dusmane Kune/Ravno Polje Zao Me Je Na Te-Milan Timotich with Marti Kapugi Sar Planina Orch., Balkan 10017. A-/B+. $6.00
616 Sama Sedi I Dusmane Kune/Ravno Polje Zao Me Je Na Te-Milan Timotich with Marti Kapugi Sar Planina Orch., Balkan 10017. B+. $5.50
617 Na Izvoru/Micika Polka-Milan Verni's Troubadours Tamburitza Orch., COL 1199-F. A. $7.00
618 Sinoc Nisam Spavala/Yavurko Mila-Mirko Kolesar Blue Danube Tamburitza Orch, Sanchell 1021. A-. $6.50
619 Zenicu Se/Oj Nisavo-Mitar Bulatovich/Serbian Radio Orch. of Chicago, Balkan S-100. B+. $5.50
620 Gandzia:Handzia/Chovo Zh Voda Kalamutna-O. Petrusienko/E. Smolenska, Argee 2506. A. $7.00
621 Kolico Te Srce Moje Vole/Vesel, Vlaski Ples-Olga Kolman w/Emory Grecni Tamburitza Serenaders, Five Star 17UN. A-. $6.50
622 Emilia Polka/Pokey Polka-Plehal Brothers, Decca 3296. A-. $6.50
623 Oj Mangupe/Mesecina Divno Sja-Popovich Brothers Tamburitza Orch., Balkan 539. A-. $6.50
624 Cigansko Sam Dete/Otvori Mile Pile Vrata-Popovich Brothers Tamburitza Orch., Balkan 540. B+. $5.50
625 Spremte Se, Spremte Cetnici/Mene Majka Neguje I Gleda-Rasa Radenkovic/Mirko Markovic, Sonart M-567. A-. $6.50
626 Brod Moravicka/Haj Vinca, Vinca Ca-Skertich Brothers Tamburitza Orch., Columbia 1220-F. A. $7.00
627 Kucice Pod Gorama/Stari Cizmar-Skertich Brothers Tamburitza Orch., Columbia 1237-F. A-. $6.50
628 Oci Crne/Od Kada Si Tuja Zena-Sloboda Tamburitza Orcestra, Corona C624. A. $7.00
629 Biser Jadrana/Uvjek Za Te Sahjam-Sloboda Tamburitza Orcestra, Corona C625. A. $7.00
630 Odjeci Od Balkana/Setalase Bela Bula-Sloboda Tamburitza Orcestra w/Joe Grcevich, Corona C802. A. $7.00
631 Srbijanka/Malo Kolo-Sloboda Tamburitza Orch., Kolo Festival KF 802. A. $7.00
632 Cuckoo Waltz/Rain Rain Polka-The Polkateers, Musicraft 276. A/B+. $6.00
633 Jedno Jutro Cimje Zora Svanula/Mila Mati-Tomburaski Zbor "Sloga", Columbia 1116-F. B. $5.00
634 Moja Mama Nema Mane/Imam Jednu Zelju-Tosho Erdel w/Danny Kukich Slav Continentals, Corona C200. A-. $6.50
635 Mojo Bosno/Mujo Kuje Konja Po Mjesecu-Urosh Seferovich with Popovich Brothers Orch., Lira (White Label) PC-111/12. A. $7.00
636 Sto To Bruji/Rod Rodila Kruska Ranka-Urosh Seferovich with Popovich Brothers Orch., Lira (White Label) PC-109/10. A-. $6.50

637 Mojo Bosno/Mujo Kuje Konja Po Mjesecu-Urosh Seferovich with Popovich Brothers Orch., Lira (White Label) PC-111/12. A-to B+. $6.00
638 Mojo Bosno/Mujo Kuje Konja Po Mjesecu-Urosh Seferovich with Popovich Brothers Orch., Lira (White Label) PC-111/12. B+. $5.50

639 Ne Placi Danijela/Oj More Duboko-Urosh Seferovich with Popovich Brothers Orch., Lira (Red Label) P-102/3. A-. $6.50
640 Sto To Bruji/Rod Rodila Kruska Ranka-Urosh Seferovich with Popovich Brothers Orch., Lira (Blue Label) P-101. B+. $5.50
641 Oj Cobane/Daleko M'je Moj Split-Veseli Seljace/Steve Crlenica, Slavtone ST 134. B+. $5.50
642 Ruzice/Zaljubljen Sam Draga-Veseli Seljaci, Slavtone ST 136. B++. $5.50
643 Oj Devojko Smederevko/Kad Si Bila Mala Mare-Yogoslav Radio Artists, Balkan 120. A-. $6.50
644 Daleko M'e Moy Split/Domovini I Ljubavi-Zinka Milanov, Sonart M-202. A. $7.00
645 Kisa Pada/Serpa-Zora Tamburitza Orch with Djura Bogicevich, Zora 106. A. $7.00
646 Tris Vitusas Rozes Tango/Rudzpuku Zieds Waltz-3 Vinteri, Melvaton V-1001. A-. $6.50
647 Par Velu Draugs/Monami-3 Vinteri, Melvaton V-1003. B+. $5.50
648 Pasta Balodis/Vecais Ormans Mr. X-3 Vinteri, Melvaton V-1004. B+. $5.50
649 Potpourri Der Beliebtesten Zarah-Leander Lieder 1/2-Zarah Leander und Orchester Karl Loube, Elicte Record AE 8629. A/A-. $7.00

********************************************THE FOLLOWING ARE 10 INCH COUNTRY MUSIC/FOLK******************************************

650 Bob Wills Special/New San Antonio Rose-Bob Wills & His Texas Plowboys, Okeh 05694. B-. $4.00
651 I'm In The Army Now/Get Your Gun And Come Along-Carson Robison, Bluebird 11415. A. $5.00
652 Remember Pearl Harbor/We're Gonna Have To Slap The Dirty Little Jap-Carson Robison, Bluebird 11414. B+/B. $4.00
653 Put Down Yore Shootin'Iron/Clementine-Esmereldy & the Clementine Boys, Musicraft 545. A-. $6.00
654 My Old Pal/Daddy And Home-Jimmy Rodgers, VIC 21757. C+(1"crack, but solid). $3.00
655 Anytime/Steal Guitar Rag, 4/8/50-Kenny Neil & the Colorado Ramblers, Live Recording. B+. $7.00
656 Tennessee Border/Don't Rob Another Man's Castle-Bob Atcher, COL 20557. A. $6.00
657 Never Trust A Man/Mother Pin A Rose On Me-Nevada Sisters w/Melody Trail Makers, Banner B-521. A-. $5.00
658 Tennessee Yodel Polka/Swiss Lullaby-Rosalie Allen and Elton Britt, RCA 21-0069. A-. $6.00
659 Precious Sonny Boy/I Think I'll Throw My Pillow On The Floor-Dave Denney, Musicraft 15050. A. $4.00
660 You Weren't Ashamed To Kiss Me/Cold Sholder-Ray Price, COL 21117. A-. $6.00
661 I'm Gonna Gallop...To Gallup, New Mexico/Old Fashioned Cowboy-Roy Rogers, VIC 20-2917. A. $6.00
662 Beautiful Texas/There's A Little Old Lady Waiting-Gene Autry and Jimmy Long, Perfect 13009. B. $9.00
663 Little Pardner/Darling How Can You Forget So Soon-Gene Autry, Vocalion 05190. B+/B. $9.00
664 Goodbyy Little Darlin' Goodbye/When I'm Gone You'll Soon Forget-Gene Autry, Okeh 05463. B+(1" lam crack S-2). $6.00
665 Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine/Mississippi Valley Blues-Gene Autry and Jimmy Long, Conqueror 7908. B. $7.00
666 My Old Pal Of Yesteday/Why Don't You Come Back To Me-Gene Autry and Jimmy Long, Melotone M12392. B-. $5.00
667 Don't Be Blue/The Low Road's Good Enough For Me-Eddie Dean - Country & Western, Bel-Tone E-0268. A-. $5.00
667A  Snow Deer/If You'll Come Back-Light Crust Doughboys, Okey 05696.  A--.  $6.00
668 Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! That Cigarette/Roundup Polka-Tex Williams and His Western Caravan, Capitol 40001. A. $9.00
669 Songs Of The South African Veld-Marais and Miranda, Decca A-471(6). A-(10"). $8.00
670 Teller Of Hawaiian Tales-Eric A. Knudsen teller of Hawaiian tales, Bell Records (4). A(10"). $7.00
671 Christmas In Poland-Schola Cantorum Of Ss Cyril And Methodiius Seminary, VIC S-57 (4). A-(10"). $7.00

*************************THE FOLLOWING ARE CLASSICAL, POP, SHOW & MISC 78 RPM RECORD ALBUMS - 10 AND 12 INCH*****************************
672 A Victor Borge Program-Victor Borge, COL C-111 (4). A. $8.00
673 Beethoven: PC#4-Schnabel/Stock/CSO, RCA DM-930 (4). A(changer order). $9.00
674 Boogie Woogie-Will Bradley, featuring Ray McKinley, COL C-123 (4). A-. $8.00
675 Doroth Shay, The Park Avenue Hillbilly, Sings-Dorothy Shay, COL C-119 (3). A (but album wear). $6.00
676 Famous Songs Of Bert Williams-Bert Williams, COL C-25 (4). A. $9.00
677 Good Old Timers-Elmer's Orch/Sula's Musette/Gene's Musette, Continental (4). A(10"). $7.00
678 Kern: Showboat-Tommy Dorsey & his orch., VIC P-152 (3). A(10"). $6.00
679 Rachmaninoff PC #2-Rachmaninoff/Stokowski/PSO, RCA Red Seal DM58 (5). A-(changer order). $8.00
680 Rachmaninoff: Eleven Piano Pieces-Sergei Rachmaninoff, VIC M722 (5). A(sides 5/6 edge chip into music). $5.00
681 Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder-Frankie Laine, C-302 (2). A(Paper Album). $15.00

682 Reverend Johnson's Dream-Arlen & Koehler's American Negro Suite, DEC 170 (3). A(10"). $6.00
683 Szostakowicz: Sym #5-Stokowski/PSO, HMV 375 (6). A(in brown leather-like British pouch album). $12.00
684 Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker Suite-Stock/CSO, COL MM 395 (3). A(changer order). $7.00
685 Tchaikovsky: Sym #5-Stokowski/PSO, RCA DM-253 (6). A(changer order). $12.00

*****************************THE FOLLOWING ARE 10" INCH CLASSICAL 78 RPM SINGLES BY COMPOSER OR TITLE**********************************

685A  Williams: Linden Lea/Dichmont: Ma Little Banjo; Bassett: Take Joy Home-Rudolph E. Magnus, Florence R. Magnus, piano, Magnus Studios, Autograph Records by Marsh Laboratories.  (amongst the first electrical recordings ever made-extremely rare)(May be the first American recording made of the Williams)

Magnus Studios started during the Columbian Exhibition (1893), and was situated in the venerable Fine Arts Building.  The Magnuses lived in Hyde Park, Chicago and had many dealings with University of Chicago music and drama presentations.  Florence (piano and voice) was the mother and died in 1931,  Rudolph (voice and performer) went in 1972.

Disc(#708,753) is mint, sleeve mostly intact, but fragile .  Marsh Laboratories made the first electrical records beginning in approximately 1923.  This one, April 1925.  $400.00.

685B  Tiritomba/Lisetta(Lyrics By  Ernst Neubach, Music By  Hans May, Karl May) - Joseph Schmidt, recorded 1934, Polish issue, ODEON 253618. A-to B+.  $10.00
686 Brahms: Wie Bist Du Meine Konegin/Feldeinsamkeit-Gerhard Husch, HMV E.G.3308. A. $5.00
687 Byrd: Pavane/Gigue-Stokowski/PO, VIC 1943. A. $6.00
688  Di Capua: O Sole Mio/Tosti: 'A Vucchella-Enrico Caruso, HMV D.A.103 (Nipper Label).  A.  $10.00
689  Cottrau: L'Addio a Napoli-Enrico Caruso, Victrola 87312.  A- to B+(1SO).  $7.00
690 Handel: He Shall Feed His Flock-Emma Juch, VIC 64018. A-(1SO). $6.00
691 Ich Liebe Dich/Ein Traum-Kirsten Flagstad, VIC Red Seal 1804. A/A-. $6.50
692 Koschat-Winternitz: Forsaken-Fritz Kriesler, VIC 64872. A. $6.00

693 Leoncavallo: Prologue, I' Pagliacci-Antonio Scotti, Victor Grand Prize Record 81021. A-to B+. $6.00
694 Les Filles de Cadix-Galli-Curci, Victrola 64885. B+(1SO). $5.00
695 Les Roses D'Ispahan/Soir-Maggie Teyte, HMV D.A.1819. A. $5.00
696 Ma Bonny Lad/The Keel Row/Blow The Win-Kathleen Ferrier, DEC FFRR F.9300. A-. $6.00
697 MacDowell: To A Water Lily/To A Wild Rose-Stock/CSO, VIC 1152. A. $6.00
698 Mahler: I Breath Th Breath.../Schonberg: #5 & 12 of Buch Der Hangenden...-Charles Kullman/Erica Storm, COL (Eng) D.B.1787. A. $7.00
699 Manon - Gavotte/Massenet: Hear The Voices Of Youth-Geraldine Farrar, VICTOR Gramd Prize 87023. A-. $10.00
700 Mascagni: Brinidisi-Enrico Caruso, VIC 81062. B+(1SO). $5.00
701 Mascagni: Intermezzo/Rossini: Tancredi-John Bull London Orch., John Bull Record 40018. B-to C+(ECNIM). $6.00
702 Mendelssohn: Wer hat dich du schoner Wald/Spohr: Auf und lasst die Fahnen fliegen-Nebe-Quartet, Homokord 14044. B-/B-. $6.00
703 Morand-Ravel: Don Quichotte - A Dulcinee, Nos 1,2,3-Pierre Bernac/Francis Poulenc, HMV D.A.1869. A. $9.00
704 Mozart/Beethoven: 7 Variations On A Theme From The Magic Flute, P1/P2-Pablo Casals-Alfred Cortot, VIC 3047. A. $8.00
705 Mozart/Beetoven: 7 Variations On A Theme From Magic Flute, P3/P4-Pablo Casals/Alfred Cartot, VIC 3048. A. $8.00

706 Mozart: Alleluja/Donizetti: Brindisi-Sigrid Onegin, VIC 1367. A. $7.00
707 My Old Kentucky Home & Home Sweet Home-Trinity Chimes, Monoarch Record 2675. A-(1SO). $5.00
708 O Sole Mio-Enrico Caruso, VIC 87243. A-(1SO). $6.00
709 Oh Holy Night/At Parting-Kirsten Flagstad, VIC Red Seal 1890. A-. $6.50

710 Puccini: One Fine Day/Verdi: Caro Nome-Thea Philips/orch, Broadcast Twelve 5037. B(a 10" with 12" playing time). $7.00
711 Schumann: Wer Machte Dich So Krank?/Alte Laute-Elso Sigfuss, HMV X.7208. A. $7.00
712 Sibelius: The Tryst/Black Roses-Joan Hammond, HMV B.9445. A-. $7.00
713 St. Dunstan: Mass Of The Angels-Eucharistic Congress Children's Choir, BRUN 3225. A-. $6.00
714 Strauss: Fliedermaus - Spiel' Ich Die Unschuld Vom Lande/Mein Herr, Marquis-Elizabith Schumann, HMV E.545. A. $7.00
715 Strauss: Heimliche Aufforderung/Cacilie-Konetzni, COL (Eng) L.B.101. A. $7.00
716 The Farewell Waltz from Fantana-Morgan & Stanley, Monoarch Record 4171. A-(1SO). $6.00
717 The Holy City-Emilio de Gogorza, VICTOR Gramd Prize 64039. B++(1SO). $8.00
718 Tosti: Beauty's Eyes-Emilio de Gorgorza, VIC 64372. A(1SO). $5.00
719 Verdi- Aida - O Terra Addio P1/P2-Rosa Ponselle/Giovanni Martinelli, VIC 1745. A-(small edge chip not in music). $7.00
720 Verdi: Ballo in Maschera-Barcarola-Carlo Albani, VICTOR Gramd Prize 64082. A-(1SO). $10.00
721 Verdi: La Donna E' Mobile/Puccini: Recondita Armonia-Jussi Bjoerling, VIC (Gold Lbl) 4372. A. $5.00
722 Verdi: Luisa Miller-Quando Lo Sero-Giuseppi Anselmi (from library of D. Kahn), Philadelphia Record Society PRS 12. A(vinyl). $10.00
723 Verlaine-Hahn: En Sourdine/Prudhomme-Faure: Ici Bas!-Maggie Teyte, HMV D.A.1830. A-. $7.00
724 Wagner: Die Walkure - Ho-Yo-To-Ho/Straus: Allerseelen-Kirsten Flagstad, VIC Red Seal 1726. A-. $7.00

725 Wie mein Ahn! zwanzig Jahr!/Zigeunerlied-Rob. Leonhardt/Gertrud Runge mit orch. , Homokord 11321. B-/C+. $5.00
726 Wolf: In Der Fruhe/In Dem Schatten../Mausfallen-Elizabith Schumann, HMV D.A.1862. A-. $7.00

These are not transfers or dubbings. They are made from the original metal masters and/or stampers. Some were never issued!.  Thus, they are identical to "original" pressings,
but instead of noisy shellac, they use vinyl which  has a much lower surface noise.   These have long run out from their inventory and are no longer available.

These have been listed with each musical item noted by composer/performer, aria or song, condition, and price.  Each aria or song is on a separate line.

HMA2  De Curtis, De Lucia-Fernando A Surrentina.   MINT.   $20.00
             Barthlemy, De Lucia-Fernando Serenamente

HMA4 Verdi, Tamagno-Francesco Ora E Per Sempre Addio Act (Otello).  MINT.  $20.00
            Verdi,  Tamagno-Francesco Di Quella Pira Act3 Il (Trovatore)

HMB5 Verdi, Battistini-Mattia/Barbieri Elvira Mira Dacerbe Lagrime Act4 Il (Trovatore).  MINT. $20.00
            Verdi, Battistini-Mattia/Barbieri Elvira Vivra! Contende Il Giubilo Act4 Il (Trovatore).

HMB6 Verdi, Kurz-Selma Involami Act1 (Ernani).  MINT.  $20.00
            Verdi, Kurz-Selma Damor Sullali Rosee Act4 (Il Trovatore) 

HMB7 Meyerbeer, Smirnov-Dmitri Plus Blanche Que La Blanche Ermine Act1 (Les Huguenots).  MINT.  $20.00
            Bizet, Smirnov-Dmitri La Fleur Que Tu Mavais Jete'e Act2 (Carmen)

HMB9 Verdi, Giraldoni-Eugenio Credo Act2 (Otello).  MINT.  $20.00
            Verdi, Giraldoni-Eugenio Era La Notte Act2 (Otello)

HMB10 Verdi, Litvinne-Fe'lia I Sacri Nomi Act1 Aida.  MINT. $20.00
             Mascagni, Litvinne-Fe'lia Voi Lo Sapete (Cavalleria Rusticana)

HMB11 Berlioz, Supervia-Conchita Autrefois Un Roi De Thule' Act3 (La Damnation De Faust).  MINT.  $20.00
             Gounod, Supervia-Conchita Il e'tait Un Roi De Thule' Act3 (Faust )

HMB12 Massenet, Vanni-Marcoux Jean-Emile A-T-Il Dit Vrai? Solitaire Sur Ma Terrasse Act2 (Cleopatre).  MINT.  $20.00
              Thomas, Vanni-Marcoux Jean-Emile Jai Pu Frapper ... Etre Ou Ne Pas Etre Act3 (Hamlet)

HMB13 Verdi, Nemeth-Maria Madre Madre Pietosa Vergine Act2 (La Forza Del Destino).  MINT.  $20.00
              Verdi, Nemeth-Maria Pace Pace Mio Dio Act4 (La Forza Del Destino)

HMB14 Charpentier, Fugre-Lucien Voir Naitre Une Enfant Louise.  MINT.  $20.00
             Gounod, Hahn-Reynaldo (Maid Of Athens)

HMB15 Chausson, Teyte-Dame Maggie Le Temps Des Lilas.  MINT.  $20.00
              Hahn, Teyte-Dame Maggie Belle Lune D'argent
              Chausson, Teyte-Dame Maggie (Les Papillons) Op2 No3

HMB16 Wagner, Osten-Eva Von Der Einsam In Trben Tagen Act1 (Lohengrin).  MINT.  $20.00
             Wagner, Osten-Eva Von Der Euch Lften Die Mein Klagen Act2 (Lohengrin)

HMB20 Bellini, Boronat-Olimpia O Rendetemi La Speme ...Qui La Voce Sua Soave Act2 (I Puritani).  MINT.  $20.00
              Gounod, Boronat-Olimpia Ave Maria Bach

727       ALL ABOVE RECORDINGS.   MINT.   $250.00

*****************************THE FOLLOWING ARE 12 INCH CLASSICAL SINGLES UNLESS SPECIFIED OTHERWISE****************************

728 Ay-Ay-Ay-Tito Schipa, VIC 74753. A. $3.50
729 Bizet: Opening/Cigarette Chorus-Bellezza/Royal Opera Chorus & Orch, HMV C 1422. A. $5.00
730 Bizet: Pescatori Di Perle/Meyerbeer: O Paradiso-Alessandro Bonci, COL 5093. A(but small edge chip not in music)(signed in Blue Wax). $7.00
731 Bizet: Toreador-Campanari, VIC 85073. B+. $3.00
732 Brahms: Zigeunerlieder/Die Nachtigall-Nancy Evans, DEC G-25720. A. $4.00
733 Chopin: Polonaise-Paderewski, VIC 14974. A. $4.00
734 Delibes: Coppelia Ballet Suite, 1,2-Lambert/ROHORCG, COL D.X.1429 (English). A. $6.00
735 Delibes: Coppelia Ballet Suite, 3,4-Lambert/ROHORCG, COL D.X.1430 (English). A. $6.00
736 Gems From Rob Roy-Victor Light Opera Co., VIC 31858. A(1SO). $6.00
737 Gershwin: An American I Paris, Part 1/Concluded (really Part 2)-Gershwin/Shilkret/VSO, VIC 35963 (Scroll Lbl). A. $7.00
738 Liszt: Komponisten - Bildnis-Willi Stech/ Berliner Philharmoniker, Telefunken E1899. A. $6.00
739 Mascagni: Cavalleria Rusticana-Cerney/Endreze, DEC G-25938. A. $3.00
740 Meyerbeer: African/Bizet:Peal Fisher-Florencio Constantino, COL 5093-M. A-(Blue Wax)(Slight edge warp). $7.00
741 Mignon-Polonese-Tetrazzini, Victrola 88296. B+. $5.00
742 Moussorgsky: Nursery Scene-Barasham/Lumsden/Robinson/LSO, DEC K 1601. A. $5.00
743 Mozart: Non So Plu/Voi Che Sapete-Bidu Sayao, COL 72092-D. A. $4.00
744 Ponchielli: Dance Of The Hours-Fistoulari/NSO, DECCA K.1119 (English). A. $6.00
745 Schubert: Am Mer/Werner: Hand und Liesel-Volkman/Muench, VIC 35027. A. $4.00
746 Schubert: Moment Musical 1/2-Paderewski, VIC 17699. A. $4.00
747 Strauss: In Goldener Fulle/Befreit-Margarete Klose, DGG 68124. A. $7.00
748 Villa-Lobos: Bachianas Brasileiras #5-Bidu Sayao, COL 71670-D. A. $4.00
749 Wolf: Benedeit/Der Mond/Schon Streckt-Gerhard Husch/Coenraad V. Bos, HMV DB 2049. A. $3.00
750 Wolf: Klinge/Bitt'Ihn/Wer Rief/Mein Liebster/Schweig'-Alexandra Trianti/Coenraad V. Bos, HMV DB 2048. A. $3.00
751 Wolf: Mogen Alle/Kopfchen, Kopfchn/Erstes Liebeslied/Nixe-Alexandra Trianti/Coenraad V. Bos, HMV DB 2047. A. $3.00

********************************************RARE 1931-1932 RCA 33RPM LP RECORDS**************************************************
These are 33 RPM, long-playing (LP), vinyl records.  They were an early RCA flop, and RARE. They played longer, but were often single sided. They play at 33 rpm with a 78 stylus.

752 Popular Selections-Missouri Waltz/Down By The Old Mill Stream/That Naughty Waltz-Gus Arnheim and his Orchestra, RCA Program Transcription L-16011. B(10"-1SO). $15.00
753 Romberg: Serenade/Deep In My Heart/Student's March-Jesse Crawford, RCA Program Transcription L-16010 . A(10,"). $15.00
754 Victor Herbert: Melodies, Suite #1-Air de Ballet/Al Fresco/March of the Toys/much more-Nat Shilkret/Victor Salon Group, RCA Program Transcription L-4501. A-to B+(10"). $20.00

755 Beethoven: Sym #3-William Mengelberg/PSONY, RCA Program Transcription L-LM-115 (4).  B(12").  $30.00
755A Tschaikowsky: Nutcracker Suite-Leopold Stokowsky/PO, RCA Program Transcription L-7004.  B(12").  $15.00
755B Shubert Sym #8, "Unfinished"-Leopold Stokowsky/PO, RCA Program Transcription L-11645/6 (2).  A-to B+(12").  $20.00
755C Wagner: Brunnhilde's Immolation-concl-Leopold Stokowsky/PO, RCA Program Transcription L-11673-S.  A-to B+(12")(1SO).  $8.00   

755D  Victor Herbert Melodies, Part 1/2-Nat Shilkret/Victor Salon Group, RCA Program Transcription L-4506.  A(10").  $20.00
755E  Victor Herbert Melodies, Part 3/4-Nat Shilkret/Victor Salon Group, RCA Program Transcription L-4507.  B-/B+(10").  $10.00
755F  Bizet: Carmen Suite-Leopold Stokowsky/PO, RCA Program Transcription L-1000.  A(10").  $20.00
755G  Moussorgsky: Boris Godounow/Massenet-Feodor Chaliapin, RCA Program Transcription L-1005.  A-(10")(label, S-1 smudged).  $15.00
755H  Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody No.2/Weber: Invitation To The Waltz-Alfred Cartot, RCA Program Transcription L-1003.  A--(10").  $12.00
755I  Wagner: Gotterdammerung Suite, Part 1/2-Alfred Coates/London Sympohny, RCA Program Transcription L-4508.  A-to B+(10").  $10.00
755I Rimsky-Korsakov: La Grande Paque Russe/Tchaikovsky: Capriccio Italien-Leopold Stokowsky/PO, RCA Program Transcription L-7002.  B(12").  $10.00

****************************************************12 INCH LP RECORDS*************************************************************
                                                                                            **** CLASSICAL AND OPERA****

756 A Song Recital:Schubert/Brahms/Wolf/Strauss/Mahler-Christa Ludwig/Gerald Moore, *Angel Seraphim 60034. A(with insert). $6.50
757 Adam: Giselle-Fistoulari/LSO, *Mercury Golden Imports SRI2-77003 (2). A. $10.00
758 Alfred Newman: Captain From Castile-Gerhardt/NPO, *RCA Gold Seal AGL1-4367. A. $7.00
759 All Around The Christmans Tree at the New York World's Fair-Henri Rene orch/chorous & John Klein-bell carillon at the Coca Cola Pavilion, *RCA Stereo LSP-2914 (Dog/Blk/Lbl) . A(1S)(insert). $12.00
761 An Evening With Bruno Walter, Mozart: Sym #40/Strauss: Don Juan/More-Bruno Walter commnetary and w/NYPSO/Columbia Sym, COL WZ-2. A. $7.00
762 An Evening With Midred Dilling-Midred Dillng, harp, *Urania US 5139. SEALED. $10.00
763 Anderson: Music Of Leroy Anderson, Vol. 1-Fennell/ERPO, *Mercury Living Presence SR90009. A-(FR1/FR2). $20.00
765 Arnold: Four Scottish Dances/Sym #3-Arnold/London Philharmonic Orch., *Everest SDBR-3021 (Orange Lbl). A. $6.00
766 Artistry Of Renata Tebaldi-Renata Tebaldi, *Everest 3205. SEALED. $8.00
767 Atlantic Crossing-Grofe/New Symphony Orch., a Britsh DECCA recording, Everest 6139. SEALED. $6.00
768 Bach: Jesus, Dearest/Bonds of Death-Shaw Chorale, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2273 (Shaded Dog). A(3S). $16.00
769 Bach: Magnificat/Eight Great Cantatas-Buckel/Stader/Fisher-Dieskau, *Archive SKL 1301/1305 (5). A(mint cloth-covered box set with booklet). $15.00
770 Balalaika Favorites -Osipov State Russian Folk Orch-on Absolute Sound's Best of the Bunch list, *Mercury Living Presence SR90310. A(difficult to track couple of tracks!)(RFR-1/4). $20.00
771 Bartock: Concerto For Orchestra-Siolti/CSO, *London LDR 71036. SEALED. $18.00
772 Bartock: Music For String Instruments, Percussion, and Celeste/Martin: Petite Symphonie Concertante-Stokowski/his symphony orch., *Capitol SP8507 (Rainbow Lbl). A+. $12.00
774 Bartok: Concerto For Orchestra-von Karajan/Philharmonia, Angel 35003. A(dowel pull). $8.00
775 Bartok: Roumanian Dance/Batatelle #2, etc.-Bela Bartok, Bartok BRS-003. A-(10"). $15.00
776 Bartok: VC-Menuhin/Dorati/MSO, *Mercury Living Presence SR-90003 (Plum Lbl). A(RR1/4). $50.00
777 Bartok: Wooden Prince-Dorati/LSO, *Mercury Living Presence SR-90426 (Plum Lbl). A(RR2/M5). $30.00
779 Beethoven PC#5-Horowitz/Reiner/RCA Victor Sym. Orch., RCA Red Seal LM1718 (Old Slvr-Plm Dog). A-(15S/22S). $6.00
780 Beethoven: Missa Solemnis-Wand/Gurzenich Sym, *Nonesuch HB-73002(2). A+. $4.00
782 Beethoven: Nine Symphonies/Overtures-Toscanini/NBCSO, RCA VIC-8000(8). A+(SEALED BOX SET). $15.00
783 Beethoven: Overtures-Munchinger/VPO, *London FFSS CS 6053 (Blue Back). A(1K/3E). $13.00
784 Beethoven: Pathetique-Gieseking, Angel (Red/Blk). A-(wrong dowel). $3.00
785 Beethoven: PC#3-Brendel/Wallberg/Vienna Pro Musica, *VOX STPL 511.370. SEALED. $10.00
787 Beethoven: Piano Sonatas #17, #18-Clara Haskil, *Philips PHC 9001. SEALED. $12.00
788 Beethoven: Quartet, Op. 131-Julliard String Quartet, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2626 (Shaded Dog). A(2S). $44.00
789 Beethoven: Sym #1 & #8-Ansermet/OSR, *London FFSS CS 6388. A(1G). $10.00
790 Beethoven: Sym #3-Reiner/CSO, RCA New Orthophonic LM-1899 (Shaded Dog). A-(4S/7S). $38.00
791 Beethoven: Sym #3-Walter/CSO, *COL MS 6036 (6 EYES). A-(cover B+). $7.00
792 Beethoven: Sym #4/8-Scherchen/PSOL, Westminster XWN 18317. A. $6.00
793 Beethoven: Sym #5-Rodzinski/PSOL, *Westminster WST 14001. A-. $8.00
794 Beethoven: Sym #5-Solti/VPO, *London FFRR CS 6092. A(2W/7W). $8.00
795 Beethoven: Sym #7-Berstein/NYPSO, *COL MS 6112 (6 EYES). A--. $7.00
796 Beethoven: Sym #7-Toscanini/NBCSO - great color photo of the Meistro, RCA LM-1756 (Plum Dog). A. $6.00
797A Beethoven: Sym #9-Reiner/CSO, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-6096(2) (Shaded Dog).  A/A-/A/A(1S/1S/1A/4S)(deluxe fold-open set).  $22.00
798 Beethoven: Wellington's Victory/Overtures-Dorati/LSO, *Mercury Living Presence LPS 9000. A-to B+(EFR-1/RFR-4)(deluxe fold-open w/insert & flags). $10.00
800 Beethoven: 9 Symphonies-von Karajan/Berliner Philharmoniker, *DGG SKL 101/8 (8). A+(deluxe cloth-bound box with booklet). $65.00
800A  Bennett, Robert Russell: Armed Forces Suite-Bennett/RCA Symphony, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2445 (Shaded Dog Lbl).  A-(3S)(jacket fine, but writing a bottom of back).  $27.00
801 Berlioz: Overtures-Munch/BSO, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2438 (White Dog). A(4/14S). $12.00
802 Berlioz: Romeo And Juliet-Munch/BSO, *RCA Living Stereo LDS-6098 (2) (Soria Lbl).  A(1/2/3S)(deluxe Soria Series issue w/20-page Robinson booklet-disc & booklet only-no box). $15.00
802A  Berlioz: Requiem - Deluxe Soria Series-Munch/BSO, *RCA Living Stereo LDS-6077 (2) (Shaded Dog).  A(1/4/5/5S)(deluxe cloth bound Soria Series w/wooden pull & 22-page Skira booklet).  $50.00
802B Berlioz: Sym Fantastique-Munch/BSO, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2608 (Shaded Dog Lbl).  A-(12S/10S). $20.00
803 Berlioz: Sym Fantastique-Monteux/VPO, *RCA VICS-1031 (Plum). A(5S). $8.00
803A  Berlioz: Sym Fantastique-Monteux/VPO, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2362 (Shaded Dog Lbl).  A--(4S/1S). $18.00
804 Berlioz: Sym Fantastique-Wallenstein/VSO-early deluxe audiophile release, *Audio Fidelity 1st Component Series FCS 50,003 (Slvr Lbl). A(fold-open set). $10.00
805 Berstein Conducts Bernstein: Fancy Free, Candide, etc.-Bernstein/NYPSO, *COL 360 Sound MS6677. A. $7.00
806 Bizet: L'Arlesienne Suites/1 and 2-Morel/Covent Garden, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2327 (Shaded Dog). A+(1S/3S). $150.00
807 Blackwood: Twelve Microtaonal Etudes For Electronic Music Media-Blackwood/tape recorders and generators, *Easley Blackwood E-639. A. $7.00
807A  Bliss: Things To Come, Welcome The Queen/Elgar: Pomp & Circumstance-Sir Arthur Bliss/LSO, *Decca Ace Of Diamonds SDD 255.  A.  $10.00
808 Borodin: Sym #2,#3, Prince Igor-Ansermet/OSR, *London FFSS CS 6126 (Blue Back). A-(1E). $18.00
809 Brahms/Dvorak: Hungarian/Slavonic Dances-Reiner/VPO, *London FFRR STS 15009. A(2W/4W). $8.00
810 Brahms/Wolf-Irmgard Seefied, Decca Gold Label DL 9743. A+. $10.00
811 Brahms: Double Concerto/Tragic-Schneiderhan/Starker/Fricsay/BRSO, *DGG 2535 140. A. $10.00
812 Brahms: PC #1-Backhaus/Bohm/VPO, London FFRR LL-911. A. $6.00
813 Brahms: PC #2-Horowitz/Toscanini/NBCSO, RCA LCT 1025 (Gold Dog). A-. $7.00
814 Brahms: PC#2-Cliburn/Reiner/CSO, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2581 (Shaded Dog). A-(7S/8S). $12.00
815 Brahms: PC#2-Richter/Leinsdorf/CSO, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2466 (Shaded Dog). A/A-. $18.00

816 Brahms: Serenade #1-Stokowski/SOA, *Decca Gold Label DL 710031. A-(sleeve A, pristine surface, but areas of hiss). $8.00
817 Brahms: Sym #1-Von Karajan/BP, *DGG SLPM 138 924. A. $10.00
818 Brahms: Sym #2-Leinsdorf/BSO, *RCA Stereo LSC-2809 (White Dog). A-(3S/4S). $8.00
818A  Brahms: Sym #1Leinsdorf/BSO, *RCA Stereo LSC-2711 (Shaded Dog). A(9S). $11.00
819 Brailowsky Enchores-Alexander Brailowsky, piano, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2276 (Shaded Dog). A(1S). $38.00
820 Broadcast Recital From Norway-Kathleen Ferrier/Spurr, LON FFRR LL 1670. A. $8.00
821 Bruckner: Sym #2/Wagner Sym in C-Jochum/Linz Sym/Pfluger/Leipzig Radio, Saga XID 5102/3(2). A+. $6.00
822 Bruckner: Sym #7-Rudolph/Cincinnati Sym., *Decca DL710139(Gold Label). A. $6.00
823 Bruckner: Sym #9-Beinum/Concertgebouw, Epic LC 3401. A. $9.00
824 Bruno Walter Rehearses Beethoven-Walter Columbia Symphony, COL WZ-3 (6 EYES). A. $5.00
825 Busoni: Indian Fantasy/Bortkievich: PC-Mitchel/Strickland/VSOO, *Decca Gold Label DL 710100. A. $10.00
826 Chadwick: Tam O'Shanter/Converse: Mystic Trumpeter-Schoenherr/ARSO, American Recording Society ARS29. A(tear on label). $8.00
827 Charpentier: Oratorio De Noel-Blanchard/Blanchard Choral/Inst. Ensemle, *Nonesuch H-71082. A. $6.00
828 Chausson: Poeme de L'Amour et la Mer-Irma Kolassi/Froment/LPO, LON FFRR 1386. A-to B+. $7.00
829 Chavez: Sinfonia India/Sinfonia Antigona-Carlos Chavez/Stadiun Sym Orch of NY (NYPSO), *Everest SDBR-3029 (Gold Lbl). A-. $7.00
830 Chopin Piano Pieces-Ingace Jan Paderwski via piano rolls on a 1929 Steinway, *Everest X-902 (Orange Lbl). A. $9.00
831 Chopin: Etudes/Liszt: Mephisto-Vladimir Ashkenazy, MK 203B (2). A(mint box set). $20.00
831A  Chopin:  My Favorite-Van Cliburn, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2576 (Shaded Dog).  A (12S/17S).  $17.00
832 Chopin: PC #2/Andante Spianat/Grande Polonais-The Rubenstein Story-Rubinstein/Wallenstein/SOA, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2265 (Shaded Dog). A-to B+(Deluxe fold out album with booklet). $10.00
833 Chopin: Preludes, Barcarolle, Mazurkas, Etudes, Ballade #3-Andre Tchaikowsky, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2360 (Shaded Dog). A(1S/3S). $75.00
834 Christian: Persuccion In Velvet,Mt. Fujiyama, Japanese Temple, etc.-Christian (Bobby)/orch, *Westminster WST 15046. A. $9.00
835 Christmas Hymns And Carols-Robert Shaw Chorale, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2139 (Shaded Dog). A1/7S). $10.00
836 Computer Music - Austin/Celona/Dodge/Haynes/Pennycook-ICMC Recording, *Folkways FTS 37475. A(includes insert). $7.00
837 Corelli: Two Conterti Grossi, 8, 11 - mono audiophile record of the 50's-Argeo Quadri/English Baroque Orch. Early mono audiophile disc., Westminster W-LAB 7015. A-(missing notes booklet). $7.00
838 Curtain Up - Gould/Hanson/Rogers/Gauldin-Hanson/Dorati/ERO/MSO, *Mercury Living Presence SR90326 (Promo Lbl). A(RFR1/2). $18.00
839 Debussy And Ravel-Sulvia Zaremba, piano, *Realistic RSLP 93L102. A. $10.00
840 Debussy/Faure': Fantasy For Piano/Masques-Pelleg/Goehr/Netherlands Phil., Concert Hall G-9. A-. $8.00
841 Debussy: Cinq Poems de Charles Baudelaire/A French Song Recital-Jennie Tourel, COL ML 4158 (Blu LP MG Lbl). B+(probably LP EQ). $5.00
842 Debussy: Images Pour Orchestre-Argenta/OSR, *London FFRR STS 15020 (Or/Slv Lbl). A. $8.50
843 Debussy: La Mer/Ibert: Ports Of Call-Munch/BSO, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2111 (Shaded Dog). A(1S/10S). $15.00
844 Debussy: La Mer/Rachmaninoff: Isle Of The Dead-Reinter/CSO, *RCA AGL1-1523. A. $7.00
845 Debussy: La Mer/Ravel: Rapsodie Espagnole-Munch/BSO, *RCA VICS-1041 (Plum Lbl). A/A-(5S/6S). $18.00
846 Debussy: Nocturnes/Ravel: Ma Mere L'Oye-Ansermet/Suisse Romande, *London FFSS CS 6023 (Blue Back). A, but B swishes @ begin S-1 & 2(1E). $10.00
847 Debussy: Rhapsody For Saxophone & Orch/Fantasy For Piano-Kloss/Frankenland State Sym, *Lyrichord LL738. A. $8.00
848 DeFalla: El Amur Bujo, Three Cornered Hat/Chabrier: Espana-Van Remoortel/VSO/Madeira, *VOX STPL 511.910. SEALED. $10.00
849 DeFalla: Three Conrnered Hat/Ravel: La Valse/Dukas: Sorcerer-Markevitch/PO, Angel 35008. A(Made in England). $8.00
850 Delibes: Lakme highlights-D'Angelo/Berbie/Gedda/Blanc/Pretre , *Angel 36107. A(with insert). $7.00
851 Delibes: Sylvia-Fisoulara/LSO, *Mercury Living Presence SR2-9005 (2). A-(FR-2/3). $18.00
852 Direct From Cleveland-DeFalla/Bizet/Berlioz/Tchaikovsky-Maazel/Cleveland Symphony Orch, *Telarc 5020 DD1. A(deluxe fold-open package, their 1st direct-to-disc). $10.00
853 Donitzetti: Lucia Di Lammermoor-Stefano, Gobbi, Florence May Festival 1953, Seraphim IB-6032. SEALED. $12.00
854 Donizetti: Lucia Di Lammermoor-Peters/Peerce/Tozzi/Leinsdorf, *RCA Victrola VICS-6001(2) (Plum Lbl). A(1 to 7S). $15.00
855 Dorati: Symphony/Nocturn & Capriccio-Dorati/MSO, *Mercury Living Presence SR90499. A-(M2/3). $25.00
856 Duets-De Los Angeles, Fischer-Dieskau with Geral Moore, *Angel 35963. A(with insert). $7.00
858 Dvorak: New World Sym.-Batiz/LPO, *Verese Sarabande VCDM 1000.190 (DBXII ENCODED). A. $8.00
858A  Dvorak: New World Sym.-Kubelik/Vienna Philharmonic, *London FFSS CS 6020 (Blue Back).  A-/A-with brief B)(2E).  $10.00
859 Dvorak: New World Sym.-Reiner/CSO, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2214 (Shaded Dog). A-(13S/19S). $10.00
860 Dvorak: New World Sym.-Reiner/CSO, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2214 (Shaded Dog). A(German pressing from same period). $9.00
861 Dvorak: New World/Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker Suite/Bizet: Carmen Suite-Toscanin/NBCSO/Fiedler/BPSO/Munch/BSO-The Toscanini is the star here, *Franklin Mint 1/2. A(Toscanini is mono, deluxe box set in red vinyl). $10.00
862 Dvorak: Slavonic Dances/Smetana: Bartered Bride Selections-Dorati/MSO, *Mercury Living Presence SR2-9007(2)(Plum Lbl). A to A-(FR5/5/5/2). $35.00
863 Early Hi-Fi-Stokowski/PO, rare recordings from the 1930s available to Bell Labs emplyees, *Bell Laboratories. MINT(sealed). $25.00
864 Encore, Please Sir John! (Nicolai/Sibelius/Massenet/Ponchielli/more)-Sir John Barbirolli/Halle' Orchestra, *Mercury Living Presence SR90161. A-to B+(non-sounding surface mars, but a few ticks)(FR5). $12.00
866 Falla: El Amor Brujo/Granados: Goyescas/Ravel: Pavane, Alborada-Fruhbeck De Burgos/New Philharmonia, *London FFRR CS 6521. A-/B+. $10.00
867 Famous Arie Liriche-Maria Meneghini Callas, Cetra LPC 50175. A-. $9.00
868 Famous Operatic Arias-Milanov/Elias/Basile/RCASO, *RCA VICS-1198 (Plum Lbl). A (1S). $15.00
870 Fiddle-Faddle - Leroy Anderson Favorites-Fiedler/BPSO, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2638 (Shaded Dog). A(4S/5S). $15.00
871 Folksong Suites: Vaughn Williams/Holst/Grainger-Fennel/EWE, *Mercury Living Presence SR90388. A. $10.00
872 Foster: Stephen Foster Song Book-Robert Shaw Chorale, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2295 (Shaded Dog). A(1S)(Beautiful fold-open album w/ thick booklet of music). $25.00
873 Franck: Symphonic Variations/D'Indy: Symphony On A Mountain Air-Casadesus/Ormandy/PO, *COL MS 6070 (2 EYES). A. $8.00
874 French Overtures in Stereo HiFi-Herman Scherchen/Opera de Paris, *Westminster WST 14027.  A-/A- to B+(jacket edge split).  $6.00
875 French Songs-Nan Merriman with Gerald Moore, Angel 35217. A-(with insert/dowel pull). $7.00
875A  French Harp Music-Nicanor Zabaleta, *DGG 2531051.  A.  $9.00
876 Gershwin: Rhapsody In Blue-Wild/Fiedler/Boston Pops, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2367 (Shaded Dog). A/A-(3S). $10.00
876A Gershwin: Concerto In F/Cuban Overture/I Got Rhythm Variations-Wild/Fiedler/Boston Pops, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2586.  (Shaded Dog). A(1S/11S). $15.00
877 Gershwin: Rhapsody In Blue/Grofe: Grand Canyon Suite-Byron Janis/Hugo Winterhalter & his orch., RCA Bluebird LBC-1045. A(3S/9S). $6.00
878 Gilbert & Sullivan: Overtures-Ward/Orchestra, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2302 (Shaded Dog). A/A-(8S/6S). $12.00
879 Gliere: Red Poppy/Ilya Mourometz-Scherchen/VSOO, Westminster WAL 210 (2). A-(2 disc album). $8.00
880 Gould: Latin-American Symphonette/Waltzes/Festive Music/Quickstep-Gould/LSO, *Verese Sarabande Digital. A (DBX ENCODED). $7.00
881 Gounod: Faust highlights-Beecham/BBCSO, Turnabout/EMI. A. $8.00
882 Great Music Of The Baroque: Handel, Telemann, Dittersdorf, Bach-Paumgartner/VSO,Redel/PAOM, *Mercury Living Presence SR90403. A-to B+(RFR-1). $12.00
883 Great Recordings Of The Century - Lotte Lehmann, Opera Recital-Lotte Lehmann, Angel COLO 112. A(with booklet). $6.00
884 Great Recordings Of The Century - Maggie Teyte, Vol II-Maggie Teyte, Angel COLH 138. A(with booklet). $6.00
885 Great Russian Composers - Arensky/Borodin/Liadov/Shostakovich/Khachaturian/Gliere-Fennell/Dorati/Hanson/ERP/PH/LS, *Mercury Living Presence SR90346 (Plum Lbl). A(RFR1/5). $22.00
886 Great Voices Of The Century 1902-44 - from EMI catalogue-Gigli/Schumann/McCormack/Muzio/Chaliapin/Melba/Lieder/Melchior/Caruso, Angel Seraphim 60113. A-. $6.00
887 Gried: PC-Gieseking/Von Karajan/Philharmonia, COL ML 4431. A-to B++. $6.00
888 Grieg: PC-Rubenstein/Wallenstein--on Absolute Sound's Special Merit list, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2566 (Shaded Dog). A-(3S). $15.00
889 Grieg: PC/Franck: Variations/Litolff: Scherzo-Curzon/Fjeldstad/Boult/LSO, *LON FFRR CS 6157. A(5W/8W). $12.00
891 Grofe: Grand Canyon Suite-Ormandy/PO, *COL MS 6003 (6 EYES). A-. $9.00
891A  Grofe: Grand Canyon Suite/Beethoven: Wellington's Victory-Grofe: Grand Canyon Suite/Beethoven: Wellington's Victory, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2433 (White Dog).  A-(29/37S)(includes insert).  $8.00
892 Handel-Harty: Water Music/Royal Fireworks-Dorati/LSO, *Mercury Living PresenceSR90158. A(FR-1)(nice copy!). $25.00
893 Handel: Alexander's Feast-Sheppard/Worthley/Bevan/Deller/Oriana Concert Orch., *Vanguard SRV.28/3 (2). A(fold-open set). $8.00
894 Handel: Water Music (complete)-Fritz Lehmann/Berlin Philharmonic, DECCA (Gold Label Series) DL 9594. A-. $7.00
895 Haydn/Vivaldi/Handel/Torelli: Trumpet Concerti-Scherchen/VSOO, *Westminster WST-14135 (Blk/Blu Lbl). A. $7.00
896 Haydn: Sym #44/49-Barenboim/ECO, *DGG 2530 708. A. $10.00
897 Haydn: Syn #55&85/PC in D-Haebler/Goldberg/Netherlands Chamber Orch., *Mercury Living Presence SR90414. A(RFR-1/3). $12.00
898 Haydn: The Creation-Coertse/Patzak/Ernster/Horenstein/Vienna Volksoper, *Turnabout TV34184-85 (2). A(fold-open set). $8.00
899 Hermann - The Composer Conducts: Vertigo, Mysterious Island/MORE-Bernard Hermann/London/National Philharmonics, *London Phase 4 Stereo SPC21151. A(1W/2W). $9.00
900 Hermann: Jane Eyre, Fahrenheit 451, 7th Voyage Of Sinbad/MORE-Bernard Hermann/London/National Philharmonics, *London Phase 4 Stereo SPC21177. A(1W). $9.00
901 Herold: La Fille Mal Gardee-Lanchbery/Covent Garden (Decca Release on Absolute Sound's Best of the Bunch List) , *London FFRR CS 6252. A+(5W/6W). $15.00
902 HI-FI Fiedler-Fiedler/BPSO, *RCA Living Stereo LSC2100 (Shaded Dog). A-/A--(7/9S). $12.00
903 Holst: Suites #1&2/Handel Royal Fireworks/Bach: Fantasia-Fennell/Cleveland Symphonic Winds, *Telarc 5038. A(deluxe fold-open package). $7.00
903A  Homage To Gerald Moore-Gerald Moore with De Los Angelez, Fischer-Dieskau, Schwartzkopf, *Angel Stereo SB-3697 (2).  A(box set with booklet)-Like New.  $15.00
904 Hugo Wof Lieder-Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau w/Gerald Moore, Angel 35474. A. $7.00
906 IN GOLD-Fritz Wunderlich in popular arias and songs, *DGG 2562 040. A. $7.00
907 In Opera & Operetta-Richard Tauber, Scala 837. A. $5.00
908 Ives: Three Places/Sym #3-Hanson/ERSO, Mercury Olympian MG 50149. A(RFR5). $6.00
908A  Ives: Robert Browning Overture/Orchestral Set #2-Gould/Chicago Symphony Orechestra, *RCA Red Seal LSC-2959 (White Dog).  A/A-(6S).  $12.00
909 Jelic: Vesperai Beatai Mariae-Kranjcevic/Zagreb Sym and Choir, *Jugoton LSY-68065. A. $10.00
909A  Janacek: Missa Glagolitica-Evelyn Lear/Hilde Rossel/Earnst Haefliger/Kubelik/Bavarian Radio Symphony, *DGG 138954.  A/A-(heavy disc/fold-open jacket).  $8.00
909B  Janacek: Sinfonietta/Taras Bulba-Kubelik/Bavarian Radio Symphony, *DGG 2530075.  A.  $8.00
910 Khachaturian: Gayne/Tchaikovsky: Romeo & Juliet-Dorati/LSO, *Mercury Living Presence SR90209. A-to B(1/2 inch mar on each side with some ticks). $7.00
911 Kodaly: Hary Janos/Galanta-Kertesz/LSO, *London FFRR CS 6417. A(1E/2W). $8.00
912 Kodaly: Psalmus Hungaricus/Bartok: Dance Suite-Ferencsik/LPO, *Everest SDBR 6022 (Gold Lbl). A. $8.00
913 Korngold: Elizabeth & Essex-Gerhardt/NPO, *RCA Red Seal ARL1-0185. A (audiophile sound). $10.00
914 Korngold: The Sea Hawk-Classic Scores-Charles Gerhardt/NPO, *RCA Red Seal LSC-3330(No Dog). A. $12.00
915 Lalo: Symphonie Espagnole/Ravel: Tzigane-Ricci/Ansermet/OSR, *London FFSS CS 6134 (Blue Back). A(2E/2D). $18.00
916 Lalo: Symphonie Espagnole/Saint-Saens: VC #3-Aaron Rosand, Violin/Szoke/SWRadioBaden-Baden, *VOX STPL 511.590. SEALED. $10.00
917 Lieder Recital-Lisa Della Casa/Karl Hudez, LON FFRR LL 1535. A(includes insert). $8.00
918 Liszt: Annees de Pelerinage-Apres une Lecture du Dante/Sur le 123/La Vallee d'Obermann-Gellert Modos, *Recorded By Columbia/Chicago. SEALED. $15.00
919 Liszt: Mazzeppa/Battle of the Huns-Dixon/PSOL, Westminster W-LAB 7031. A-(Deluxe fold-open, no book). $10.00
920 Liszt: Mountain Sympony/Tasso Symphonic Poem #2-Rother/Radio Berlin SO; Zaun/Berlin Philharmonic, *Connoisseur Record Corp. US 57091. SEALED. $12.00
921 Liszt: PC #1/PC #2-Farnadi/Scherchen/VSO, Westminster WL 5168. A-. $7.00
921A  Liszt: The Music of Franz Liszt-Fiedler/Boston Pops Symphony Orch, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2442 (White Dog).  A--/A (10/12S)(non sounding surface scuff).  $7.00
922 Lotte Lehmann Sings, Vol. 1 - Mozart/Wagner/Puccini-Lotte Lehmann, DECCA DL9523. A-. $8.00
923 MacDowell: PC #1/PC #2-Rivkin/Dixon/VSO, Westminster WL 5190. A-. $7.00
924 Mahler Songs - Volume 2-Christa Ludwig/Gerald Moore, *Angel Seraphim 60070. A(with insert). $6.50
925 Mahler: Kindertotenlieder-Ferrier/Walter/VPO, COL ML 2187. A-(10"). $5.00
926 Mahler: Sym #4-Walter/NYPSO, Odyssey 323 16 0025. SEALED. $8.00
927 Mahler: Sym #5-Schwarz/LSO, *Everest SDBR 3014-2(2)(Slvr/Blu Lbl). B+(Ave)(box damaged). $3.00
928 Mahler: Sym #9-Bruno Walter/Orch., *EMI - Test Pressings (2). A-. $18.00
929 Many Moods of Christmas-Robert Shaw Chorale, *RCA Red Seal LSC-2684 (New Dog). A. $6.00
930 Marches For Orchestra-Walton/Beethoven/Siblius/Borodin/More-Fennell/ERP, *Mercury Living Presence SR90271 (Later Plum Lbl). A((PR2). $14.00
931 Marches In Hi-Fi-Fiedler/Boston Pops, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2229 (Shaded Dog). A-(7S/10S). $16.00
932 Mascagni: Cavalleria Rusticana-Tebaldi/Bjoerling/Bastianini, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-6059 (Shaded Dog)(2). A(1S/3S/1S/1S)(no libretto). $18.00
933 Mascagni: Cavalleria/Leoncavallo: Pagliacci-Cossoto/Bergonzi/Von Karajan/La Scala, *DGG 136 281. A. $10.00
934 Massenet: Le Cid/Meyerbeer: Les Patineurs-Martinon/IPO, *London STS 15051 (Or/Sil Lbl). A(clearly better sounding than the Blue Back!). $8.00
935 Mendelssohn/Tchaikovsky: Violin Concertos-Erick Friedman/Ozawa/LSO, *RCA Red Seal LSC-2865 (White Dog). B+/B(3/5S). $5.00
936 Mendelssohn: Midsommer Nights Dream + Weber/Ponchielli/Wagner-Toscanini/NBC, RCA for Abbot Labs PRM-155 (Blk/Slvr). A (1S/2S) Deluxe, fold-open album. $6.00
937 Mendelssohn: Midsommer Nights Dream/Brahms: Sym #2, Bcst 2/10/51-Toscanini/NBC, Arturo Toscanini Society ATS 1044. A(great sound). $8.00
938 Mendelssohn: PC #1/2-Serkin/Ormandy/PO/CSO, *COL MS 6128 (6 EYES). A-. $7.00
939 Mendelssohn: Sym #4/Schubert: Sym #5-Skrowaczewski/MSO, *Mercury Living Presence SR90356. A-(RFR-2)(slight water damage to rear bottom). $17.00
940 Mendelssohn: Sym #4/Schubert: Sym #8-Cantelli/PO, Seraphim 60002. A. $8.00
941 Mendelssohn: Sym #8-Masur/Gewandhaus, *DGG Archive 2533 311. A. $4.00
942 Mendelsssohn: A Midsummer Night's Dream-Maag/LSO, *London FFRR STS 15084(Or/Slv Lbl). A(6G/7G). $7.00
943 Missa Luba-Troubadours Du Roi Baudouin-Mass in Congolese, *Philips PCC606. A. $8.00
944 Moore & Latouche: The Ballad Of Baby Doe-Sills/Cassal/Bible/New York City Opera, *Heliodor HS-25035-3 (3). MINT-factory sealed box set. $25.00
944A  More Songs You Love-Elisabeth Schwartzkopf/Mackerras/Philharmonia Orch, Angel 35530.  A(writing on cover).  $8.00
945 Moussorgsky/Rimsky Korsakov: Pictures at an Exhibition/Capriccio Espagnol-Bernstein/NYPSO, *COL Stereo Fidelity MS6080 (6 EYES). A. $15.00
946 Moussorgsky: Bare Mountain/Khovanchina+Borodin/Rimsky/Glier-Stokowski/His Sym Orch., some Stokowski orchestrations, RCA LM-1816 (Plum Lbl). A-. $7.00
947 Moussorgsky: Khovanshchina-Changalovich/Bugarinovich/Popovich/Baranovich/BOSO, *London FFR SRS-64504 (4). A. $18.00
948 Moussorgsky: Pictures At An Exhibition-Kubelik/CSO, Mercury Olympian MG 50000 (Plum Lbl). A(MF10/5)(sonic blockbustr of 1952). $7.00
949 Moussorgsky: Pictures At An Exhibition-Toscanin/NBCSO, *RCA LME-2410 (White Dog). A(5S/8S)(Impressive pseudo stereo). $7.00
949A  Moussorgsky: Pictures At An Exhibition-Reiner/CSO, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2201 (Shaded Dog).  A-(23S)(3/4" cover tear).  $55.00
949B  Moussorgsky-Stokowski: Pictures At An Exhibition / Debussy-Stokowski: Engulfed Cathederal-Stokowski/New Philharmonia Orch, London Phase $ SPC21006. *London Phase 4 SPC21006.  A (Deluxe fold open album.  $20.00
950 Mozart: PC #27-Casadesus/Barbirolli/PSONY, COL ML 2186. A-(10"). $6.00
951 Mozart: Sonata In F Mr, K497, G Mr, K357, C Mr, K521-Paul Badura-Skoda/Joerg Demus Piano 4 hands, Westminster WN-19045. A/A- (Deluxe fold open album). $7.00
952 Mozart: Songs/Schubert: Songs-Genevieve Warner, COL ML 4365 (Blu LP MG Lbl). A-(probably LP EQ). $6.00
953 Music For Frustrated Conductors-Fiedler/Boston Pops, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2325 (Shaded Dog). C+(cover B+, Baton has chip at tip - no insert). $5.00
954 Music For Frustrated Conductors-Fiedler/Boston Pops, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2325 (Shaded Dog). A-(1S)(Nice Baton - includes conducting insert). $25.00
955 Music For Glass Harmonica-Mozart/Riechardt.More-Bruno Hoffman, Glass Harmonica, VOX PL 16.370. A. $7.00
956 Music Of The World's Great Composers-Bach/Beethoven/Rossini/Rimsky/Schumann/MORE-Gibson/LFO/Gruner-Hegge/Fjelstad/OP/Boult/LSO/Leibowitz/ISO/MORE, *Reader's Digest(RCA)(11). A-(box set of 11 Living Stereo-era discs- No. 12 missing). $18.00
957 Mussorgsky: Pictures At An Exhibition-Ansermet/OSR, *London FFSS CS 6177 (Blue Back). A(1E). $10.00
957A  Mussorgsky: Pictures At An Exhibition-Bernstein/NYPSO, *COL MS 6080 (6 EYES).  A.  $10.00
957B  Mussorgsky/Stokowski: Pictures At An Exhibition/Dubussy/Stokowski: Engulfed Cathedral-Stokowski/New Philharmonia Orch, *London Phase 4 Stereo SPC21006.  A/A-(fold-open album).  $10.00
957C  Mussorgsky: Pictures At An Exhibition/Stravinsky: Firebird Suite-Muti/Philadelphia Orch., *Mobile Fidelity MFSL 1.520.  SEALED (half speed mastered).  $20.00
958 Offenbach: Gaite Parisenne/Gounod: Faust Ballet Music-Solti/Covent Garden, *London FFSS CS6216 (Blue Back). A-to B+). $7.00
959 Offenbach: Gaite Parisenne/Khachaturian: Gayne-Fiedler/BPO, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2267 (Shaded Dog). A(10S)(nice copy!). $22.00
960 Offenbach: Gaite Parisienne/Gershwin: American In Paris-Dorati/MSO, *Mercury Living Presence SR90431. A-(RFR-1). $18.00
961 Offenbach: Gaite Parisienne/Gershwin: An American In Paris-Dorati/MSO, *Mercury Living Presence SR90431 (Plum Lbl). A(RFR1). $16.00
962 Offenbach: Gaite Parisienne/Strauss: Graduation Ball-Dorati/MSO, *Mercury Living Presence SR90016 (Plum Lbl). A(FR2/4). $18.00
962A  Offenbach: Gaite Parisienne-Munch/New Philharmonia Orchestra, *London Phase 4 Stereo SPC21011.  A(fold-open album).  $10.00
962B  Offenbach In America-Fiedler/BPSO, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-1990 (Shaded Dog).  A--(1S)(light intermttant ticks for 1/2 inch S-2).  $38.00
963 Lotte Lehmann Opera Arias In Celebration Of The Artist's 80th Birthday-Lotte Lehmann, Seraphim 60060. SEALED. $6.00
964 Opera Recital - Great Recordings Of The Century-Lotte Lehman, Angel COLO 112. A(includes booklet). $7.00
964A Operatic Choruses - Carmen/Faust/Wagner/Otello/and more-Robert Shaw Chorale/RCA Sym Orch - really great performances and music, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2416 (Shaded Dog).  A/A-(12S).  $10.00
964B Operatic Choruses - Carmen/Faust/Wagner/Otello/and more-Robert Shaw Chorale/RCA Sym Orch - really great performances and music, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2416 (White Dog).  MINT(13S)(You'll never find better!).   $20.00
965 Operatic Recital-Fritz Wunderlich, *RCA VICS-1235 (Plum Lbl). A(1S/2S). $8.00
966 Operatic Recital-Donizetti/Verdi-Joan Sutherland, LON FFRR 5515. A. $8.00
967 Orff: Carmina Burana-Ormandy/PO, *COL MS 6163 (6 EYES). A-(insert included). $7.00
967A Orf: Carmina Burana-Shaow/Atlanta Sym, *Telarc DG 10056/57 (2).  A.  $8.00
968 Orff: Catulli Carmina -Jochum/BRO, DECCA DL 9824 (Gold Lbl Series). A. $7.00
969 Orff: Catulli Carminia-Hollreiser/Vienna Chamber Choir, VOX PL 8640. A(1962 Hifi-Stereo Review article included). $6.00
970 Orff: Trionfo Di Afrodite-Jochum/BRO, DECCA DL 9826 (Gold Lbl Series). A. $7.00
971 Overture! (Beethoven/Rossini/Weber/Mendelssohn/Berlioz)-Bernstein/NYPSO, *COL MS6223 (6 EYES). A-. $9.00
972 Overture! - Beethoven/Brahms/Mozart/Verdi/Wagner-Winograd/Virtuoso Symphony of London, *Audio Fidelity 1st Component Series FCS 50,012. A-/B++(fold-open, early audiophile). $7.00
973 Overture, Von Suppe/Auber/Adam-Agoult/NSOOL, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2134 (Shaded Dog). A(beautiful disc-no jacket!). $15.00
974 Pops In Space-Williams/BPSO, *Philips 9500 921. A. $8.00
975 Pops Stoppers-Fiedler/BPO, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2270 (Shaded Dog). A(6S/10S). $12.00
976 Ports Of Call: Ravel/Ibert/Debussy/Chabrier-Ormandy/PO - one of his best sounding recordings, *COL "360 Sound" KS 6478. A(deluxe box set with booklet). $9.00
977 Poulenc: Banalites, Chansons Villageoises/Ravel: Histoires Naturelles, Trois Chants Hebraiques-Piere Bernac/Francis Poulenc, COL ML 4333 (Blu LP MG Lbl). A-(probably LP EQ). $7.00
978 Poulenc: Gloria/Concerto For Organ-Rosanna Cartieri/Marcel Durufle/French National Radio & TV Orch., *Angel S35953. A. $7.00
979 Power Of The Orchestra-Moussorgsky: Night/Pictures-Leibowitz/RPO-on Absolute Sound's Special Merit list, *RCA Stereo LSC-2659(Shaded Dog). A to A-(Cover B+)(2/5S). $32.00
980 Prokofief: Sym #3/Scythian Suite-Leinsdorf/BSO, *RCA Red Seal LSC-2934 (White Dog). A. $8.00
981 Prokofieff: PC#3/MacDowell: PC#2-Hendl/CSO, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2507 (Shaded Dog). A-(11/13S). $15.00
982 Prokofieff: Peter & The Wolf/Britten: Young Person's Guide-Maazel/L'Orchestre National Francais, *DGG SLPM 138 746. A, heavy package. $7.00
983 Prokofieff: Peter And The Wolf/Carnival Of The Animals-Alec Guiness/Fiedler/BPSO/Whittemore & Lowe, RCA Red Seal LM1761 (Old Slvr/Plm Dog). A-(1S/6S). $10.00
984 Prokofiev: Alexander Nevsky-Ancerl/Czech Phil. Orch., ARTIA ALP 202. A. $6.00
985 Prokofiev: Love/Ravel: La Valse/De Falla: Vide Breve-Susskind/LPO, *Crystal Clear CCS7006. A. $8.00
986 Prokofiev: PC#2-Ancerl/Czech Phil, *Artia ALP-707. A. $8.00
987 Prokofiev: Sym#3/Lieut. Kije-Anosov/USSR State Sym, Artia ALP-191. SEALED. $7.00
988 Prokofiev: Sym#6-Mravinsky/Leningrad Phil. Orch., ARTIA ALP 158. A. $6.00
989 Prokofiev: VC#2/Szymonowski: VC#2-Jazek/Turnovsky/Prague Sym. Orch., ARTIA ALP 713. A. $6.00
990 Puccini: Il Tabarro-Tebaldi/Merrill/Del Monico/Gardelli, *Decca FFSS SXL 6122. A(2E/4E). $12.00
991 Puccini: La Boheme-De Los Angeles/Bjoerling/Merril/Beecham, RCA New Orthophonic LM-6042(2). A/A-(1 to 7S). $4.00
992 Puccini: La Fanciulla Del West-excerpts-Del Monico/Capuana/ADSCR, *London FFSS OS 25196 (Blue Back). A-. $6.00
993 Puccini: Madama Butterfly-Price/Tucker/Elias/Leinsdorf, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-6160(3) (Shaded Dog). A(10 to 15S). $12.00
994 Puccini: Tosca-Tebaldi/Del Monico/London, *London FFSS OSA 1210(2)(Blue Back). A. $18.00
995 Rachmaninoff: PC #2-Brailowsky/Jorda/SFSO, *REC VICS-1024 (Plum Lbl). A(1S/3S). $10.00
996 Rachmaninoff: PC #2-Entrement/Berstein/NYPSO, *COL MS6148. A. $6.00
997 Rachmaninoff: PC #2/Liszt: PC #1-Rubenstein/Reiner/CSO/Wallenstein/RCAVSO, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2068(Shaded Dog). A/A-(12S/21S). $12.00
998 Rachmaninoff: PC #2/Liszt: PC #1-Rubenstein/Reiner/CSO/Wallenstein/RCAVSO, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2068(Shaded Dog). A-/B+(23S/26S). $7.00
999 Rachmaninoff: PC #2/Preludes-Janis/Dorati/MSO, *Mercury Living Presence SR90260. A-(RFR1/6). $15.00
1000 Rachmaninoff: PC #3-Janis/Dorati/LSO-on Absolute Sound's Best of the Bunch list , *Mercury Living Presence SR2-90283. A/A--(CBFR-2/3).  $15.00
1001 Rachmaninoff: PC#1/Saint-Sains: PC#5-Richter/USSR State Radio Orch., Monitor MC2004. A--/B++. $5.00
1002 Rachmaninoff: PC#3-Janis/Munch/BSO, *RCA VICS-1032 (Plum Lbl). A-(2/5S). $7.00
1003 Rachmaninoff: PC#4/Ravel: PC-Michelangeli/Gracis/PO, Angel 35567. A-(dowel pull-British pressing). $9.00
1004 Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto #3-Watts/Ozawa/NYP, *COL M 30059. A. $7.00
1005 Rachmaninoff: Sym #2-Boult/LPO, *RCA Victrola VICS-1139 (Plum Lbl). A(1S). $9.00
1006 Rachmaninoff: The Bells-Kondrashin/Moscow State Philharmonic & Chorus, *Everest 3251. SEALED. $12.00
1007 Ravel: Bolero, L'Oye/Chabrier: Fantastique-Paray/DSO, *Mercury Living Presence SR90005. A-(FR-5/7). $15.00
1007A Ravel: Bolero, L'Oye/Chabrier: Fantastique-Paray/DSO, *Mercury Living Presence SR90005. A--(FR-3/9). $10.00
1008 Ravel: Bolero/Dukas: Sorcerer's/Chabrier: Espana/Falla: Ritual Fire & Dance of Terror-Scherchen/VSOO-LP release of rare 1950's 2T stereo tapes, *Westminster WGS 8131. A. $7.00
1009 Ravel: Bolero/La Valse/Espagnole-Benstein/NYPSO, *COL MS6011 (6 EYES). A-to B+). $7.00
1010 Ravel: Bolero/La Valse/Pavan-Munch/BSO, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2664 (White Dog). A-(10S/30S). $8.00
1011 Ravel: Bolero/La Valse/Rhapsodiee Espagnole; Debussy: Afternoon Of A Faun-Munch/BSO, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-1984(Shaded Dog). A-(12/4S). $20.00
1012 Ravel: Bolero/La Valse/Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker-Van Beinum/Concetgebouw, *Philips 6570 183. A. $7.00
1013 Ravel: Daphnis & Chloe/Roussel: Bacchus & Ariadne-Martinon/CSO - his first recording with CSO, *RCA Red Seal LSC-2806 (White Dog). A(1/5S). $10.00
1014 Ravel: Daphnis/Gracioso/Couperin Valses-Ansermet/OSR, *London STS-15092 (Or/Slv Lbl). A(5/8G). $9.00
1015 Ravel: La Valse/Bolero-Ansermet/Munch/Paris Conservatory, London FFRR LLP 22. A-to B++. $6.00
1016 Ravel: Ma Mere I'Oye, Pavane, Le Tombeau, Valse Nobles-Dutoit/Montreal Symphony, *London 410 264-1. SEALED. $18.00
1017 Ravel: Rapsodie Espagnole/Alborada Del Gracioso-Martinon/Orchestre De Paris, *Angel SS-45018. A(45 RPM AngelSonic Series-WOW!). $7.00
1018 Ravel: Sheherazade/Berlioz: Les Nuitd'ete'-Janet Baker/Barbirolli/New Phil. Orch., *Angel S-36505. A(with insert). $8.00
1019 Red Shoes (Easdale: Red Shoes/Weber: Invitation/Delibes: Silvia/Coppelia)-Golschmnann/SLSO, *COL MS 6028 (6 EYES). A-. $7.00
1020 Rehearses Beethoven-Bruno Walter/Columbia Symphony Orch, COL WZ 3. A. $6.00
1021 Respighi: Pines/Fountains-Ormandy/PO, *COL MS 6001 (6 EYES). A-. $9.00
1022 Respighi: Pines/Fountains-Comissiona/Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, *Vanguard Audiophile VA-25004.  A.  $10.00
1023 Respighi: Pines/Fountains-Toscanini/NBC Sym - very nice copy, RCA Red Seal LM-1768. A-(7S/11S)(deluxe book album). $12.00
1023A  Respighi: Pines/Fountains-Reiner/CSO, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2436(Shaded Dog).  A-(16S).  $24.00
1023B  Respighi: Pines/Feste Romane-Maazel/Cleveland Orch., *Mobile Fidelity MFSL 1-507.  A (Half-speed mastered-fantastic sound-a block buster!).  $15.00

1024 Respighi: Pines/Mussorgsky: Bare Mountain/Rimsky: Espagnol-Maazel/BP, *DGG SLPM 138 033. A. $10.00
1025 Rhapsody - Enesco/Liszt/Gershwin/Chabrier-Fiedler/BPSO, *RCA Red Seal LSC-2746 (Shaded Dog). A-(3S). $8.00
1026 Rhapsody: Enesco, Liszt, Gershwin, Chabrier-Fiedler/BPO, *RCA Stereo LSC-2746 (No Dog). A- to B+. $12.00
1027 Rhodes: Concerto For Bluegrass Band & Orchestra-Balmuth/Carleton Orchestra/McLain Family Band, *Country Live CLR-11. A. $8.00
1028 Rimsky-Korsakov: Christmas Eve/Sadko/Bumble-Bee/Dubinushka-Ansermet/OSR, *London FFSS CS 6036 (Blue Back). A-(1K/2K). $20.00
1029 Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade-Stokowski/LSO, *London Phase 4 SPC 21005. A(5/7L). $10.00
1030 Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherezade-Beecham/RPO, *Angel S.35505. A. $10.00
1031 Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherezade-Dorati/MSO, *Mercury Living Presence SR90195. A-to B+(FR2/6). $10.00
1032 Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherezade-Monteux/LSO, *RCA VICS-1013 (Plum). A-(1S/11S). $10.00
1034 Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherezade-Reiner/CSO-on Absolute Sound's Special Merit list, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2446 (White Dog). A(12/15S). $35.00
1035 Rimsky-Korsakov: Tsar Sultan/May Night/Russian Easter-Ansermet/OSR, *London FFSS CS 6012 (Blue Back). A-(1E). $20.00
1036 Rimsky-Korsakov: Tsar Sultan/May Night/Russian Easter-Ansermet/OSR, *London FFSS CS 6012 (Blue Back). A-(1E). $18.00
1037 Rodgers: Slaughter On Tenth Avenue/Bernstein: Fancy Free/Falla: Dances-Fiedler/BPO, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2294 (Shaded Dog). A(8/5S). $12.00
1038 Rodgers: Victory At Sea-Bennett/NBCSO, RCA New Orthophonic LM-1779 (Early Plum Dog). A(5S/7S). $7.00
1039 Rossini: Overtures-Toscanini/NBC-better than the CD transfer, RCA VIC-1274 (Plum Lbl). A(1S). $8.00
1040 Rossini: Overtures-Reiner/CSO, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2318 (Shaded Dog). A-(23S/15S). $20.00
1041 Roussel: Sym #3/Bacchus & Ariadne-Neumann/Brno State Phil, *Supraphon SUA ST50482. A. $7.00
1042 Roussel: Sym #3/4-Ansermet/LOSR, *London FFRR STS 15025 (Or/Svr Lbl). A/B+. $6.00
1043 Rozsa: Quo Vadis/Spellbound Concerto-Kloss/Frankenland/Rozsa/Orch., Capitol P456. A-to B+. $7.00
1044 Rubinstein: PC #4/Melody Inf F-Michael Pont/Maga/Philharmonica Hungarica, *Candide CDE 31023. A. $8.00
1045 Saint Saens: Carnival of Animals/Britten: Young Person's Guide-Bernstein/NYPSO, *COL MS 6368. A. $8.00
1046 Saint Saens: PC #5/Schubert: Impromptus-Richter/Kondrashin/MSO, *Hall Of Fame HOFS 525. SEALED. $10.00
1047 Saint Saens: Sym #3-Tjeknavorkian/Rawstone/Royal Liverpool Philharmonic-early digital demo, *Chalfont SDG 312. A. $10.00
1048 Saint-Saens/Chabrier/Ravel-Ansermet/OSR, London FFRR LL696. A(1D/2D). $7.00
1049 Saint-Sains: PC #4/Satie: Troix Morceaux En Forme Poire-Casadesus/Rodzinski/NYPSO, COL ML 54246 (Blu LP Lbl). A(probably RIAA EQ) . $7.00
1050 Scheherezade-Rimsky/Tchaikowsky/Ibert/Falla/Stravinky/More-Gerhardt/Leibowitz/Freccia/Fistoulari/more, *RCA Readers Digest. A(box set of 10). $18.00
1051 Schoenberg: Meet The Composer - Pierrot Lunaire-Schoenberg/Stiedry/Kolisch/Auber/Steuermann, COL ML 4471 (Blu LP MG Lbl). A(probably LP EQ). $7.00
1052 Schonberg: Verklarte Nacht/Loeffler: Pagan Poem-Stokowski/his orch., *Capitol SP-8433 (Rainbow Lbl). A-to B-/A-(1st side had ticks for 3/16"). $7.00
1053 Schubert: Die Schone Mullerin-Schioltz/Moore, RCA LCT 1048 (Gold Dog). A-/B+. $7.00
1054 Schubert: Sym #8, Unfinished/Rosamunde-Kletzki/Royal Philharmonic, *Angel S35779. A-to B+. $5.00
1054A  Schumann/Grieg: PC in A Minor-Geza Anda/Kubelik/Berlin Phil., *DGG 138888.  A (Pristine).  $12.00
1055 Schumann: Spring Symphony-Paray/DSO, *Mercury Living Presence SR90198. A(FR5). $17.00
1056 Schumann: Spring Symphony-Szell/CO, *Epic Stereorama BC 1039. A. $8.00
1057 Screamers Circus Marches-Fennell/EWE, *Mercury Living Presence SR90314 (Plum Lbl). A(RFR1). $16.00
1058 Scriabin: The Poem Of Exstasy/Amirov: Azerbaijan Mugam-Stokowsky/Houston Sym. Orch., *Everest SDBR 3032. SEALED. $15.00
1059 Serge Prokofiev Concert-Prokofiev, Moussorgsky, Glazounov, Scriabin/Rimsky-Prokofiev on Steinway Player Piano, Everest 907. A. $7.00
1060 Shostakovich: Sym #5-Berstein/NYPSO, *COL MS6115 (6-Eyes). A. $10.00
1061 Showpieces For Orchestra-Stokowski/Czech/London/Royal orch's, *London Phase 4 R224497(2). A. $10.00
1062 Sibelius: Finlandia/Music Of Sibelius-Gould/Orch, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2666 (White Dog). A-(16S/21S). $16.00
1063 Sibelius: Sym #2-Monteux/LSO, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2342 (Shaded Dog). A/A-(1/3S). $18.00
1066 Sibilius: Finlandia/Valse Triste/Grieg: Peer Gynt/Alfven: Rhapsody/-Ormandy/PO, *COL MS 6196 (6 EYES). A. $9.00
1067 Sings Caruso Favorites-Mario Lanza, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2393 (Shaded Dog). A(6S/7S). $8.00
1068 Sings Songs From Norway-Kirsten Flagstad/Fjeldstad/LSO, *LON FFSS OS 25103 (Blue Back). A(1E). $6.00
1069 Skalkottas: Twelve Greek Dances-Gregory Millar/Little Symphony of San Francisco, Fantasy Vista Series 5002. A(clear red vinyl). $8.00
1070 Smetana: Ma Vlast-Ancerl/Czech Phil., *Crossroads 22 26 0002 (2). A(mint box set). $12.00
1071 Songs Of Corsica-Martha Angelici, Angel 65017. A. $6.50
1072 Songs Of Duparc-Gerard Souzay/Jacqueline Bonneau, LON FFRR LL-813. A-. $7.00
1073 Sousa Favorites-Fennell/ERSO, *Mercury Living Presence SR90291 (Plum Lbl). A-toB+(CTFR-1). $8.00
1073A  Sousa Favorites-Fennell/ERSO, *Mercury Living Presence SR90291 (Plum Lbl). A(RFR-1). $20.00
1074 Souza Forever!-Gould/His Symphonic Band, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2569(Shaded Dog Lbl). A/A-(1S). $15.00
1075 Spanish Songs-Conchita Supervia, Angel COLO 113. SEALED. $8.00
1076 Spanish Songs-Nan Merriman with Gerald Moore, Angel 35208. A-(with insert/dowel pull). $7.00
1077 Stardust - plus Deep Purple, Clair de LLune, Reverie, MORE-Fiedler/BPSO, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2670 (Shaded Dog). A-(8S/12S). $8.00
1078 Stereo Spectacular-Tchakovsky: 1812/Ravel: Bolero-Gould/RCA Orch, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2345 (Shaded Dog). A-(2S/5S). $9.00

1078A  Stereo For The Fun Of It- originally a 10 Shaded-Dog, Living Stereo set in cloth bound album, only 7 remain.  While album is VG, sleeves for 3 missing LPs also gone.
Moussorgsky: Pictures At An Exhibition-Reiner/CSO, LSC-2201.  A-(20/23S).  $65.00
Prokofieff: Lt. Kije/Stravinsky: Song Of The Nightengale-Reiner/CSO, LSC-2150.  A-to B++(15S/10S).  $30.00
Copeland: Bill The Kid/Rodeo-Morton Gould/His Orchestra, LSC-2195.  B++13S/10S).  $5.00
Beethoven: Sym #3-Munch/Boston Symphony, LSC-2233.  A to B++(non-sounding surface mars)(1S).  $10.00
Dvorak: New World-Reiner/CSO, LSC-2214.  B+(3S/6S).  $5.00
Brahns: VC Concerto In D-Heifetz/Reiner/CSO, LSC-1903.  B+/B-(1S).  $5.00
Franck: Symphonic Variations-Rubenstein/Symphony Of The Air,  LSC2234.  B-(1S/9S).  $2.00
Above set:  $20.00

1079 Still: Afro-American Symphony/Manley: Piano Works-Karl Krueger/Vienna Opera Orchestra/Gordon Manley, piano, New Records NRLP105. A. $15.00
1080 Stolz: Zwei Herzen Im 3/4 Takt-Robert Stolz/Viennes Light Opera Company, Period RL 1902. A. $7.00
1082 Strauss: Waltzes By The Strauss Family-Fiedler/Boston Pops Symphony, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2028(Shaded Dog Lbl). A/A-(5/6S). $18.00
1083 Strauss: Also Sprach Zarathustra-Reiner/CSO, *RCA VICS-1265(Plum Lbl). A(1S). $8.00
1084 Strauss: Also Sprach Zarathustra/Schlagobers-Strauss/VPO, Turnabout THS 65021. A. $7.00
1085 Strauss: Also Sprach Zarathustra/Schlagobers Walz-Richard Strauss/Vienna Philharmonic, Turnabout/VOX THS 65021. A. $12.00
1086 Strauss: Also Sprach/Don Juan; Ein Heldenleben-Reiner/CSO (1954); Ormandy/PO, superb audiophile box set, *Franklin Mint 15/16(2). A+(deluxe box set in red vinyl). $15.00
1087 Strauss: Ariadne Auf Naxos-Schwartzkopf/Seefried, Streich/Von Karajan/PO, Angel3532 C/L (3). A(mint box set). $10.00
1088 Strauss: Burlesque/Liszt: PC #1-G. Muench/Dressel/Munich Radio; R. Schmid/Rosbaud/Munich Radio, VOX PL6110. A/A-. $8.00
1089 Strauss: Der Rosenkavalier Suite/Eulenspiegel-Dorati/MSO, *Mercury Living Presence SR90099 (Plum Lbl). A/A-(FR-2/6). $15.00
1090 Strauss: Don Juan/Till/Rosenkavalier-Jochum/Concertgebouw, *Epic Stereorama BC 1127. A. $10.00
1091 Strauss: Don Juan/Till/Tod-rare broadcast recordings by-Bruno Walter, NBS Sym/Concertgebouw/Los Angeles, Bruno Walter Society BWS-1007. A. $9.00
1092 Strauss: Ein Heldenleben-Richard Strauss/Bavarian State Orch., DECCA DL9602 (Gold Lbl). A-. $12.00
1093 Strauss: Elektra-Borgkh/Schech/Dieskau/Bohm/Saxon State Orch, *DGG SLPM 136 234. A. $10.00
1094 Strauss: Elektra-Mitropoulos/Konetzni/Modl/Ilitsch-Maggi Musicale, Cetra-Soria 1209 (2). A-(box set). $8.00
1095 Strauss: Graduation Ball-Boskovsky/VSO, *London FFSS CS 6199 (Blue Back). A(1E). $12.00
1096 Strauss: Lieder-Hermann Prey/Gerald Moore, *London FFRR )S 25869. A-(2E/3E)(includes insert). $8.00
1097 Strauss: Macbeth/Martinu: Concerto Grosso-Henry Swoboda/Vienna Symphony Orchestra, Westminster WL 50-4. A(use Old RCA EQ). $12.00
1098 Strauss: Salome (abridged)-Goltz/Apelt/Fleisher/Adam/Staatskapelle Dresden/Suitner, VOX M2954. A. $6.00
1098A  Strauss Family Album -Johann,SR, JR, Josef, Eduard-Dorati/Minneapolis Symphony, *Mercury Living Presence SR90178 (Plum Lbl).  A(CTFR1).  $18.00
1099 Strauss: The Music Of Johann Strauss-Dorati/MSO, *Mercury Living Presence SR90008 (Plum Lbl). A-to B+(FR2/FR5). $10.00
1100 Strauss: The Music Of Johann Strauss-Dorati/MSO, *Mercury Living Presence SR90008 (Plum Lbl). A(FR2/FR5). $18.00
1101 Stravinksy: L'Histoire Du Soldat-Suite/Prokofiev: Quintette For Oboe, Clarinet, Violin, Viola-Rozhdestvensky/chamber ensemble, *Moldia-Angel SR-40005. A. $7.00
1102 Stravinsky: Ebony Concerto/Miscelaneous Big Band Numbers-Richard Stolzman/Woody Herman's Thundering Herd, *RCA Victor 6486-1-RC. Mint. $6.00
1103 Stravinsky: Ebony Concerto/Symphony(1945)-Woody Herman/Goosens/LSO, *Everest SDBR-3009 (Plum). A for appearance, B+ for sound. $12.00
1104 Stravinsky: Firebird (complete)-Dorati/LSO-on Absolute Sound's Best of the Bunch list, *Mercury Living Presence SR90226. A-(M2). $20.00
1105 Stravinsky: Firebird (complete)-Stravinsky/CSO, *COL MS 6328 (6 EYES). A. $9.00
1106 Stravinsky: Firebird Suite/Tchaikovsky: Romeo & Juliet-Bernstein/NYP, *COL MS 6014 (2 Eyes). A. $7.00
1107 Stravinsky: Le Sacre Du Printemps-Widiczko/Polish Radio Sym Orch, *Sto Lat SZM0106. A. $7.00
1108 Stravinsky: Petrouchka-Monteux/BSO, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2376 (Shaded Dog). A-(1S)(includes insert). $25.00
1109 Stravinsky: Piano Music Of-Beveridge Webster, *Dover HCR-ST-7288/89 (2). SEALED 2 Disc Set. $19.00
1111 Stravinsky: Rite Of Spring-Markevitch/Philharmonia, Angel 35549. A(dowel pull). $8.00
1112 Stravinsky: Rite Of Spring-Monteux/Paris Conservatory, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2085 (Shaded Dog). A(12S/13S)(includes insert) . $50.00
1113 Stravinsky: The Firebird-Ansermet/OSR, *London FFRR CS 6017. A(2E/4E). $8.00
1114 Stravinsky: The Soldier's Tale-Rudolph Nureyev/Glenda Jackson/Micheal MacLiammoir/Zalkowitsch, *Arago ZNF-15. A(1G/2G)(fold-open cover). $15.00
1115 Suppe' Overtures: Light Cavalry, Poet & Peasant, Morning, Noon & Night, Pique Dame-Solti/VPO, *London CS6146 (Blue Back). A(5E/7E). $12.00
1116 Suppe: Overtures-Sir John Barbirolli/Halle' Orchestra, *Mercury Living Presence SR90160. A (FR5/6). $20.00
1117 Szell Conducts Wagner: Dutchman/Rienzi/Lohengrin/Faust-Szell/Cleveland Sym ., *COL MS 6894. A. $12.00
1118 Tangos!-Oscar Guidi/I Salonisti, *ProArte PAD-190. A. $7.00
1119 Tchaikovsky: Cappriccio Italien/Grieg: Peer Gynt Suite-Gui/Florence May Festival-early 50's stereo, *Hallamrk HLG-500. A. $7.00
1120 Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker-Dorati/LSO, *Mercury Living Presence SR2-9013 (2). SEALED. $45.00
1121 Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker-Mackerras/LSO, *Telarc DG10137 (2). A. $8.00
1122 Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker (Complete)-Dorati/LSO, *Mercury Living Presence SR2-9013 (2) (Plum Lbl). A/A/A-/B++(CTFR-5/7). $18.00
1123 Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker (Excerpts)-Fiedler/BPSO, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2052 (Shaded Dog). A(11/12S). $18.00
1124 Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker (Excerpts)-Reiner/CSO, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2328 (Shaded Dog). A/A-(8S/9S)). $22.00
1125 Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker/Romeo & Juliet-Rozsnyai/Philharmonica Hugarica, *M & K VOL I. A(DBXII-requires decoder). $8.00
1126 Tchaikovsky: Pathetique-Mitropoulos/NYPSO, COL ML 5235. A-. $6.00
1127 Tchaikovsky: PC #1-Cliburn/Kondrashin, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2252 (Shaded Dog). A/A-(23/31S). $8.00
1128 Tchaikovsky: PC #1-Gilels/Reiner/CSO, *RCA Gold Seal AGL1-2908. A(1st stereo release). $7.00
1129 Tchaikovsky: PC #1-Janis/Menges/LSO, *Mercury Living Presence SR90266. A-/B+(RFR2/3). $15.00
1129A Tchaikovsky: PC #1-Janis/Menges/LSO, *Mercury Living Presence SR90266. A(M6/M7). $22.00
1130 Tchaikovsky: PC #1-Richter/Karajan/VPO, *DGG SLPM 138 822. A. $10.00
1131 Tchaikovsky: PC #1-Richter/Karajan/VPO, *DGG 2862 002. Sealed. $7.00
1132 Tchaikovsky: PC #1/Rachmaninov: PC #2-Ciccolini/Silvestri/ONRF, La Voix De Son Maitre FALP 30211. A. $7.00
1133 Tchaikovsky: Romeo & Juliet/Francesca da Rimini-Munch/BSO, *RCA VICS-1197 (Plum Lbl). A (1S). $12.00
1134 Tchaikovsky: Romeo & Juliet/Strauss: Don Juan-Von Karajan/VP, *London FFSS CS 6209 (Blue Back). A(1E). $14.00
1135 Tchaikovsky: Romeo & Juliet/Strauss: Till Eulenspiegel-Munch/BSO, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2565 (Shaded Dog). A(6S/8S). $25.00
1136 Tchaikovsky: Serenade/Rimsky: Coq d'Or-Dorati/PH, *Mercury Living Presence SR90344. A- (RFR 1). $20.00
1136A  Tchaikovsky: Capriccio Italien/Rimsky: Capriccio Espagnol-Fiedler/Bostom Pops Symphony Orchestra, *Crystal Clear CCS-7003.  A(direct to disc audiophile).  $15.00
1137 Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake Highlights-Fitoulari/Concertgebouw, *London FFSS CS 6218 (Blue Back). A-/A-to B+(2E). $16.00
1137A  Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake & Sleeping Beauty Seletctions-Stokowski/New Philharminia Orch, *London Phase 4 Stereo SPC 21008.  SEALED.  $12.00
1138 Tchaikovsky: Sym #4-Argenta/OSR, *London FFSS CS 6048 (Blue Back). A-(2E)(writing on cover). $20.00
1140 Tchaikovsky: Sym #4-Scherchen/VSO, Westminster XWN 18522. A. $6.00
1141 Tchaikovsky: Sym #4-Monteux/Boston Symphony, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2369 (Shaded Dog). A(1S/5S). $22.00
1142 Tchaikovsky: Symn #4-Berntstein/NYPSO, *COL MS6035 (6 EYES).  A.  $10.00
1143 Tchaikovsky: Sym #5-Krips/VPO, *London FFSS CS 6095 (Blue Back). A-toB+(2E/3D). $8.00
1144 Tchaikovsky: Sym #5-Ozawa/BSO, *DGG 2530 888. A. $10.00
1145 Tchaikovsky: Sym #5-Rodzinski/PSOL, Westminster W-LAB 8001 (2). A-(fold-open jacket is B, no book). $8.00
1146 Tchaikovsky: Sym #5-Monteux/Boston Symphony, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2239 (Shaded Dog). A(1S/7S)(includes insert). $18.00
1147 Tchaikovsky: Sym #6-Ansermet/LOSR, *London FFSS CS 6108 (Blue Back). A/A-(1E). $12.00
1148 Tchaikovsky: Sym #6-Ormandy/PO, *COL MS 6160 (6 EYES). A. $7.00
1150 Tchaikovsky: Sym #6 - early audiophle release-Wallenstein/Virtuoso Symphony-1st Component Series of early audiophile label, *Audio Fidelity 1st Component Series FCS 50,002 (Slvr Lbl). A-(deluxe fold-open album). $7.00
1151 Tchaikovsky: Sym #6/Analysis By Lennie-Bernstein/SCSO(NYPSO), Music-Appreciation MAR 6250 (2). A-(includes 10" analysis disc). $9.00
1152 Tchaikovsky: Sym 1-3-Dorati/LSO, *Mercury Living Presence SR2-9015(2). A-/B+(3/8"scratch)/A-/A(CTFR-8/13). $15.00
1152A  Tchaikovsky: VC-Reiner/CSO, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2239 (White Dog).  A/A-(26/34S).  $12.00
1153 Tchaikovsky: 1812 Overture, Capriccio Italien, Marche Slav-Alwyn/LSO/Grenadier Guards, *London STS15221. A. $5.00
1154 Tchaikovsky: 1812 Overture/Borodin: Polovtsian Dances-Stokowski/RLPO, *London Phase 4 Stereo SPC 21041. A(fold-open album)(3L). $7.00
1155 Tchaikovsky: 1812/Capriccio Italien-Kunzel/CSO, Telarc DG-10041. A(deluxe audiophile fold-open album). $6.00
1156 Tchaikovsky: 1812/March Slav/Capriccio Italien-Alwyn/LSO, *London FFSS CS 6038 (Blue Back). A(2K/4K). $9.00
1157 Tchaikowsky/Ellington/Strayhorn-Duke Ellingon and his orch., COL CL 1541. A-(spine open). $6.00
1158 Templeton: Trio/Quartet Pastorale-Baker/Goltzer/Templeton/Sackson/Manzella/Welcome/Schweitzer, Esoteric ES 533. A. $7.00
1159 The Art Of Joseph Schmidt - Adam/Flotow/Meyerbeer/Verdi/More-Joseph Schmidt, Angel Seraphim 60120. A. $6.00
1160 The Art Of Song-Cesare Valletti, RCA LM-2280 (Shadded Dog). A-(1S). $7.00
1160A  The Art Of Aksel Schiotz Vol-Aksel Schiotz, Odeon MOAK 2.  A.  $9.00
1161 The Ballet-Munch/Toscanini/Fiedler/Stokowski/Monteux conduct Ravel, Stravinsky, Delibes, etc., RCA Red Seal LM-6113(3)(Plum Dog). A-(1S X 5 + 3S)(beautiful, bound album). $18.00
1162 The Beloved Bjoerling-Vol3-Jussi Bjoerling recorded in Sweden, Capitol G7248. A-. $5.00
1163 The Best Of-Arthur Fiedler/BPO, *RCA Stereo LSC-2810 (White Dog). A(9/11S). $8.00
1164 The Don Cossacks-Sergei Jaroff, Conductor, *COL MS 6013 (6 EYES). A. $8.00
1165 The Great Voice-Jussi Bjorling, *London 414085-1. A. $4.00
1166 The Lure Of The Grand Canyon-Grove + sounds in Grand Canyon + naration-Kostelanetz/Orch/Johnny Cash, *COL CS 8422 (360 sound). A. $6.00
1167 The Organ In Symphony Hall-Reginald Foort, Cook Sounds Of Our Times 10545. A(early audiophile, red vinyl). $7.00
1168 The Sea-Debussy: La Mer/Ibert: Portsw-Munch/BSO, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2111 (Shaded Dog). A-(cover B+)(6/15S). $12.00
1169 The Song To The Moon-Alceste/Cavalleria/Macbeth/etc.-Inge Borkh, LON FFRR 5555. A. $8.00
1170 The Spirit Of '76 - Music for Fifes and Drums-Fennell/ESWE, *Mercury Living Presence SR90111 (Plum Lbl). A(FR1). $16.00
1171 The Student Prince-Doroth Kirsten/Robert Rounseville/Engel, COL ML 4592 (6 Eyes). A-. $6.00
1172 The Studio Recordings-New York 1985-Liszt/Scarlatti/ETC-Vladimir Horowitz, *DGG 419 217-1. A. $7.00
1173 The Touch Of Your Hand-Mario Lanza, *RCA LM-1927-C (Plum Lbl-Germany). A. $8.00
1174 The Voice Of Wagner-arias from Lohengrin/Walkure/Parsifal/Wesendonck Lieder-Renine Crespin, Angel 35832. A(with insert). $6.00
1175 The Young Caruso-Enric Caruso (Milan 1902-3), Angel COLH 119. A(includes booklet). $7.00
1176 Thomson: The Plow That Broke The Plains-Stokowski/SOA-on Absolute Sound's Special Merit list, *Analogue Productions AP 001. A(audiophile re-release). $10.00
1177 Three Contemporaries: Swanson/Goeb/Weber-Brieff/Bethany Beardslee, American Recording Society ARS10. A-to B+. $5.00
1178 Tiomkin: Movie Themes From Hollywood-Tiomkin/his orch, Coral CRL 57006. A- to B+. $8.00
1179 Tradional Songs Of Spain-Victoria De Los Angeles, HMV ALP 1063. A(AUTOGRAPHED). $18.00
1180 Un Grand Condert Populaire-Von Weber/Nikolai/Straus/Mendelssohn/Tchaikowsky-Furtwangler/VP, Pathe FALP 617. A-. $8.00
1181 Verdi and Wagner Opera Arias-Birgit Nilsson, Angel 35540. A. $8.00
1182 Verdi/Gounod: Aida/Faust Ballet Music-Cleva/Met Op Orch., COL ML 4515(White lbl). A-(DJ copy/plain sleeve w/DJ sheets). $4.00
1183 Verdi: Don Carlos-Stella/Cossotto/Labo/Christoff/Santini, *DGG SLPEM 136 274. A(includes insert). $7.00
1184 Verdi: Il Trovatore-Del Monico/Tebaldi/Tozzi/Erede/OSR, *London FFRR CS 6218 (3). MINT. $12.00
1184A    Verdi: Il Trovatore-Milanov/Bjoerling/Warren, RCA Victor Red Seal LM 6008 (2) (White Dog).  MINT.  $10.00
1185 Verdi: Requiem-Markevitch/Moscow Philharmonic, *Turnabout TV 34210-11. A(2 disc fold-open album). $8.00
1186 Vienese Night-Fiedler/BPSO, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2548 (Shaded Dog). A--(1S/5S). $8.00
1187 Villa-Lobos: Forest Of The Amazon-Villa-Lobos/SOA/Bidu Sayao, United Artists UAL 7007. A. $9.00
1188 Villa-Lobos: Uirapuru/Prokofiev: Cinderella-Stokowski: Stadium Symphony (NYPSO), *Everest SDBR 3016. SEALED. $15.00
1189 Vocal Accompaniments To Brahms Songs-John Wustman pianist, MMO 7006. A. $6.00
1190 Vocal Accompaniments To Italian Art Songs (for low voice), Vol 2-John Wustman pianist with music booklet, MMO 7014. A. $6.00
1191 Wagner Program, Final Toscanini Concert, 4/4/54-Toscanini/NBCSO, *ATRA-3008 (2). A(deluxe fold-open almum). $15.00
1191A Wagner For Band-Frederick Fennell/Eastman Wind Ensemble, * Mercury Living Presence SR9076 (Orange Lbl).  A-/A--.  $9.00
1192 Wagner: Brunnhilde's Immolation/Tristan-Prelude & Liebstod-Farrell/Munch/BSO, *RCA Living Stereo LSC-2255 (Shaded Dog). A(1S/3S). $24.00
1193 Wagner: Brunnhilde's Immolation/Tristan-Prelude & Liebstod-Flagstad/Furtwangler, HMV-1016. A. $8.00
1194 Wagner: Overtures & Preludes-Furtwangler/VP/PO, Electrola E 91 074. A-. $7.00
1195 Wagner: Rhine Journey/Siegfried Idyll/Pasifal Prelude/Tristan Prelude-Paray/Detroit Symphony, *Mercury Living Presence SR90107 (Plum Lbl). A-(no jacket!)(FR1). $10.00
1196 Wagner: Ride/Tristan/Siegfried-Leinsdorf/LAP, Direct To Disc, *Sheffield Lab 7. A. $10.00
1197 Wagner: Rienzi/Wotan's Farewell & Fire-Stokowski/PSONY, COL ML 2153. A-(10"). $4.00
1198 Wagner: Siegfried Idyll/Tchaikovsky: Romeo & Juliet-Cantelli/Philharmonia Orch, HMV ALP 1086. A-/B++(1N/3N). $6.00
1199 Wagner: Tristan Und Isolde (excerpts)-Nilson/Knappertsbusch/Vienna Phil., *London FFSS OS 25138 (Blue Back). A(1E). $8.00
1201 Walton: Sym #1-Preving/LSO, *RCA Red Seal LSC-2927 (White Dog) . A(1S)(rare disc, recorded in Britain). . $35.00
1202 Weill-Brecht: Three Penny Opera-Lotte Lenya/Ponto/Gerron/Helmke/Trenk-Trebitsch, Telefunken LGX66053. A-/A.  $9.00
1203 Widor: Sym # 5/9-Marcel Dupre, *Westminster WST-14871. A(electronic stereo). $7.00
1204 Wienerwalzer Paprika-Dorati/Philharmonia Hugarica, *Mercury Living Presence SR90190 (Plum Lbl). A(CTFR3/4). $16.00
1205 World's Most Unforgettable Music-Massimo Freccia/Jasha Horenstien/Rene' Leibowitz/Charles Gerhardt/Royal Phil/Rome Phil/London Sym, *Reader's Digest Musical Treasure Chest RDS35-M (9). A-(Box set of Living Stereo Era RCA LPs). $25.00
1206 20th Century Masterpieces Of The Vienna School-Schoenberg/Webern/Berg-Edmond De Stoutz/Zurich Chamber Orch., Vanguard VRS-1117. A. $6.00
1207 20th Century Spanish Songs-Los Angeles/Gonzalo Soriano, Angel 35775. A-(with insert). $6.00
1207A  50 Years Of Music America Loves Best, VOL I, II, III-Symphonic/Opera/Popular/Folk music from RCA's catalogue-a nostalgia trip, RCA Red Seal LM-6074/6088/2574 (Shaded Dog) (5).  A(2 fold-open, & 1 single LP).  $10.00
1208 75th Anniversary, A Musical History Of The Boston Symphony & Boston Pops-Muck/Koussevitzky/Munch/Fiedler, RCA Red Seal SRL-12-11 (Plum Dog Lbl). A. $7.00

                                                                           ****POP, ROCK, JAZZ & PERSONALITIES****

1209 Destination Moon-Ames Brothers, *RCA Living Stereo LSP-1680(Dog/Blk Lbl). A-(in soft jacket from album). $7.00
1210 By Popular Demand-Andrews Sisters, Decca DL8360. A-to B+. $6.00
1211 Moon River & Other Great Movie Themes-Andy Williams, *COL CS 8609. A-. $7.00
1212 In My Own Way...I Love You-Anthony Guinn!, *Capitol ST116. A-(great cover photo). $6.00
1213 Who's Afraid Of? THE ART OF NOISE!-Art of Noise, *Island Records 7 90179-1. A. $7.00
1214 THE ART OF NOISE with Max Headroom-Art of Noise with Max Headroom, *Chrysalis 4V9 43017. A. $7.00

1215 Taboo, The Exotic Sounds Of-Arthru Lyman, *HifiRecord SR806. A-(oiginal plastic sleeve-vintage stereo). $9.00
1215A  Meet The Beatles! (mono)-The Beatles, Capitol T2047 (Rainbow Lbl).  A--(2nd pressing, clean cover, original sleeve, 3" title edge split).  $10.00
1216 The BEATLES - white album-Beatles, *Capitol SWBO 101. A-(all inserts -minor water stains on jacket bottom). $20.00
1217 Abbey Road-Beatles, *Apple SO-383. B. $7.00
1218 The King Direct To Disc-Benny Goodman, *Century Records CRDD 1150. A (mint). $15.00
1219 The Early Years, Vol 1-Benny Goodman & his orch, Sunbeam SB-138. A. $7.00
1223 The King Of Swing, Vol 1 (from broadcasts)-Benny Goodman and his original orch., COL CL 817. A. $8.00

1224 St. Patrick's Day-Bing Crosby, Decca DL5037. A-(10 inch disc). $7.00
1225 A Fancy Meeting You Here-Bing Crosby & Rosemary Clooney, *RCA Living Stereo LSP-1854 (?). MINT(SEALED!). $15.00
1226 Crosby Classics-Bing Crosby in 1930's reissues, COL CL6027. A-/B+(very early 10"). $10.00
1227 College Classics-Bob Scobey's Frisco Jazz Band w/Clancy Hayes, *RCA Living Stereo LSP-1700 (Dog/Blk Lbl). A. $7.00
1228 The Return Of Bruno-Bruce Willis, yes The Bruce Willis, *Motown 6222 MLB. A(great picture and picture sleeve). $7.00
1229 Returns To The Glen Island Casino-Buddy DeFranco/Glenn Miller Orch, *RCA Living Stereo LSP-3880 (Dog/Blk Lbl). A(1S). $7.00
1230 Bunk Johnson, The Last Testament-Bunk Johnson, COL CL 829 (6 Eyes). A-to B+. $7.00
1231 Live At The Century Plaza-Capp/Pierce Juggernaut featuring Joe Williams (WOW! record), *Concord Jazz CJ-72. A. $8.00
1232 Banjo Rama-Carmen Mastren, *Mercury SR 60014 (Black Lbl). A. $7.00
1233 Exciting Sounds-Clebanoff Strings & Percussion, *Mercury Perfect Sound Series PPS 6012 (Blue Lbl). A. $7.00
1234 Count Basie and His Band That Swings The Blues-Count Basie and his orch., Amer Rec. Soc, G 402. A(in original plastic cover). $8.00
1235 Time Out-Dave Brubeck Quartet, *COL CS 8192 (2 Eyes).  A-.  $10.00
1236 25th Anniversary Reunion-Dave Brubeck Quartet, *A&M Records SP-714.  A.  $8.00

1237 Time Further Out-Dave Brubeck Quartet, *COL CS 8490 (6 EYES). A. $10.00

1238 Percussion In Hi-Fi-David Carroll and his orch., *Mercury SR 60003 (Black Lbl). A-/B+. $5.00
1239 Welcome To My World-Dean Martin, *Reprise RS-6250. A. $6.00
1240 Diana Ross Silk Electric-Diana Ross - produced by Michael Jackson, *RCA AFL1-4384. A(fold open album with same picture). $7.00
1241 Music For Bang, Baaroom And Harp-Dick Schory's New Percussion Ensemble-on Absolute Sound's Best of the Bunch list , *RCA Living Stereo LSP-1866. A(1S). $20.00
1242 Music For Bang, Baaroom And Harp-Dick Schory's New Percussion Ensemble-on Absolute Sound's Best of the Bunch list , *RCA Living Stereo LSP-1866. A-/B+(4S)(jacket from RCA album). $6.00
1243 Day In Hollywood-songs from her movies-Doris Day, COL CL 749 (6 Eyes). A. $7.00
1244 Eddie Condon's Treasure Of Jazz-Eddie Condon & His All-Stars, COL CL 881 (6 Eyes). A-to B+. $7.00
1245 Eddie Fisher Sings - Sorry, Thinking Of You...etc.-Eddie Fisher, RCA LPM 3025 (Black Silver). A-(10" LP). $7.00
1246 Golden Hits-Eddy Howard & his orch., *Mercury SR 60562. A-(MS1). $7.00
1247 The History Of Flo & Eddie & The Turtles-Flo & Eddie - The Turtles, *Rhino RNTA 1998 (2). A(deluxe swo disc set). $12.00
1248 Foghat LIVE-Foghat recorded live in 1977, Bearsville BRK 6971. $7.00
1249 Edizione D'Oro-Four Seasons, *Philips PHS 2-6501 (2). A-to B+(Deluxe fold-open album). $7.00
1250 Swing Easy-Frank Sinatra, Capitol W 1429 (Rainbow Lbl). A. $7.00
1251 Strangers In The Night-Frank Sinatra, *Reprise FS-1-17. A-(cover splits). $7.00
1252 Frederick Fennell Conduts Cole Porter-Frederich Fennell and large orchestra, *Mercury PPS 6024. A-(deluxe fold-open album). $6.50
1253 An Evening With Shearing & Torme-George Shearing /Mel Torme, *Concord CJ-190. A(Shearing autograph). $10.00
1254 The Complete Glenn Miller, Vol 1-Glenn Miller & his orch. The definitive collection with lots of notes., RCA Bluebird AXM2-5512 (2). A(near mint, fold open set). $8.00
1255 The Complete Glenn Miller, Vol 2-Glenn Miller & his orch. The definitive collection with lots of notes., RCA Bluebird AXM2-5514 (2). A(near mint, fold open set). $8.00
1256 The Complete Glenn Miller, Vol 3-Glenn Miller & his orch. The definitive collection with lots of notes., RCA Bluebird AXM2-5534 (2). A(near mint, fold open set). $8.00
1257 The Complete Glenn Miller, Vol 4-Glenn Miller & his orch. The definitive collection with lots of notes., RCA Bluebird AXM2-5558 (2). A(near mint, fold open set). $8.00
1258 The Complete Glenn Miller, Vol 5-Glenn Miller & his orch. The definitive collection with lots of notes., RCA Bluebird AXM2-5565 (2). A(near mint, fold open set). $8.00
1259 The Complete Glenn Miller, Vol 6-Glenn Miller & his orch. The definitive collection with lots of notes., RCA Bluebird AXM2-5569 (2). A(near mint, fold open set). $8.00
1260 The Complete Glenn Miller, Vol 7-Glenn Miller & his orch. The definitive collection with lots of notes., RCA Bluebird AXM2-5570 (2). A(near mint, fold open set). $8.00
1261 The Complete Glenn Miller, Vol 8-Glenn Miller & his orch. The definitive collection with lots of notes., RCA Bluebird AXM2-5571 (2). A(near mint, fold open set). $8.00
1262 The Complete Glenn Miller, Vol 9-Glenn Miller & his orch. The definitive collection with lots of notes., RCA Bluebird AXM2-5574 (2). A(near mint, fold open set). $8.00
1263 The Complete Glenn Miller, Vols 1 - 9 (complete above set)-Glenn Miller & his orch. The definitive collection with lots of notes., RCA Bluebird AXM2-5512-74 (18). A(near mint, fold open set). $60.00

1264 Let's Dance Awhile to the Griff Williams Styl-Griff Williams and his orch., Mercury MG 20494 (Black Lbl). A-. $5.00
1266 6 Fat Dutchmen-H. Loeffelmacher, *RCA Living Stereo LSP-1769(Dog/Blk Lbl). A(2S/3S). $14.00
1267 Great Dance Bands of the 30s & 40s-Hal Kemp and his orch., RCA LPM-2041 (Dog/BLk Lbl). A. $7.00
1268 All-Time Favorites By Harry James-Harry James and his band, COL CL 6009. A-to B+(cover A)(early LP)(10"). $8.00
1269 Requests On-The-Road-Harry James and his orch., *MGM SE 4003. A. $9.00
1270 Feeling Good-Henry "Red" Allen, *COL CS 9247. A. $7.00
1271 The Best Of Herman's Hermits-Herman's Hermits, *MGM SE-4315. A--(deluxe fold-open set). $6.00
1272 The Top Hatters (1939-41)-Jan Savitt & His Orch, *DEC DL79243. A(electronic stereo). $10.00
1273 Chasing Rainbows-Jane Oliver, *COL 34917. A. $5.00
1274 Moonlight Sonata-Organ Solos-Jesse Crawford, Decca 5364. B(10"). $3.00
1275 Greatest Hits of Johnny Horton-Johnny Horton, COL CL 1596. A. $7.00
1276 Judy Garland Concert-Judy Garland, Trophy TR 7-2145 (2). A(2 record set with booklet). $8.00
1277 The Garland Touch-Judy Garland, *Capitol FDS SW1710 (Rainbow Lbl). A. $10.00
1278 Judy At Carnegie Hall-Judy Garland Live on 4/23/61, *Capitol SWBO 1569 (2)(Rainbow Lbl). A(deluxe fold-open set). $12.00
1279 "For Collectors Only"-Judy Garland on 4/26/62 in bootleg recording, Paragon 1002. A. $9.00
1279A KAY KYSER (all his big hits)-Kay Kyser and his Band in unexpectedly good sound, Harmony HL7041.  A.  $7.00
1280 Destroyer-Kiss, *Casablanca NBLP 7025. A-to B+. $7.00
1281 Kitty Kallen with Sonny Burke's Orchestra-Kitty Kallen/Sonny Burke's Orch., Royale 18170. A-(10"). $6.00
1282 Les Brown Goes Direct To Disc-Les Brown and His Band of Renown, *Great American GADD-1010. MINT(Deluxe fold-open Direct To Disc). $15.00
1283 The New Sound-Les Paul-Les Paul, Capitol T226. A-. $10.00
1284 Les And Mary-Les Paul and Mary Ford, Capitol W577. A-. $10.00
1285 Have A Happy Holiday-Lorne Greene, RCA LPM-3410. .
1286 Louis Prima Orchestra Play-Louis Prima & his orch. play his standards, Royale 18113. A-(10"). $6.00
1287 Louis and Keely-Louis Prima and Keely Smith, DOT DLP 3210. A-. $7.00
1288 Just A Little Sentimental-Marty Robbins, COL CL 1666 (6 Eyes). A. $7.00
1289 Conquistador-Maynard Ferguson, *COL 34457. A. $5.00
1290 At The Crescendo-Mel Torme with small band, 1957, Bethlehem BCP-6020. A. $9.00
1291 Milli Vanilli-Milli Vanilli, *Arista AL-3592. SEALED!. $10.00
1292 The Nat King Cole Story, Vol. 1-Nat King Cole from 1943 to 1951, *Capitol SW1926. A. $8.00
1293 The Nat King Cole Story, Vol. 2-Nat King Cole from 1951 to 1955, *Capitol SW1927. A-. $8.00
1294 The Nat King Cole Story, Vol. 3-Nat King Cole from 1956 to 1960, *Capitol SW1928. A-. $8.00
1295 Greatest Hits-Paul Revere & The Raiders, *COL 35593. A. $7.00
1296 Paul Simon-Paul Simon, *COL KC 30750. A. $7.00
1297 On Stage With Margie Anderson-Pearl Bailey, Coronet CX-231. A. $5.00
1298 Encore Of Golden Hits-Platters, Mercury MG 20472 (Black Lbl). A-to B+. $5.00
1299 Plays Hip Tunes-Quincy Jones & his orch., *Mercury SR 60799. A. $7.00
1300 Ralph Flanagan In-Ralph Flanagan & his orch-Glenn Miller copy-cat, *RCA Living Stereo LSP-1555 (Dog/Blk Lbl). A(5S). $8.00
1301 Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music, Vol. 2-Ray Charles, *ABC-Paramount ABCS-435. A-. $8.00
1302 Sweet & Sour Tears-Ray Charles, *ABC-Paramount ABCS-480. A-. $8.00
1303 Moonlight Serenade-Shakuhachi (Bamboo) Solisten/Nobuo Hara orchestras, *Toshiba TP-80149. A. $8.00
1304 953 West-Siegel-Schwall Band, *Wooden Nickle BWLI-0121. A--(edge warp requires heavy tracking). $8.00
1305 Mr. Music Himself Vol1-Spade Cooley and has band, Club Of Spade 00104. A. $7.00
1306 Mr. Music Himself Vol2-Spade Cooley and has band, Club Of Spade 00105. A. $7.00
1307 Mr. Music Himself Vol3-Spade Cooley and has band, Club Of Spade 00106. A. $7.00
1308 Stan Kenton Classics-Stan Kenton and his orch., Capitol H-190. B(10 inch). $5.00
1309 Kenton Showcase-The Music Of Bill Russo-Stan Kenton and his orch., Capitol H-525. B+(10 inch). $6.00
1310 Stan Kento-The Formative Years-Stan Kenton and his orch., DEC DL8259. A-. $7.00
1311 Music For Swingers-Steve Allen composition with Gus Binova & band, Mercury MG 20304 (Black Lbl). A-. $6.00
1312 Where Did Our Love Go-Supremes, Motown 621. A-to B+. $6.50
1313 At The London Palladium - 4/12/53-Ted Heath and his Orchestra, LON LL 802. A-. $7.00
1314 TED LEWIS and His Orchestra-Ted Lewis and his orchestra, Decca DL5114 (Black Gold Microgroove Lbl). A-to B+(light surface scratches)(10"). $7.00
1315 Joy To The World-Their Greatest Hits-Three Dog Night, *ABC Dunhill DSD-50178. A. $6.00
1316 Three Dog Night-Three Dog Night, *COL CSP P-14769. A. $7.00
1317 Movin' 'N' Groovin'-Three Suns, *RCA Stereo Action LSA-2532 (Dog/Blk Lbl). A-to B+. $5.00
1318 Guitar's Greatest Hits-Tom and Jerry Tomlinson, *Mercury SR 60626 (Black Lbl). A. $6.00
1319 Sentimental and Swinging-Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey, Columbia CL1240 (6 Eyes). A- to B+. $7.00
1320 In A Sentimental Mood-Tommy Dorsey and his orch., DECCA DL 8218. A. $8.00
1321 Tommy Dorsey-Tommy Dorsey band featuring Frank Sinatra, Time-Life STBB02 (2). A(box set-in superb sound). $8.00
1322 The Fabulous Dorseys In HI-FI-Tommy Dorsey band featuring Jimmy Dorsey, COL C2L-8 (2). A(deluxe fold-open set). $12.00
1323 The Dorsey Sinatra Sessions Vol 1-Tommy Dorsey/Frank Sinatra, *RCA CPL2-4334 (2). A+. $10.00
1324 The Dorsey Sinatra Sessions Vol 2-Tommy Dorsey/Frank Sinatra, *RCA CPL2-4335 (2). A+. $10.00
1325 The Dorsey Sinatra Sessions Vol 3-Tommy Dorsey/Frank Sinatra, *RCA CPL2-4336 (2). A+. $10.00

1326 Strike Up The Band-Tony Bennett/Count Basie, Earliest collaboration between Tony & the Count, *Roulette SR 25231. A-to B+(in small areas). $7.00
1327 Come Out And Play-Twisted Sister, *Atlantic 81275-1-E. A(with pop-out cover and photo sleeve). $9.00
1328 Stay Hungry-Twisted Sister, *Atlantic 90156-1. A(with picture sleeve). $7.00
1329 Telstar-Ventures, Dolton BLP-2019. A-/B+ (repaired jacket split). $6.00
1330 The Original Sound Of The Twenties-Whitman/Ellington/Ted Lewis/Crosby/Lee Morse/many more, COL C3L 35 (3). A(w/24 page booklet). $15.00
1331 The Best Of Cugat-Xavier Cugat and his orch., *Mercury Perfect Sound Series PPS 6015 (Blue Lbl). A. $7.00
1332 The King Plays Some Aces-Xavier Cugat and his orch., *RCA Living Stereo LSP-1882(Dog/Blk Lbl). A-(1S)(in soft jacket from album). $7.00


1333 Russian Folk Music-Alexandrov Song & Dance Ensemble, Melodiya HP 1889. A(10"). $4.00
1334 My Son, The Celebrity-Allan Sherman, Warner Bros WB 1487. A. $6.00
1335 My Son, The Folk Singer-Allan Sherman, Warner Bros WB 1475. A. $6.00

1336 Polka Nite Life In Chicago-Ampol-Aires, AMPOL ALP 5004. A. $4.00
1337 Polonia Ballroom and Grove-Ampol-Aires, Dyno LP 1331. A. $4.00
1338 Water Street-Andrew Calhoun, *Hogeye Hogg 002. A(Autographed). $7.00
1339 Turning Toward The Morning-AnnMayo Muir/Ed Trickett/Gordon Bok, *Folk-Legacy FSI-56. A. $7.00
1340 Antus Gabric Uz Tamburaski Orkestar-Antus Gabric Tamburitza Orchestra, *Jutoton LSY-61501. A. $7.00
1341 The Sounds Of The Balkan Four-Balkan Four Tamburitza Orch. of Youngstown, *PP 1029. A-. $6.00
1342 Marching With The Coldstream Guards-Band Of The Coldstream Guards, *RCA Living Stereo LSP-1684 (Dog/Blk Lbl). A(4/5S). $7.00
1343 Dreams Of Budapest-Bela Ziggy and his Famous Gypsy Orchestra, B&F Budapest Record Co. S-606. A-. $7.00
1344 Csardas-Bela Ziggy and his Famous Gypsy Orchestra, B&F Budapest Record Co. S-617. A-. $7.00
1345 Bernadette and Tambure-Bernadette Luketich, *Marjon Internatinal MJCS-40. A-to B+. $5.00
1347 Everhart-Bob Everhart, Folkways FTS 31060. A(includes insert). $10.00
1348 At Her Best (QS Quadraphonic Sound!)-Bonnie Koloc, *Ovation OV-1701. A. $8.00
1349 Let's Dance The Kolo-Branko Krsmanovich Instrumental Ensemble, *Monitor MFS 356. A-. $6.00
1350 The View From Home-Bryan Bowers, *Flying Fish FF-037. A. $7.00
1351 Little Wheel Spin And Spin-Buffy Sainte-Marie, Vanguard VRS-9211. A. $6.00
1352 A Tradition Lives On-CFU Chicago Junior Tamburitzans, *Pressner BP 3506. A. $6.00
1353 In Action (Original Release)-Chad Mitchell Trio, Kapp KL-1313. B+. $9.00
1354 Reflecting-Chad Mitchell Trio, *Mercury SR60891 (Red Vendor Lbl). A-(M1/2). $7.00
1355 Hum And Strum With-Chet Atkins, *RCA Living Stereo LSP-2025 (Dog/Blk Lbl). A-(2S)(Deluxe fold-out album w/booklet). $16.00
1356 A Spontaneous Performance Recording-Clancy Bros & Tommy Makem, w/Pete Seeger, COL CL 1648. A. $5.00
1357 The Boys Won't Leave The Girls Alone-Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem, *COL CS 8709. A. $8.00
1358 Claudio Schmidt-Claudio Schmidt, *Flying Fish FF086. A. $8.00
1359 A Place In My Heart-Dooley Brothers Band, *DoolToons DB-001. SEALED. $7.00
1360 Jammin' With Julius-Drina Tamburitza Orchestra featuring Milan Opacich with Julius Peskan on violin, *Presner BP3108. A. $7.00
1361 Drina Featuring Mel Dokich-Drina Tamburitza Orchestra featuring Milan Opacich with Mel Dokich on violin, *Presner BP3411. Sealed. $7.00
1362 Featuring Mel Dokich-Dunav Tamburitza Orchestra featuring Mel Dokich on violin, *Dunav SS16194. A. $7.00
1363 Milan-Dunav Tamburitza Orchestra featuring Milan Panayotovich vocals, *Dunav 27301. A-. $6.00
1364 This One's On Milan-Dunav Tamburitza Orchestra with Milan Panayotovich vocals, *Milan 27301. B+. $6.00
1365 Am Evening With The Tamburitzans-Duquesne University Tamburitzans, *Du-Tam LP-DU 29-30. B. $5.00
1366 U Kolu-Duquesne University Tamburitzans, Du-Tam LP-DU 17-18. B. $5.00
1367 Souvenir Recording-Concert Selections-Duquesne University Tamburitzans/Walter W. Kolar, DU-Tam LP-DU-4. A-(10"). $4.00
1368 A Treasury Of Song-Duquesne University Tamburitzans/Walter W. Kolar, *Du-Tam LP-38. A(deluxe fold-open album). $6.00
1369 Polish Folk Songs & Dances-Dzierzanowski/Kolaczkowski/etc., bands, Muza EPN 0100. A(10"). $5.00
1370 Piaf Tonight-Edith Piaf, Angel ANG 65024. A. $6.00
1371 Potpourri par Piaf-Edith Piaf, Capitol T10295. A. $6.00
1372 Exciting Rhythms of Piano Pasha-Erdogan Capli, *Time Stereo S/2074. A-/B+. $4.00
1373 Favorites-Ernest Tubb, DECCA DL 5301. B+. $9.00
1374 Songs Of The North And South-Frank Luther and Zora Layman, DECCA DL 8093. A-/A. $10.00
1375 Happy Tamburitza Melodies-George Skirbina Orch., Marjon Records MJ-200. A-to B+. $6.00
1376 Here They Are!-Goldcoast Singers-one hit wonder of "Pink Plastic Jesus", *World-Pacific 1806. A+. $11.00
1377 Kiko, Kiko - Gypsy Songs-Haris Dzinovic and Tamburitza orchestra, *Jugoton LSY-63154. A-. $6.00
1378 At The Greek Theatre-Harry Belafonte, *RCA LSO-6009 (2) (Dog/Blk Lbl). A-to B+. $7.00
1379 Belafonte At Carnegie Hall-Harry Belafonte-on Absolute Sound's Best of the Bunch list , *RCA Living Stereo LSO-6006 (Dog/Blk Lbl). A-(16S/18S/6S/1S). $18.00
1380 Dalec Od Doma-Janeza Mahkovica Ensemble, *Jugoton LPYV-S-905. A-. $6.00
1381 Jim Brewer - mostly blues-Jim Brewer, *Philo 1003. A. $15.00
1382 Tough Luck-Jime Brewer-Chicago Blues, *Earwig LPS-4904. A. $7.00
1384 Joan Baez-Joan Baez w/Fred Hellerman, Vanguard VRS-9078. A. $7.00
1385 Yugoslavia - USA-Joe Marmilich and his Marjon Tamburica orch, *London SW 99342. A-to B+. $5.00
1386 Whose Garden Was This-John Denver, *Victor LSP-4414. A-. $5.00
1387 Kad Proljece Ubrdima-John Zevkovich in multi track tamburiza recording, *SBR JZ 33086. Sealed. $6.00
1388 Nights In Brazil-Judy Roberts, *Inner City IC 1138. A. $7.00
1389 Narodne Pjesme-Bosne-Jugoslave folk ensemble, Jogoton LP&Y-601. A-(10 inch). $6.00
1390 Yugoslav Folk Songs And Dances-Macedonian and Serbian-Jugoslave folk ensemble, Jogoton LPM-1. B+-(10 inch). $5.00
1391 Yugoslav Folk Songs And Dances-Serbian-Jugoslave folk ensemble, Jogoton LPM-6. A-(10 inch). $6.00
1392 Yugoslav Folk Songs And Dances-Dalmatian-Jugoslave folk ensemble, Jogoton LPM-2. B+-(10 inch). $5.00
1393 Tamburitza Sounds By The -Junior Tams Of Indiana Harbor, *Pressner BP-3122. A. $6.00
1394 Melodie Polskiej Wsi-Kapela Ludowa Polskiego Radia, Muza BIEM L 0157. A(10"). $5.00
1395 Kossovo Tamburitzans Play Folks Songs-Kossovo Tamburitzans of Pittsburg, Greyko GLP 1010. A-. $6.00
1396 From Love From "Kosta"-Kosta Choir and Combo, *Mark MC5978. B+(with insert). $6.00
1397 Hej Becari-Krunoslav Slabinac - Kico, *Jugoton LSY-61208. A (but cover B-). $4.00
1398 Pjesmom I Tamburicom Kroz Hrvatsku-Kvartet STUDIO, *Jugoton LSY-65025/6 (2). A-(deluxe fold-open set). $6.00
1399 Living In A Rich Man's World-Larry Long, *Waterfront Records. A(includes song insert). $8.00
1400 Songs Of The Civil War-Lehman Engel and chorus, COL Harmony HL 7198. A. $10.00
1401 Cherries And Plums-Leon Bibb, *Liberty LST-7358. A-. $6.00
1402 Yugoslav Songs & Dances By Lex Ellesin-Lex Ellesin/Biser Tamburitza Orchestra, *Angelus WR 4365. B. $5.00
1403 Christmas Time-Li'l Wally w/St. Stanislaus Choral Group, Jay Jay 1039. A. $6.00
1404 Kolody-Lil' Wally sings Polish Christmas Carols , Jay Jay LP JJ 1017. A. $7.00
1405 Presenting Lira-Lira Tamburitza Orchestra Of Detroit, *Omini LPOL-121. A-. $6.00
1406 Ready To Wear-Lost World Stringband, *Brown N Serve 81001. A. $7.00
1407 Banish Misfortune-Malcolm Dalglish and Grey Larson, June Appal JA 016. A. $5.00
1408 Fiesta en Mexico-Mariachi Miguel Dias, Audio Fidelity AFLP 1816 (Gold Lbl). A-to B+. $8.00
1409 Viva Mexico!-Mariachi Miguel Dias, *Audio Fidelity AFSD 5898 (White Lbl). A-. $7.00
1410 Jewish Folk Songs-Martha Schlamme, Vanguard VRS 9011. A. $8.00
1411 German Folk Songs-Martha Schlamme/Pete Seeger, Folkways FW 6843. A(10," but notes missing). $7.00

1412 Drina Tamburitza Orchestra Featuring Mel Dokich-Mel Dokich, Matt Jurisich, Milan Opacich, Jack Tomlin, *Pressner BP 3411. Sealed. $7.00
1413 Michael Smith-Michael Smith, *Flying Fish FF404. A. $8.00
1414 Los Inigualables-Miguelito Valdes/Tito Guizar, Caliente Disco CD 1000. A. $8.00
1415 Yugoslavian Songs-Milan Verni And His Ensemble, Colonial LP-282. B+. $5.00
1416 Musical Treasures Of Hungary-Miskolci Belough Jancei and his ensemble, *Philips PHI422. A. $6.00
1417 The Arresting Italian Voise Of-Narciso Parigi, *Capitol ST10248. A. $9.00
1418 Sings Folk Songs Of Russia-Netania Davrath, Vanguard VRS 9065. A. $7.00
1419 Zvili Tamburasi!-New Balkans, *Peppermint Prod 790104. SEALED!. $7.00
1420 Zivili Tamburai!-New Balkans of Youngstown, *Peppermint 790104. Sealed. $6.00
1421 Sings Ballads and Blues-Odetta, Tradition TLP 1010. A. $15.00
1422 Srpski Orao-Orao Tamburitza Orchestra Of South Chicago, *Pressner BP-3144. B+. $5.00
1423 Tatudoai-Oswaldo Nunes E The Pops, EQUIP EQ 830. A. $4.00
1424 Guten Tag Prosit-Paul Mann & his musicians, recorded live, *Tifton International T-TS-55. A. $5.00
1425 In The Wind-Peter, Paul and Mary, *Warner Bros WS1507. A-(but the B+ sound of WB). $6.00
1426 Album-Peter, Paul and Mary, *Warner Bros WS1648. A-/B++. $6.00
1427 Dances Of Poland-Polish All Stars, Chicago Records CLP-507. A-/B+. $6.00
1428 Sing With Teddy and the (Vol 3)-Popovich Brothers Tamburitza Orchestra, Pressner BP-3035. A. $8.00
1429 Sing With Teddy (Vol 2) and the-Popovich Brothers Tamburitza Orchestra, Pressner BP-3017. A. $8.00
1430 Sing With Teddy (Vol 5) and the-Popovich Brothers Tamburitza Orchestra, Pressner BP-3134. A-. $7.00
1432 Fifty Years Of Entertaining (Vol 7)-Popovich Brothers Tamburitza Orchestra, Pressner BP-3355. A. $8.00
1433 60th Anniv. Album (Vol 8)-Popovich Brothers Tamburitza Orchestra, Pressner BP-3607. A. $8.00
1434 Sing With Teddy (Vol 1) and the-Popovich Brothers Tamburitza Orchestra, Pressner BP-3011. B+(cover B-). $6.00
1435 Sing With Teddy (Vol 4) and the-Popovich Brothers Tamburitza Orchestra, Pressner BP-3051. A-(Eli Popovich autograph). $7.00

1436 Popular Songs-mostly Serbian-Rada Perkch with Stasha And Hid Continentals, Sava Records. B+. $5.00
1437 Songs And Dances From Bosnia -Radio Sarajevo Orchestra, soloists and chorus, Monitor MF 412. A-. $6.00
1438 The Wild Wild West-Cowboy Songs-Ralph Hunter Choir-on Absolute Sound's Best of the Bunch list , *RCA Living Stereo LSP-1968(Dog/Blk Lbl). A-(but swishes first half side one). $7.00
1439 Folk Music Of Yugoslavia-love and wedding and more-Recorded by Laura Boulton, Folkways P434. A-(no insert). $7.00
1440 The Unclaimed Pint-Sally Rogers, *Wheatland 005. A(Autographed). $10.00
1441 In The Circle Of The Sun-Sally Rogers, *Thrushwood 002. A(Autographed-with insert). $8.00
1442 Closing The Distance-Sally Rogers and Claudio Schmidt, *Flying Fish FF425. SEALED. $8.00
1443 Satisfied Customers-Sally Rogers and Howard Bursen, *Thrushwood Records TH 003. A(Autographed by both)(insert). $10.00

1444 Doing My Job-Si Kahn, *Flying Fish FF-221. A. $7.00
1445 Soboda 50 Years-Live Concert-Sloboda Serbian Choir, Adam Popovich, Director, *Pressner BP-3311 (2). A(deluxe fold-open set). $12.00
1446 Orkestar Cigani-Steve Zeger, Bill Yurkovich, Ken Herak, Jim Kopriva, Tom Vesolich, George Paich, *Grand Stand CS8588. A. $6.00
1447 Lepi Nas Kaj-Sudjeljuju orchestra led by Slavko Zlatic, Jugoton LPYV-S-799. A-. $4.00
1448 Sounds Of The Balkan Four-The Bakan Four, a Pittsburg Tamburitza orch,, *Pepermint PP1054B. A. $6.00
1449 Pimoga-Croatian/Slovenian music-The Muselin Continentals, *Marjon MJCS-30. A. $7.00
1450 Redwood Tammies-The Redwood Tamburitza Orchestra of Holy Resurrection Cathederal, *IRC R-8906. A. $6.00
1452 The Star Serenaders-pop music of the 60s a'la Tamburitza-The Star Serenaders Tamburitza Orch-The Mills Bros of Balkan Music, *Pressner. A(great sound). $8.00
1453 The Wireless Wonder-Thom Bishop, *Stuff Records SRI 81222. A. $6.00
1454 Even A Gray Day-Tom Paxton, *Flying Fish 280. A. $8.00
1455 Tompall Sings The Songs Of Shel Silverstein-Tompall Glaser, *MGM M3G-4977. A. $7.00
1456 Bosna-various Bosnian folk musicians, Jugoton LPY-62. A-(10 inch). $6.00
1457 Kad Bi Ove Ruze Male-Vera Svoboda and Tamburitza orchestra, *Jugoton LPSV-Y-749. A. $6.00
1458 U Slavonskom Kolu-Vera Svoboda and Zagreb RTV Tamburitza orchestra, Jugoton LSY-63107. A-. $6.00
1459 Tamburitza: West-Veseli Seljaci of Santa Clara Valley, CA, *VS-0177. A-To B+. $5.00
1460 Traveling With The Weavers-Weavers, Vanguard VRS-9043. A-. $5.00
1461 Roseville Fair-Wendy Grossman, *Lincoln House LHR 68001. A. $7.00
1462 Slavonic Rhapsody-Village Dances\, Vol. 3 -Yugoslav State Company, Kolo Festival 1504. A-. $5.00


1463 Baker Street-Fritz Weaver, Inga Swenson, Martin Gable, MGM E7000 OC. A(deluxe fold open album). $8.00
1464 Ben Hur-original soundtrack by Rozsa, *MGM 1E1. A--(box set with booklet)`. $8.00
1465 Black Orpheus-Original soundtrack recording, *Fontana SRF 67520. A-to B+. $7.00
1466 Cornelia Otis Skinner: Paris '90-Kay Swift/Nat Shilret/orch - orchestration by Robert Russell Bennett, COL ML 4619. A-. $7.00
1467 Death Wish-original soundtrack by Herbie Hancock, *COL PC 33199. A.     $7.00
1467A Dr. No, from the first James Bond film adventure, *United Artists, UAS 5108. A-/A   $7.00    
1468 Famous Adventures With Old Sam...The Ramsmottoms-Stanley Holloway, Angel 65019. A-. $7.00
1469 Hello, Dolly!-Louis Armstrong & His All-Stars, *KAPP KS-3364. B+. $5.00
1470 I Do! I Do!-Mary Martin, Robert Preston, *RCA LSO-1128 (Dog-Blk Lbl). A(3S/4S). $7.00
1471 Interrupted Melody-Sound Track-Story of Marjorie Lawrence-Walter Ducloux/MGM Symphony Orch., MGM E3185. A-. $6.00
1471A Li'l Abner-Edith Adams, Peter Palmer, Howard St. John, COL OL-5150 (6-EYES Lbl).  A-/B+.  $6.00
1472 Me And Juliet-Original cast, RCA LOC-1012. B+. $20.00
1473 My Fair Lady-Original Sound Track Recording-Audrey Hepburn/Rex Harrison, *COL KOS 2600. A(deluxe fold-open album). $7.00
1474 Mysterious Film World Of Bernard Herrmann-Herrmann/NPO, *London SPC 21137. A. $10.00
1474A New Faces Of 1952-Eartha Kitt, Carol Lawrence, Paul Lind, RCA LOC 1008 (Green Lbl).  A-(3S/4S).  $10.00
1475 Oh Captain!-Tony Randall, Jacquelyn McKeever, Edward Platt, COL OL 5280. A-. $6.00
1476 Radio's Famous Theme Songs-Longines Symphony, Longines LW 525. A. $6.00
1477 Rodgers & Hart: By Jupiter-Bob Dishy, Jackie Alloway, Emory bass, *RCA LSO-1137 (Dog-Blk Lbl). A-. $7.00
1478 Seven Brides For Seven Brothers-soundtrack recording of Jane Powell, Howard Keel movie, MGM E 244. B+(10"). $7.00
1479 Take Me Along-Jackie Gleason, Walter Pidgeon, Eileen Herlie, *RCA Living Stereo LSO-1050 (Dog/Blk Lbl). A(2S). $15.00
1480 Tammy And The Bachelor/Interlude-Original soundtrack recordings, Coral CRL 57159. A-to B+(with great pictur of Debbie Reynolds). $15.00
1481 Ten Commandments-Elmer Bernstein conducts in great recording of original soundtrack music, *MCA PAS 1006(2). A(deluxe fold-out set). $7.00
1482 The Boy Friend-Julie Andrews, Ruth Altman, Ann Wakefield, John Hewer, RCA New Ortho LOC 1018 (White Dog). A-. $7.00
1483 The Dirty Dozen-Original Soundtrack by DeVol, *MGM SE-445 ST. A. $8.00
1484 The Egyptian-Alfred Newman original motion picture score, Decca DL 9014. A+(original pancake pressing-no phony stereo). $12.00
1485 The Gardens Of The Finzi-Continis-Original soundtrack recording, *RCA LSP-4717. A. $7.00
1485A The Gene Krupa Story-Original soundtrack recording featuring Gene Krupa, Verve MGV-15010.   A-to B+. $15.00
1486 The Jazz Singer-Original Soundtrack Recording-Neil Diamond, *Capitol SWAV 12120. A. $5.00
1487 The King And I-Gertrude Lawerence/Yul Brynner, DECCA DL9008. A-. $10.00
1488 The Littlest Revue-Joel Grey/Tammy Grimes/Larry Storch/many more, Epic LN 3275. SEALED!. $15.00
1489 The Music From Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer-Skip Martin original music from the television series, *RCA Living Stereo LSP-2140(Dog/Blk Lbl). A(1S). $9.00
1490 The Pirate/Pagan Love Song/Hit The Deck-3 orig. soundtracks, MGM 2-SES-43-ST(2). A. $7.00
1490A  The Producers, featuring Springtim For Hitler, *RCA ANL1-1132.  A.  $7.00
1491 The Road To Hong Kong-Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Joan Collins, Dorothy Lamour, *Liberty LOS 17002. A-. $5.00
1492 The Rose Tattoo-Original Soundtrack by Alex North, COL CL 727 (6-EYES Lbl). A-to B+. $6.00
1493 Under Milk Wood-Original New York Cast, Caedmon TC 2005 (2). A(2 disc fold-open album). $10.00
1494 Waxman: Sayonara-Original soundtrack recording, RCA LOC-1041 (Dog/Blk Lbl). A-(1S/4S). $7.00


1495 A Program Of Poems By Edith Sitwell, recorded live-John Gielgud & Irene Worth, RCA Red Seal VDM-106. SEALED . $10.00
1497 Adam Stag Party Special No. 5-Buzzy Greene, FAX LP1004. A. $8.00
1498 An Evening Wasted With Tom Lehrer-Tom Lehrer, *Reprise RS-6199. A. $8.00

1503 Big Town, Autumn 1942, The Big Story, 12/1/47-Edward G. Robinson/Craig McDonald, Radiola MR1023. A. $7.00
1504 Broad Minded-Billy Devroe and The Devil-Aires, Tampa TP-41. A. $8.00
1505 Great Moments Of Comedy With-Shelley Berman, Verve V-15048. A. $7.00

1508 Inner Sanctum, 11/12/45, Suspense, 1942-Boris Karloff/Robert Taylor, Radio Greats RG 102. A. $7.00
1509 Jessel At His Best-George Jessel, *Audio Fidelity AFSD 1706. SEALED. $9.00
1510 Life & Legend Of The Old Soldier-Narated by Luis Van Rooten, with many historical excerpts, originaly TV's Perspective on Greatness, MGM E4245. A. $8.00
1511 Lights Out, 8/3/43, The Witch's Tale, 1939-Extra: The Baby Sitter, with Boris Karloff, Radiola MR1027. A. $7.00
1512 Live From 400 Restaurant, 9/30/45/ Live From Town Hall, 9/9/44-Tommy Dorsey Band/Eddie Condon jazz concert, Radiola MR1042. A. $7.00
1513 Love Poems Of John Donne-Richard Burton reads, Caedmon TC 1141. SEALED. $10.00
1514 Lux Radio Theater, 2/3/47, National Velvet-Mickey Rooney/Elizabeth Taylor, Mar-Bren MBR747. A. $7.00
1515 Masquer Club Roast of Harry Joe Brown-Jack Benny, Art Linkletter, George Burns, Georgie Jessell, etc., Bootleg-no label. A. $10.00
1516 Music To Strip By - Party Songs from the Golden Age Of Burlesque-"Bald" Billy Hagan and his Trocaderons, Somerset. A. $8.00
1517 Myren Cohen America's Funniest Storyteller At His Best-Myron Cohen, Audio Fidelity. A. $7.00

1518 Mystery In The Air, 1947-Peter Lorre, Golden Age GA 5031. A. $7.00
1519 NBC Theater, 1/9/49/Academy Award Theater/5/5/46: Stagecoach-John Wayne/Randolf Scott, Radiola MR1065. A. $7.00
1520 Outside Shelley Berman-Shelley Berman, Verve MGV 15007. A. $7.00
1521 Philco Radio Time, 2/15/50, 11/30/49-Bing Crosby/Al Jolson, Totem 1013. A. $7.00
1522 Selma Diamond Talks...And Talks...And Talks...(cntd)-Selma Diamond, Carlton LPX 5001. A. $7.00
1523 Shakespeare: Venus And Adonis-Robert Speaight, Maxine Audley, Spoken Arts SA 942. A. $6.00
1524 Songs By Tom Lehrer-Tom Lehrer, *Reprise RS-6216. A. $8.00
1529 That Was The Year That Was-Tom Lehrer, *Reprise RS-6179. A. $8.00
1530 The First Family-Vaughn Meeder, Earle Doud, Naomi Brossart, *Cadence CLP 25060. SEALED RARE STEREO VERSION. $10.00
1531 The Original Chinese Waiter-Buddy Hackett, DOT DLP 3351. A. $7.00
1533 The Zoo Story by Edward Albee-Mark Richman & William Daniels, Spoken Arts 808. A. $7.00
1534 They Stopped The Show-Early Vaudville-George M. Cohen, Marie Dressler, Nat Wills, Harry Lauder, MORE, Audio Rarities LPA 2290. SEALED. $10.00

****************************************COMPACT DISCS OF ALL TYPES AND DVD MOVIES***********************************************

1537 Alexander The Great-Richard Burton, *Evervision EDVD-6634. A(Widesceen). $6.00
1538 Amadeus-F. Murray Abraham/Tom Hulce, *Warner Bros. 36218. SEALED. $8.00
1539 America The Beautiful-Milnes/Fiedler/Kate Smith/etc, *Readers Digest RBD-111/CDI. A. $4.00
1540 Arnold: Overtures-Arnold/LPO, *Reference Recordings RR-48CD. A. $8.00
1541 Art Of The Bawdy Song-Baltimore Consort/Merry Companions, *Dorian DOR-90155. A. $6.00
1542 Beethoven: Symphony #9-Stokowski/PO from 1934 RCA, CD-121(M). A-. $5.00
1543 Beethoven: VC/Mendelssohn: VC-Heifetz/Munch/BSO, *RCA Living Stereo 09026-68980-2. A. $5.00
1544 Ben Hur-Soundtrack recording, *Sony AsK 47020 (2). A. $6.00
1545 Brahms: PC #1-Rubenstein/Reiner/CSO, *RCA Red Seal 5668-2-RC. A. $5.00
1546 Debussy: La Mer/Images/Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun-Bernstein/Santa Cecilia, *DGG 429 728-2. A. $6.00
1547 Dvorak: Sym #9-Conlon/LPO-in booklet celebrating the 100th anniv. of Ravinia Festival & Dvorak death, *Ravinia Festival 2004. A(including 24 page booklet). $6.00
1548 Dvorak: Sym #9 (another)-Conlon/LPO-in booklet celebrating the 100th anniv. of Ravinia Festival & Dvorak death, *Ravinia Festival 2004. A(including 24 page booklet). $6.00
1549 Ein Straussfest-Kunzel/CPO, *Telarc CD-80098. A. $6.00
1550 Fennell Favorites!-Fennell/DWS-Prof Johnson audiophile recording, *Reference Recordings RR-43CD. A. $8.00
1551 Franck: Prelude, Variation, etc/Dupre: Variations-David Schrader, organ, *Cedille CDR 90000 015. SEALED. $8.00
1552 German Dance Music 1942-43-From Berliner Rundfunk, Monopoly M5049. A(2 CD set). $15.00
1553 Gettysburg-Soundtrack-Music by Randy Edleman, *Milan 7313835654-2. A. $5.00
1554 Gold Diggers Of Broadway-West End Jazz Band, *Legacy Two-Keh 106. A. $5.00
1555 Having The Blues Under European Sky-Joe Williams, *Denon DC-8535. New. $5.00
1556 In The Mood For Swing-Benny Carter with Dizzy Gillespie, *MHS 512375M. A. $5.00
1557 In The Real World-Jerry Hadley, *RCA 09026-61937-2. A. $5.00
1558 Juggernaut Strikes Back!-Capp/Pierce band with Ernie Andrews, *Concord CCD-4183. A. $6.00
1559 Mahler: Sym #1-Abbado/CSO, *DGG 400 033-2. A. $5.00
1560 Mario-Mario Lanza, *RCA Living Stereo 06026-68130-2. A. $5.00
1561 Offenbach: Gaite Parisienne/Rossini-Respichi: La Boutique Fantasque-Fiedler/PBPSO, *RCA Living Stereo 09026-61847-2. A. $5.00
1561A   On The Road-Count Basie and his orchestra, Pablo 3112-1.   A(from digital masters).  $6.00
1562 Pops Caviar Russian Orchestral Fireworks-Fiedler/BPSO, *RCA Living Stereo 09026-68132-2. A. $5.00
1563 Rajko-The Young Gypsy Band, recorded in Hungary, *Qualiton HCD 10180-2. A. $6.00
1564 Remember Pearl Harbor-Songs That Won The War-Popular songs, some very rare, Varese Sarabande. SEALED. $6.00
1565 Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade-Mackerras/LSO, *Telarc CD-80208. A. $5.00
1566 Sibelius: Sym #1, Sym #2, Finlandia, VC, Valse Triste, Karelia STE-Stokowski/Schippers/Fancescatti/Bernstein/Ormandy, *Sony SB2K 63260 (2). A(2 disc set). $7.00
1567 Sinatra At The Sands-Frank Sinatra with Count Basie Orchestra live at the Sands in Vegas in 1966, *Reprise 1019-2. A. $5.00
1568 Spain-Falla/Albeniz/Granados-Reiner/CSO, *RCA 09026-68575-2. A(Gold metal -UV22 processing). $14.00
1569 Strauss: Don Quixote-Reiner/CSO, *RCA Living Stereo 09026-68170-2. A. $5.00
1569a Strauss: Symphonia Domestica, Tod und Veklarung-Reiner/CSO/His Orch., *RCA Victor Gold Seal 60388-2-RG.  $5.00
1570 Suppe: Overtures-Dutuit/OSM, *London 414 408. A. $6.00
1571 Tchaikovsky: March Slave/Glinka: Ruslan/Borodin: Steppes/Gliere: Sailors' Dance-Slatkin/St. Louis Symphony, *Telarc CD-80072. A. $5.00
1572 Tchaikovsky: Sym #6-Ozawas/BSO, *Erato ECD 88242. A. $5.00
1573 Tchaikovsky: VC/Marche Slave/Andante/Capriccio-Perlman/Wallenstein/LSO, *Chesky CD12. A. $8.00
1574 The Art Of The Balalaika-The Odessa Balalaikas, *Nonesuch 9 79034-2. A. $6.00
1575 The Robe-Richard Burton/Jean Simons/Victor Mature, *20th Century Fox. A(original cards/repacaged into CD case). $6.00
1576 The Sheffield Drum/Track Record-Whole buncha guys, *Sheffield 11420-2. New. $5.00
1577 The Way It Used To Be 1935-55-Chicago broadcaster, Ken Alexander recounts-The Radio, Home Front,Clothing, Grammar School, etc., Nostalgia Digest (3). A(3 CD set). $10.00
1578 Thompson: Testiment+Bernstein/Copland/Hanso/Nelson choral works-Turtle Creek Choral/DWS-Prof Johnson audiophile recordings, *Reference Recordings RR-49CD. A. $8.00
1579 Vaughan Williams: A Sea Symphony-Daniel/Bournemouth Sym, *Naxos 5.110016. A(DVD-A audiophile recording). $7.00
1580 Vienna-Reiner/CSO, *RCA 09026-68160-2. A. $5.00
1581 Vivaldi: String Symphonies-Shlomo Mintz/Israel Chamber Orch., *MHS 513592K. SEALED. $5.00
1582 West Side Story - Original Broadway Production-Carol Lawrence, Larry Kert, Chita Rivera, *Columbia CK 32603. A. $5.00
1583 20 Ana Den Farandula-Ike Jesurun and his Carribian ensemble, *Buma/Stemra: IJ9809. A. $5.00

**************************RADIO TRANSCRIPTIONS AND RELATED DISCS-16," 33 RPM UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED******************************
Include are many off FM acetates from noted illustrator and cousin of Gene, Julian Krupa. They have spectaculare sound, but occassionally
may be missing a part a word at the beginning or end or at side breaks. The two Crosby shows are a mystery. The single disk is complete,,
but must be a copy of something. The two disk set is fully complete except for a portion of the first word in the intro.

1586 AFRS Music Transcription Library-Woody Herman/Spike Jones, AFRS P-S-27/8. A. $12.00
1587 AFRS Music Transcription Library-Benny Goodman/Lionel Hampton/Ink Spots, AFRS P-S-21/2. A. $12.00
1588 AFRS Station Library-Duke Ellington/Bing Crosby/Donald O'Conner, AFRS P-3357/8. A. $12.00
1592 Basic Music Library-Danny Kaye with Harry James/Beatrice Kaye/King Cole, AFRS P-327/8. B+. $10.00
1593 Basic Music Library-Sam Donahure and his orchestra, AFRS P-447/8. A-. $12.00
1594 Basic Music Library-Artie Shaw/Gene Krupa, AFRS P-547/8. A. $15.00
1597 Bing Crosby Show, Henry Morgan Show, 1/15/47,-Bing Crosby, Al Jolson, Henry Morgan, Julian Krupa Recording. A(off FM acetate)(Two shows in a row)(2 acetates). $75.00
1598 Bing Crosby Show,1/15/47-Bing Crosby/Al Jolson, Julian Krupa Recording. A-(off FM acetate). $25.00
1604 Christmas For Eve-Starring Lorraine Day, WPS 425. A. $9.00
1607 Dick Haymes/World Concert Orch-music library, WPS 10229-238. A. $10.00
1608 Dinah Shore Show, 10/4/45, with guest-Jerry Colonna, AFRS 77. A. $20.00
1609 Dinah Shore Show, 9/13/45, with guest-Frank Morgan, AFRS 74. A. $20.00

1610 Dinah Shore Show, 9/6/45, with guest-Groucho Marx, AFRS 73. A. $20.00
1613 Downbeat, CA 1942,-Jimmy Dorsey is DJ, War Dept 8. B-(rare 12" transcription)(one 30 min show). $15.00
1614 Downbeat, CA 1942,-Xavier Cugat is DJ, War Dept 15. B(rare 12" transcription)(one 30 min show). $15.00

1616 Eddy Howard/Susan Reed/Ben Pollack-music library, WPS 122. A. $10.00
1617 Erno Rapee Concert Orchestra-music library, World Program Service 700-2025-2032. A. $10.00
1618 Experience Speaks, 3/29/50-From True Experience Magazine. Stories of Rosetta Corrigan, and Mary Zaccaro, ABC, pgm #1, pgm #2. A(2-sided acetate). $8.00
1629 Heres' To Veterans, 7/15/48-Songs By Morton Downey/The Martin Block Show, VA 92/93. A-. $7.00
1630 I Didn't Know/Amen/Muskat Ramble-Woody Herman/Tony Winter, Home Recording-off air. A(7," 78). $6.00
1632 Jerry Sears & His Orch-Music Library, Associated Pgm Ser 60,964. A. $10.00
1633 Johnson Radio Guide, ca 1930-Salesman's Record, XC8311. A(12," 78, rare-but broken in two). $5.00
1634 Kitty Kallen/Monica Lewis/Gwen Williams/Susan Reed-music library, WPS 129. A. $8.00
1635 Lang-Worth Recorded Music Service-Buddy Murrow/Les Elgart , AS-319/20. A-(autographed by Murrow). $15.00
1636 Lang-Worth Recorded Music Service-Tommy Dorsey with Gene Krupa/Frankie Carle with Paul Allen, #1019/20. A-. $15.00
1637 Lang-Worth Recorded Music Service-Tony Pastor, Clooney Sisters/Shep Fields, AS-549/50. A-. $12.00
1638 Lang-Worth Recorded Music Service-Charlie Barnet/Joe Reichman, #821/2. A-. $12.00
1639 Lang-Worth Recorded Music Service-Charlie Barnet/Joe Reichman, #819/20. A-. $12.00
1640 Les Brown/Xavier Cugat/The Daydreamers-music library, WPS 303. A. $10.00
1642 Meet The Band/Personality Time, ca 1952-Lawrenc Welk/Bob Crosby audition programs, Standard D-100. A. $10.00
1643 Military Band/String Ensemble-Military Band/String Ensemble, NBC Thesaurus 868. B+. $5.00
1644 Military Band/String Ensemble-Military Band/String Ensemble, NBC Thesaurus 869. B+. $5.00
1645 Military Band/String Ensemble-Military Band/String Ensemble, NBC Thesaurus 870. B+. $5.00
1648 Phil Brito w/Jerry Sears Orch/Victor King Orch-Music Library, Associated Pgm Ser 60,943. A. $9.00
1651 Phonograph Album-Glenn Miller/Raymond Paige, AFRS 137/8. B. $10.00
1655 RCA Thesaurus-Artie Shaw Orchestra/Bette Chappel, RCA 1589. A-to B+. $12.00
1656 RCA Thesaurus-Artie Shaw Orchestra/Johnny Guarnieri, RCA 1558. B+. $12.00
1657 RCA Thesaurus-Tex Beneke Orchestra/The Music Of Manhattan, RCA 1515. A(Autographed). $20.00
1658 Santa And His Christmas Kids-Audition/Santa Claus Songs-music library, WPS 224. A. $10.00
1659 Sen. William Benton, 3/22/50-VOA re recording of portion of Senator's floor speech, Dept Of State. A(1SO). $6.00
1662 Sound Off, CA 1942,-Harry Von Zell is DJ, War Dept 42/43. B+(rare 12" transcription)(two 15 min shows). $10.00
1663 Spade Cooley/Roy Rodgers & Dale Evans - AFRS Music Program Library-Spade Cooley/Roy Rodgers & Dale Evans, AFRS W-GL-3/4. A. $20.00
1664 Spike Jones Show, 3/6/48 segment/Eddie Cantor Show-Are You Listening Joe? segment-Spike Jones, Dorothy Shea/Eddie Cantor, Julian Krupa Recording. A(off FM acetate). $8.00
1666 Standard Program Library-Lucille Norman with Rhythm Accomp., U-254. B+/B. $8.00
1671 The Man On The Farm, ca 1948-Sponsored by Quaker Oats, World Broadcasting #14. A(2 pressings). $7.00
1672 The Man On The Farm, 2/28/48; 3/6/48, farm questions answered @ Full-O-Pep Farm, entertainment, w/WLS's -"Talkative Oklahoman," Chuck Acree, Columbia #317/318. A(2 pressings). $8.00
1673 The Unfurnished Symphony-Don McNeill and Van Fleming in early audition disc, MacGregor MS-1122. A(10," 78)(1SO). $25.00
1674 Three Suns/Dick Haymes/Pgm Signitures-music library, WPS 128. A. $8.00
1675 Treasury Star Parade, early 1942, The Average American/The Memory Of John McGee with-Olson & Johnson, Ella Logan, Carmen Miranda, Robert Montgomery, Program #4/5. A. $20.00
1676 Treasury Star Parade, 2/25,27/42, The Statue Of Liberty/Scenes From MacBeth-Judith Anderson, Maurice Evans, Igor Gorin, Lt Robert Montgomery, Program #1/2. A. $20.00
1677 Treasury Star Parade, 2/28/42, selections from Marriage of Figaro, & Latouche's The Fog with-Judith Anderson, Maurice Evans, Igor Gorin, Program #3. A. $15.00

1678 Turntable Ranch, 7/22/50-Cactus Jack presents Transcribed & live music, mostly Country, in a somewhat comical western story, WENR-ABC. A(2-sided acetate). $12.00
1679 Vic Damone/Jerry Sears Orch-Music Library, Associated Pgm Ser 60,905. A. $12.00
1682 Xavier Cugat/Ken Griffen-music library, WPS 205. A. $9.00

****************************************VHS VIDEO TAPES*******************************************************************
Mostly off-air, but with good reception, VHS-HIFI sound. Can't guarentee your machine will play these, but I was able
to transfer these to DVD. Most of this stuff is not commercially available anywhere.-, . .
1686 Berlin-City At War/FDR-ABC 100th Birthday Special-1 hour and 3 hours, OFF AIR. A. $6.00
1687 Count Basie & Ella Fitzgerald/Fiedler & Benny Goodman/Bob Gibson, Odetta, Tom Paxton-3 great specials you may NEVER see again, OFF AIR. A. $6.00
1688 Inside the Third Reich-Richard Baseheart, OFF AIR. A. $5.00
1689 Interview with Albert Speer/Operation Barbarossa/History of the SS/Hitler, Great Art Director-Try and find that Speer!, OFF AIR. A. $6.00
1690 Mastering The Theremin-Lydia Kavina demonstrates how to play a Theremin, Big Briar Films. A. $6.00
1691 Red Skelton 1981 XMAS Special/Pennies From Heaven-Bing/WILL-story of G. Gordon Liddy-Raries, OFF AIR. A-. $6.00
1692 The Trial Of Adolph Eichmann-Special on Public TV , OFF AIR. A. $6.00

**************************2-TRACK AND 4-TRACK OPEN REEL STEREO TAPES FROM 50'S & 60'S************************************
A few words of hint and caution: Many of these old tapes are acetate and thus require careful handling and occasionally
require play head pressure pads for optimum performance and a minimum of level variation or drop out.
******************************************************C0MMERCIAL RELEASES************************************************
1694 Album 1700-Peter, Paul and Mary-Peter, Paul and Mary, *Warner Brothers WST 1700-C(4T). A. $10.00
A  A Miracle In Sound - a Mercury stereo tape demo-Hanson, Dorati, Sarah Vaughn, etc., Mercury DEMS-2 (2T).  A.  $10.00
1695 Applause - Original Cast Recording-Lauren Bacall, Len Cariou, Robert Mandan,, *ABC L-11 (4T). A. $10.00
1695A Baker Street-Fritz Weaver, Inga Swenson, Martin Gabel, *MGM STA 4288 (4T).  A (great, but little known).  $15.00
1696 Beethoven: Overtures-Szell/Cleveland Orchestra, *COL MQ890(4T). A. $10.00

1697 Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique-Alfred Wallenstein/Virtuoso Symphony Orch., *Audio Fidelity FCST 50,003 (2T). A (one of the best pefromances). $50.00
1698 Cathedral Bell Ringers (Christmas)-Bellringers of Episcopal Cathedral Of Altlanta, *Westminster WSB 7013. A. $25.00
1699 Cootie Williams In Stereo-Cootie Williams and his Orch, *RCA BPS-173 (2T). A. $50.00
1700 Dukas: Sorcerer's Apprentice/Pfitzner: Little Symphony-Gui/Florence May Festival; Kurt Rapf/Vienna String Sym., *Livingston 708-BN. A. $40.00
1701 For The First Time-Duck Ellington/Count Basie, *COL CQ 459 (4T). A. $20.00
1702 Gypsy Magic-Edi Csoka and his Gypsy Orchestra with Ilonka Becsi, *Livingston 723-F (2T). A. $20.00
1703 Gypsy Melodies-Edi Csoka and his Gypsy Orchestra with Ilonka Becsi, *Livingston 725-F (2T). A. $20.00
1704 Half A Sixpence - Original Broadway Cast-Tommy Steele, Ann Shoemaker, James Grout, *RCA FT-5035(4T). A. $10.00
1705A  Let's Face The Music And Dance-Urbie Green and his orch., *RCA CPS-125 (2T).  A.  $20.00
1706 Liebermann: Concerto For Jazz Band And Symphony Orchestra/Strauss: Don Juan-Reiner/CSO/Sauter-Finegan Orch., *RCA ECS-3 (2T). A(box writing/tears). $120.00
1706A  Marching Along With The Phenomenal-Dukes Of Dixieland, Audio Fidelity AFST 1851.  A (deluxe gold foil box).  $40.00

1707 Mendelssohn: Sym #3-Goehr/Netherlands Philharmonic Orch., *Concert Hall CHT/BN-25 (2T). A(some writing on cover). $40.00
1708 More Johnny's Greatest Hits-Johnny Mathis, *COL GCB 74. A. $35.00
1709 Mozart: Concerto for Clarinet & Orch.-Benny Goodman/Charles Munch/Boston Sym. Orch., *RCA DCS-39 (2T). A. $90.00
1710 Mussorgski: Night On Bald Mount/Borodin: Polovetsian Dances/Sibelius: Valse Triste-Gui/Florence May Festival, *Livingson 703-BN. A. $40.00
1711 Mussorgsky: Night On Bald Mountain/Shostakovich: Golden Age-Mitchell/National Symphony, Westminster SW 1054 (1/2T). A. $15.00
1712 Prokofieff: Classical Symphony-Nicolai Malko/Philharmonia, *RCA ACS 37 (2T). A-(tear in cover label). $40.00
1713 Rag Doll - Ronnie and 11 other selections-The Four Seasons, *Philips PTC 600146 (4T). A. $10.00
1714 Ravel: Bolero-Scherchen/Vienna State Opera Orch., *Westminster SWB 7006 (2T). A. $30.00
1715 Ravel: The Complete Orchestral Works, VOL 4, Couperin/Alborada/Une Barque/Pavane-Cluytens/Paris Conservatoire, *Angel ZS 36111 (4T). A. $20.00
1717 Rossini: William Tell/Brahms: Academic Festival Over/Massenet: Under The Lindentrees-Gui/Florence May Festival, *Livingston 705-BN. A. $40.00
1718 Shostakovich: Sym #6-Boult/London Philharmonic Orch., *Everest STBR 3007 (2T). A. $65.00
1719 Sibelius: Sym #7-Beecham/Royal Philharmonic Orch., *Angel ST 1002 (2T). A. $50.00
1720 Starlight Chorale, operatic choruses by Bizet, Wagner, Verdi, etc.-Roger Wagner/Hollywood Bowl Symphony, *Capitol FDS ZF-39 (2T). A(great sound!).  $30.00

1721 StereoTape Showcase, World's Greatest Artists-Sinatra, Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, Count Basie, etc., *StereoTape S9-2(4T). A. $8.00
1721A  Sweet Sixteen-The Ames Brothers with Bill Finegan and his orch., RCA CPS 75 (2T).  A.  $15.00
1722 Tchaikovsky: March Slav/Khachaturian: Lezghinka-Scherchen/Vienna State Opera Orch., *Westminster SWB 7009 (2T). A. $30.00
1723 The Ink Spots' Greatest Hits-Ink Spots, *OmegaTape ST 7054. A. $30.00
1724 The Orchestra: Dukas/Strauss/Farbermann/Vaugh Williams/Persichetti/Tchaikovsky/Mussorgsky-Stokowski/Orch., *Capitol ZH-8. A. $5
1725 The Piano Music Of Badura-Skoda In Stereo-Paul Badura-Skoda, piano, *Westminster SWB 8017 (2T). A. $45.00
1726 The Touch Of Eddie Haywood-Eddie Heywood Trio, *RCA CPS-165. A(writing on cover). $50.00
1727 Two By Two-Danny Kaye - Original Cast Recording-Harry Goz, Madeline Kahn, *COL SR30338(4T). A. $10.00

1728 Verdi: Aida Triumphal March & Ballet Music-Aliberti/Vienna State Opera Orch., *Westminster SWB 7011 (2T). A. $20.00
1729 Wait a Minim! - Original Cast Recording-Andrew Tracey/Nigel Pegram, April Olrich, *London LAN85002 (4T). A. $10.00

**************************************BROADCAST TAPES & MISC ONE-OF-A-KINDS**********************************************

1705 John Lennon-A Day On The Radio, 12/9/10/11/1983-John Lennon and others, interviews and music, *The Source-NBC. A(2 X 10" reels-2 Track)(includes station cue sheet). $200.00
1730 Leoncavallo: I Pagliacci-Lithuanian Opera Company, *Esoteric Sound Master(4T). A(10," 15 IPS, DBX I). $20.00
1731 Orff: Carmina Burana, 1980-Lithuanian Opera Company, *Esoteric Sound Master(4T). A(10," 15 IPS, DBX I). $20.00
1732 Rhythms Round The World, ca 1958, Special Passover Program-Folk music show featuring Rudy Orisek (Chicago), AMAY incorporated. A(7", 7.5IPS, FT). $5.00
1733 State Songs, 2/20/1976-State songs from various records-all 50, WMAQ or WBBM?. A(7", 7.5IPS, FT). $5.00

******************************BOOKS, OLD HI-MAGAZINES/PAPER WORK/NOSTALGIA*********************************
1737 A First Electrical Book For Boys (Any youth could enjoy it)-Alfred Morgan - the dean of engineering books for youth, Scribners. Hardcover w/jacket, Very Good. $8.00
1738 Battle Maps of the Civil War-Richard O'Shea, Smithmark. Large Format, h'ardcover w/jacket, Mint. $8.00
1739 Commanding Generals and Chiefs Of Staff-Portraits & Biographical Sketches -Center Of Military History, US Government Printing Office. Hardcover, NEW, 190 pages, all color photos. $20.00
1740 Death In Ancient Egypt-A. J. Spencer , Penguin Books. Softcover, Very Good. $5.00
1741 Electronics Engineers Handbook-Donald G. Fink, McGraw-Hill. Hardcover w/jacket, veryt thick, Near Mint. $7.00
1742 Faces Of The Enemy-Sam Keen, propaganda pictures and more, Harper & Row. Hardcover w/jacket, Excellent. $6.00
1743 High Fidelity Techniques - high fidelity ca 1953-John H. Newitt, Rinehart. Hardcover, 494 pages, Good. $4.00
1744 Life Magazine, 4/12/37-Cover is a Centenarian with a cigarette, Fascists, Sabu, more, Life Magazine. Large format magazine, 2 pages loose, Very Good . $5.00
1745 Making Life Worth While-Douglas Fairbanks, 1918, Britton Publishing. Hardcover, Very Good. $4.00
1746 Out Of This World-Dr. Dan Q. Posin, TV astronomer, Popular Mechanics Press. Hardcover/autographed, Very Good. $5.00
1747 Pathfinder Magazine, 8/12/37-Oldest newsmagazine in USA, started 1894, cover is John L. Lewis, Pathfinder . Very Good. $4.00
1748 Robert Bosch, His Life And Achievements-Theodore Heuss, Henry Holt. Hardcover w/jacket, Near Mint. $8.00
1750 The Secret Life Of Tyrone Power-Hector Arce, William Morrow & Co.. Hardcover w/jacket, Very Good. $7.00

1751 The Spotlight Bands Story, 1941-46-50 + pages listing every program and location, Photocopy. Very Good. $5.00
1752 The Spotlight Bands Story, 1941-46-50 + pages listing every program and location, Photocopy (a second copy). Very Good. $5.00
1753 The War Against Germany: Europe and Adjacent Areas-Center Of Military History, US Government Printing Office. Hardcover, NEW, 448 pages, lots of photos. $15.00
1755 Vintage Radio 1887 - 1929, 2nd Ed., good for identification-Morgan E. McMahon, Vintage Radio. Softcover, 261 pages, Very Good. $5.00
1756 Full Frequency Stereophonic Sound -  Robert Moon & Michael Gray - story of Decca / London FFSS and grading of "Blue Backs", Softcove.  Very Good.  $5.00

1757 78 RPM Records & Prices,  - Peter A. Soderbergh, PhD, Wallace Homestead Book Co.  Very Good, (Hardcover w/dustcover too).   $5.00
1758  High Fidelity Recording for W-LAB 7029 - C.G. McProud - the littel booklet that is always lost from these exotic records, Westminster W-LAB 7029.  Very Good.  $5.00
1759  World Flash List - Yuletide Holiday Package, advertisement brochure for transcriptions from World, World Broadcasting.  Excellent.   $5.00
1760  Ring Resounding - John Culshaw, Time-Live.  Story of the first stereophonic recording of the Ring and of Georg Solti.  As new $6.00
**********************************+***********LASER DISCS USA NTSC FORMAT********************************************
1770 Roxanne-Steve Martin, Daryl Hannah, RCA/Columbia Home Video.  A(PS).  $2.00.
1771T he Last Of The Mohicans-Daniel Day-Lewis, Madeleine Stowe, FOX Video.  A(WS).  $2.00
1772 Singin' In The Rain-Gene Kelley, Donald O'Connor, Debbie Reynolds, MGM/UA Home Video.  A.  $2.00
1773 Terminator 2, Judgment Day-Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, LIVE Home Video.  A(2 disc set)(PS).  $2.00
1774 One, Two, Three-James Cagney, Horst Buchholz, Pamela Tiffin, IMAGE Entertainment.  A(WS).  $2.00
1775 42nd Street-Warner Baxter, Bebe Daniels, George Brent, CBS/FOX Video.  A.  $2.00
1776 Scaramouche-Stewert Granger, Eleanor Parker, Janet Leigh, MGM/UA Home Video.  A(2 disc set).  $2.00
1777 Dead Again-Kenneth Branagh, Andy Garcia, Derek Jacobi, Paramount.  A(PS).  $2.00
1778 Jurassic Park-Richard Attenborough, Bob Peck, Samuel L. Jackson, MCA Universal Home Video.  A(2 disc set)(WS).  $2.00
1779 High Society-Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Grace Kelly, MGM/UA Home Video.  A.  $2.00
1780 One Eyed Jacks-Marlon Brando, Karl Malden, Paramount.  A(2 disc set)(WS).  $200
1781 King Tut, The Face Of Tutankhamun-A&E documentaries on his tomb's discovery, A&H Home Video.  A(2 disc set).  $3.00
1782 Knights Of the Round Table-Robert Taylor, Ava Gardner, MGM/UA.   A.  $2.00
1783 Blood On The Sun-Jimmy Cagney, Republic Home Pictures LV20340.  A.  $2.00
1784 The Hunchback Of Notre Dame-Charles Laughton, RKO ID6402TU.  A.  $2.00

*********************************************THAT'S ALL FOR THIS SALE******************************************************
Charges added for postage, packing material, and insurance:

78 RPM records....................$0.65/each.............$6.75/min.
LP records/LDs/CDs............$0.75/each.............$6.25/min.
16" discs...............................$1.25/each.............$7.00/min.
tapes/books..........................1/5 tapes/books...$5.25

Foreign, expedited shipping or very high value discs will require adjustments to the above shipping costs.